Sam Smith Weight Loss: A Sustainable Diet And Workout Plan

Sam Smith's weight loss journey shows that sustainable weight reduction often begins with a steady and gradual approach. Let's take a peek into how the singer managed to shed 50 lb.

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Sam Smith Weight Loss
Sam Smith Weight Loss

Sam Smith's weight loss transformation is proof that sustainable lifestyle changes can bring significant results. The English songwriter and singer shocked everyone with a dramatic 50-pound weight loss.

Our contributor Mary Sabat, RDN, LD, and Ace Certified Trainer, says, “Sam Smith's weight loss journey has inspired people around the world by showcasing their dedication to self-improvement and personal well-being. By openly discussing their struggles with body image and their commitment to a healthier lifestyle, they have demonstrated that transformation is achievable with determination and resilience. Sam Smith's journey has resonated with many individuals facing similar challenges, encouraging them to embrace self-acceptance, make positive changes, and prioritize their physical and emotional health.”

Sam made a wise decision by choosing a diet and exercise routine that suited them perfectly. They understood the importance of finding what worked best for their own body and lifestyle. They not only shed those extra pounds but also embraced self-acceptance along the way. Let's further dig into Sam Smith's remarkable before-and-after weight loss story and learn some valuable tips from it.

Who Is Sam Smith?

Sam Smith, the London-born singer, and songwriter, is a famous tenor. They rose to fame with powerful ballads like "Lay Me Down" and "Stay With Me" from their debut album in 2014. Throughout their career, Sam has achieved numerous accolades, including Grammy Awards, Billboards, and Brit Awards. They even received Oscars for “Writings On The Wall” in 2016.


In 2019, Sam Smith came out as a non-binary individual. Thus Sam prefers using gender-neutral pronouns such as they, them, and theirs.


Sam Smith Profile

  • Real Name              - Samuel Frederick Smith
  • Birthday               - 19 May 1992
  • Age in 2023               - 31
  • Occupation              - Singer 
  • Weight Before              - 203 pounds (92 kg)
  • Weight Loss After    - 153 pounds (70 kg)
  • Reduced Weight Loss - 50 pounds (22 kg)

Why Did Sam Smith Gain Weight?

Sam Smith's weight gain journey started during their childhood. In a 2017 interview, Smith opened up about their struggles with emotional eating, expressing how food always had control over them from a young age. They revealed that food became a coping mechanism during times of unhappiness and loneliness, as they turned to it for comfort.

Smith also spoke about being bullied as a child because of their body. This even made them go for liposuction surgery at the age of 12. However, the surgery didn't bring the desired changes as their unhealthy relationship with food persisted.

In addition, Smith admitted to feeling self-conscious during the filming of their first music videos. This eventually led to an obsession with controlling their appearance on camera.

How Did Sam Smith Lose Weight?

Since 2015, Sam Smith has managed to shed over 50 pounds by making significant changes to their diet and exercise routine. Although the majority of the weight loss occurred in 2015, they successfully tried to maintain their new weight for the next few years. Smith has openly discussed their weight loss journey in several interviews. However, you might not find many gym selfies or diet pics on their Instagram.

In an older post, they mentioned collaborating with nutritional therapist Amelia Freer for weight loss. In the post, Smith expressed their gratitude to Freer, stating, "Amelia Freer has helped me lose over a stone in two weeks and has completely transformed my relationship with food. Love you Amelia & thank you for making me feel so happy inside and out." Let's take a closer look at their diet and see what's been going on.


Sam Smith’s Diet

According to Smith's nutritionist, the key to a meal is to keep it real. Sam Smith’s weight loss diet was mostly based on nutritionist Amelia’s ‘Eat. Nourish. Glow’ book. Amelia recommends cooking from scratch and avoiding relying on junk or processed foods for convenience. She suggests following 10 diet principles for a healthy lifestyle.

1. Prep is Key: Start by cleaning out your cupboards and fridge at home. Stock your fridge with lean proteins and fresh produce. Also, try to allocate a separate rack for junk foods and strictly avoid them.

2. Stock up Wisely: Opt for fresh, natural, and preferably organic options. You may have to avoid pre-prepared and processed foods, as well as anything with added sugar.

3. Rainbow in Plate: Experiment with a wide variety of colorful vegetables and fruits, instead of sticking to the same few you're familiar with. Most colorful fruits and veggies are rich in antioxidants due to the presence of anthocyanin pigment. These pigments give fruits and veggies their red, blue, and purple color (1). 

4. Avoid Sugar: Say no to fizzy drinks, alcohol, fruit juices, and flavored waters. Stick to still or sparkling water and herbal teas.

5. Three Meals a Day: Stick to only 3 meals a day. Don’t overeat and avoid snacking between meals to prevent weight gain (2). 

6. Don't Focus on Calories: Let go of the confusion of counting calories and instead focus on eating fresh food in sensible portions. 

7. NO to Dairy And Wheat: Cut out wheat, and dairy for a flat stomach (3). However, it has been observed that dairy is only linked to short-term weight loss with less significant weight difference (4).

Talking about the importance of diet, our contributor Mary Sabat, says, “In my personal experience, I believe that diet constitutes approximately 80% of the battle when it comes to weight loss. The choices we make regarding what we eat and drink play a significant role in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. A well-balanced and calorie-conscious diet, comprising wholesome foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, has been the cornerstone of my successful weight loss journey. It not only aids in creating a calorie deficit but also influences overall health, energy levels, and metabolism, making it the predominant factor in achieving my goals.”


Apart from food and diet, Freer also gave three additional tips that may aid weight loss. 

8. Body Brushing: Start brushing from your feet and use sweeping motions to encourage your lymphatic system to eliminate toxins. A good lymphatic function may also reduce the chances of obesity (5).

9. Sleep: Prioritize getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Proper sleep can help with metabolic functions which may in turn facilitate weight loss (6).

10. Food Journal: Keep a food diary and be honest about your eating habits. Keeping track of your food intake may raise awareness and mindfulness while dieting. 

These 10 dieting tips of Freer's were a game-changer in Sam Smith's weight loss journey.

Sam Smith’s Workout Routine

The journey of Sam Smith's weight reduction has transformed from focusing on their relationship with food to incorporating regular gym sessions. They have been sharing snapshots of their workouts on social media, giving us a glimpse into their fitness routine.

They work out 3 times per week with a fitness trainer, mixing cardio and weightlifting. Smith was committed to gaining lean muscle. Hence they have been doing everything from battle ropes and dumbbell rows to working on rowing machines. It is also proven that both low as well as high-frequency training have a similar impact on improving strength and lean mass (7).

In addition, Sam Smith has been spotted enjoying brisk walks. Walking can help boost daily activity levels, burn calories, and aid in the loss of body fat (8). It is also a low-impact exercise that is suitable for most people.

Sam Smith’s Weight Loss Tips

Here are some weight loss tips inspired by Sam Smith's journey

  • Start small: Make gradual changes to your diet and exercise routine to ensure long-lasting progress.
  • Switch to a vegetarian diet: Sam Smith found success by adding more plant-based foods into their meals which may support weight loss (9).
  • Find what works for you: Sam Smith personalized their workout and diet with the help of a trainer and nutritionist. So it's important to discover a diet and exercise routine that suits your individual needs and preferences, rather than blindly following someone else's plan. It is also wise to take professional help when needed. 
  • Avoid quick fixes: Smith admitted that they had faced challenges with crash diets and drastic weight loss methods in the past. However, they realized that these approaches were neither sustainable nor healthy.
  • Say no to processed foods: Focus on consuming whole, natural foods instead of processed and junk foods. Instead, cook your own meals. This also makes you take control of your ingredients and portion sizes by preparing them from scratch.
  • Enjoy your exercise routine: Find physical activities that you genuinely enjoy, whether it's cardio or walking, and do what makes you feel good. Also, understand that weight loss takes time and commitment, so stay dedicated to your efforts.
  • Practice self-acceptance: Sam loved their body no matter what size it was. Losing weight with a body-positive mindset is also an expression of self-love.

In their 2022 single 'Unholy', Sam had gained a considerable amount of weight. Sam Smith's weight gain in Unholy even became a topic of discussion online. However, Smith's message of body acceptance remains strong, as they consistently encourage individuals to embrace their bodies regardless of their weight. 


Sam Smith Weight Loss Before And After Photos

These are Sam Smith’s before and after images from 2014 and 2018 respectively.

Sam Smith Weight Loss Before And After Photos

Sam Smith Weight Loss Before And After Photos


Sam Smith's weight loss is an inspiration to anyone who wishes to start their own transformation. With their personalized workout and diet approach, Sam managed to shed a lot of pounds. Sam's approach to diet and exercise showcases that weight loss can be achieved through simple and attainable methods. Additionally, their consistent promotion of body positivity highlights the importance of loving and accepting oneself throughout the entire journey. It also serves as a reminder that change is possible when we prioritize self-care and make sustainable lifestyle choices.

Contributor: Mary Sabat, RDN, LD, Ace Certified Trainer - Body Designs Ltd.

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