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Brahmastra movie poster


  • Action • Fantasy
  • September, 09 2022
  • 2 Hours 47 Minutes
  • Hindi
  • Budget: ₹ 400 Crore

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Brahmastra is a fantasy Indian film, which revolves around the story of Shiva (Ranbir Kapoor). The film centers around Shiva and his encounter with the world of mystic weapons, called Astras. Shiva is a DJ who grows up as an orphan in Mumbai. Shiva lives his life to the fullest with other orphan kids. But his life gets changed completely in the Durga Pooja where he meets the love of his life, Isha Chatterjee (Alia Bhatt), who is an NRI from London. Things began to get complicated in Shiva’s life after he started getting flashes of Junoon (Mouni Roy) who is on her hunt for Brahmastra pieces. His first vision showed him the death of renowned scientist, Mohan Bhargav (Shah Rukh Khan). Before his death, Bhargav ends up losing his astra, Vanarāstra and reveals the location of an artist named Anish Shetty (Nagarjuna Akkineni), who stays in Varanasi. To prevent the death of Anish Shetty, Shiva, and Isha embark on their journey to save the artist, unaware of the world of Brahmastra. Anish Shetty eventually ends up sacrificing himself to save Shiva and Isha. He directs them to the location of Guru’s ashram. On their way, Shiva and Isha get confronted by Junoon’s goons and unknowingly Shiva releases his power of fire. Guru (Amitabh Bachchan) then guides Shiva to the world of Brahmastra and also unveils the truth about his parents. Shiva is trained in the ashram by Guru to master his power of Agniastra. Amid all this Junoon is planning to attack the ashram in order to revive Dev by collecting all the pieces of Brahmastra. It results in the ferocious final battle where Shiva unleashes his true power by controlling the Brahmastra. In the end, it is shown that Dev is resurrected as he frees himself from the statue on an unknown island.

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Pinkvilla’s Review

Brahmastra, directed by Ayan Mukherji, is surely a visually stunning movie that has amazed audiences with his VFX. The portrayal of astra is surely intriguing and well-depicted. By bringing a star cast of renowned celebrities, Ayan Mukherji surely did a wonderful job. The film was received with excitement by the viewers who were waiting for an impactful mystical film. But the film failed to deliver an excellent storyline. The entire movie lacked character development and the love story of Shiva and Isha looked pretty forced and fast-paced. The movie tried to incorporate a lot of subplots which ended up taking the attention of major subplots. The characters of Amitabh Bachchan’s lacked proper screen time. In the end, Brahmastra is a movie filled with impactful visuals but the movie evidently had a flaw with its storyline.