Bigg Boss 14 EXCLUSIVE: Srishty Rode defends Rubina Dilaik for standing up against BB; clash with Sidharth

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Srishty Rode extended support to BFF Rubina Dilaik her standing her ground and expressing her views unequivocally during a task.
Srishty Rode extends support to her BFF Rubina Dilaik for her stand in Bigg Boss 14 houseBigg Boss 14 EXCLUSIVE: Srishty Rode defends Rubina Dilaik for standing up against BB; clash with Sidharth
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If there is one celebrity who has been constantly making news in Bigg Boss 14, it is Rubina Dilaik. The actress has been seen taking a stand for herself in almost every task and has also rubbed the wrong people many times with her candour. Like they say, ‘hate her or love her but you can’t ignore her’. In the recent episode, we saw Rubina opting out of a task by Bigg Boss which essentially asked the freshers to name the contestant who they feel have more garbage in their head. During the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan even schooled Rubina over the same, but the actress stood her ground. We asked Srishty Rode, a close friend of Rubina and an ex-contestant, on what does she think of this entire episode. 

She told us, “Rubina I know she has spoken for the right and will take a stand for something like this even in real life. It is not her fault but at the same time, it is not Bigg Boss’ fault either. The show is all about these things. In my season, cow dung was thrown at us, so that’s the format of the show.” She also added that whatever Rubina is in real life, is what she is inside the house. “When she tells that ‘Mujhe 4 saal ke bacche ke jaise samjhao’, it is because she is like that. I know it for a fact. Yes, she is intelligent and has a lot of knowledge but when someone has to explain her something, they have to do it in a different way. She is somebody who holds her values and herself very high. So, I totally understand when she says she won’t do a particular task. I don’t blame her because this is her real self. At the same time, I don’t blame BB because this show has always been about this. We have seen what all others have gone through too in different seasons.”

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Describing Rubina to be the strongest contestant this season, Srishty added, “All said and done, I think she is the strongest contestant in the house. Her mind is clean that she doesn't know whom to stand against. She is only standing for herself whether it is against Bigg Boss, so she is only standing for herself. That is a good thing, right? She is showing her real self.”

She also defended Rubina against people who are calling her to be arrogant and “too high of herself”. She shared, “That’s what she is. She loves herself. We always say that one must think highly of themselves and we talk about self-love, she is doing exactly that. She is not asking others to treat her high. Let her do it. I feel we all should think highly of herself. I don’t blame her at all.”

What about the constant arguments between Sidharth Shukla and Rubina? To this, Srishty explained, “Both of them are strong personalities and are highly opinionated. When two strong opinions come forward, clashes will happen. There are a lot of things which Sidharth cannot take and a similar lot of things which Rubina can’t but again, these two are strong people. Sidharth’s opinion whether wrong or right, he puts it forward, Rubina is doing the same. Whether people like it or not, but she is doing her work, even though the technique is different. “

On a parting note, she mentioned, “I am watching the show for my friends and I think all 3 of them are doing great. Apart from them, I am really liking Jasmin, I think she is killing it.”

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Sid is dumb and needs education.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Only Sidharth has the right to put his views forward and no one else.