EXCLUSIVE: Sonali Phogat speaks about her fight with Rubina Dilaik; Calls the latter very arrogant

Sonali Phogat while talking exclusively to Pinkvilla opens up about her nasty fight with Rubina Dilaik in the Bigg Boss house.
Sonali Phogat opens up about her nasty fight with Rubina Dilaik EXCLUSIVE: Sonali Phogat speaks about her fight with Rubina Dilaik; Calls the latter very arrogant
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Sonali Phogat, who got evicted from Bigg Boss 14 recently, made headlines while she was inside the house. The actor and politician had raised eyeballs when she confessed her feeling for Aly Goni. But she was also badly trolled for using foul language during her stint inside the home. Her nasty fight with Rubina Dilaik was in limelight. And now when she is out from the show, Sonali shares her experience of being in the house and also about her fight with Rubina Dilaik.

Talking exclusively to Pinkvilla, Sonali Phogat said, “The one who insulted my name, I used the word for that person. I did not take anyone’s name. I did not abuse Rubina, Nikki or Abhinav, or anyone else. I have told this repeatedly. It just came out. I only wanted to know who did this.” Sonali also called Rubina an arrogant lady and doesn’t let others speak. In the episode, the video had shown Sonali using an abusive word which made Rubina angry. And she said, “ I did it now will you abuse me. You have a daughter will you say the same to her. What kind of mother you are.” The house atmosphere got heated up after their argument. Abhinav was seen stopping Rubina, while Arshi tried to control Sonali.

Referring to the roti incident, Sonali said, “Rubina had thrown 15 rotis in the dustbin in front of me. Then why didn’t she saved them? For just one bite which I threw in the dustbin, she created an uproar in the house and taunted me. This shows she was very insecure of me.”

Sonali and Rubina were always seen at loggerheads in the show. Sonali Phogat was also scolded by Salman Khan for her foul language.


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Anonymous 4 months ago

Omg this talentless, wannabe politician who go around threatening ppl when she was in bb house and is still trying her best to be relevant by talking about rubina jealous of her power, like really. What will you do send your goons to attack her and her family? If anyone is jealous, it’s you. How shameless of you to go on national tv and make a fool of yourself. Sonali phogat you could never represent the ppl where you supposedly run for office because your behavior is too cheap. The way you talked about ppl family, the derogatory comments you made. You have a daughter, would like someone talk to her or about you in that manner you talked about rubina? Ponder over that when you’re not fantasizing about aly Goni and thinking about how strong independent and intelligent of a women rubina is.