This gorgeous actress could barely keep her hands off an actor despite being in a steady relationship - Guess Who?

Guess Who,guess who,blind item,guess who BLIND ITEM

A popular tabloid has carried this juicy blind item. Can you guess whom are they talking about?   SHE is well-ensconced in a steady relationship with a top actor, who is clearly a megastar in the making. But love, as they say, is a chimera in tinsel town: this devastatingly gorgeous actress could b

This filmmaker fell in love with his protégé while writing the script of his latest film!

Guess Who,blind item

We came across this juicy bit of blind item in a popular daily. Put on your thinking caps, and guess who is being talked about! It's a love story that many cinephiles have been waiting for with bated breath. But what many don't know is that the embattled film was written by its screenwriter when he

This A-list actress' cousin makes a sexual assault charge against a tycoon, later solves the case 'out of court' - Guess Who?

Guess Who,guess who,blind item

A tabloid has carried a piece of gossip in their tailpiece section making us put on our thinking caps. Can you guess whom are they talking about?   Here's what it reads:   NOW, while a desi Bollywood export is doing rather well on foreign shores, her poorer cousin (literally) is always in hot water

This star is freaking out after she was asked to grow her eyebrows wild for her period film!

Guess Who,guess who

Here is an interesting blind from a leading daily. Can you guess who? A beautiful leading lady, well known for her expressive eyes, is having a beauty crisis. It seems her director, whose period film she stars in, is a bit of an authenticity buff. He insists she grows her eyebrows a little wild for

This male actor helpfully flicked a curl of hair from his ex's face during a shoot - Guess Who?

Guess Who,guess who,blind item,guess who BLIND ITEM

A popular entertainment magazine has carried this rather juicy piece of news in their weekly column. It was easy for us to crack the riddle. And you?   Given the volume of newsprint and internet space devoted to their very public break-up recently, you’d imagine these two A-listers had battle lines