Guess Who?

Guess Who,guess who

Here is a blind item from a leading daily.  A top director, who is returning to the big screen after a long time is enamoured with the actress he’s cast in his next. The film is being shot in an exotic romantic location abroad. The filmmaker and the actress have explored the romantic locales on a v

Guess Who: This Actor Has Moved On But His Girlfriend Is Still Waiting For Him!

Guess Who,guess who

Here is a blind item in the latest issue of a popular magazine. Any guesses, who are they talking about? Rejection can be a bitter pill to swallow, as the partner of this promising up-and-comer learnt recently. Her actor boyfriend called off their relationship after their umpteenth fight a few week

Guess Who: The Director With A Dodgy Reputation With Ladies' Next Release Is Under Scanner!

Guess Who,guess who

It’s a hot summer afternoon, and while flipping through the pages of a popular daily, we came across a juicy blind item. Any guesses, who is the man in question here? A director known for his rather dodgy reputation with the ladies (especially young unaccomplished ladies) delivered a colossal dud r

This Songstress & Music Composer in a Hush-Hush Affair, To Tie The Knot Soon - Guess Who?

Guess Who,guess who

Those in the circuit know the growing fondness between this songstress and the music composer from a popular duo. Though both have been in the industry for some time, there haven't been many whispers about their proximity. But nothing can escape the prying eyes of the media. A little birdie has oft

This Actress And Her Female-Centric Film Have No Takers

Guess Who,guess who

Here is a blind item from a leading daily. Can you guess the actress? This actress made news when she signed up to star in a female-centric action film two years ago, but it’s been almost a year since production wrapped up on the project and there’s no release date in sight. According to sources, t



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