The Gossipy Actress Makes The Naive One a Butt of Jokes!

Guess Who,guess who

Here is a blind item from Open Magazine. Can you guess who are the actresses? She thrives on gossip, she’s got her ear to the ground, and knows the inside story on every scandal much before it appears in the tabloids. No wonder dinner invitations at her home are highly coveted affairs. This promine

This Actress is Rumoured to be Running a High Profile but Low-Key Escort Service - Guess Who?

Guess Who,guess who,blind item

This juicy bit of blind item caught our attention while flipping through the pages of a popular tabloid. Can you guess whom are they talking about? MOVIEDOM is a hard place if you don't have a movie on hand. And no one knows this better than this former beauty queen. Despite her gorgeous looks and

These Two Actresses Can Barely Stand the Sight of Each Other - Guess Who?

Guess Who,guess who,blind item

This blind carried by a popular tabloid is an easy nut to crack. Can you guess whom are they talking about?   TWO female actors, both legendary beauties, bring up the old chestnut that actors can never be friends. Their rivalry we hear is barely restricted to the beauty brand they both endorse--ins

Not Again! Guess Who Is The Bossy Heroine This Filmmaker Is Avoiding?

Guess Who,guess who

Here is a blind item from a leading daily. Can you guess who? The successful maker of two heroine-oriented films (one is a sequel) has sworn not to work with his lead actress again as she drove him crazy while making their film. Now, the filmmaker is making a film with two other actresses, which ha

Married Producer Preys on This Young Chic who Acquired Fame on a Popular Show - Guess who?

Guess Who,guess who

A leading tabloid has got us scratching our heads. Can you guess, whom are they talking about?   THIS big movie producer, while happily married, is also happy to play the field. His glamour-struck wife seems oblivious to his surreptitious shenanigans. He doesn't stand a chance with the big stars he



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