No wedding bells for this superstar and his European GF, affair on the rocks! - Guess Who?

Guess Who,blind item

While flipping through the pages of a popular entertainment magazine, we came across this juicy bit of gossip. Can you guess whose love affair is being discussed here? For months now, rumours have been doing the rounds about a superstar’s impending nuptials to his European girlfriend. Photographs h

Guess who is this adorable actress with her mother?

Guess Who,guess who

She is known as the expression Queen and her mother is a legendary actress! Can you guess who these two are?

Actress with newly toned body is misguiding all when asked about her exercise routine & diet - Guess who?

Guess Who,guess who,guess who BLIND ITEM

A popular tabloid has carried this juicy blind item. Can you guess whom are they hinting at? THIS slim beauty has made news for her newly toned body more than her leading-lady acts.She doesn't seem to mind, and welcomes the compliments by the truckloads. But when her friends or female co-stars ask

Guess who is this handsome hunk flaunting his chiseled 6 pack-abs?

Guess Who,guess who

This actor's recent transformation to a sexy hunk has caught everyone's attention! Can you guess who this actor is? 

This young actress is aghast at the thought of romancing a 50-plus hero - Guess Who?

Guess Who,guess who,blind item

A popular tabloid has carried this rather interesting blind and we have put on our thinking caps. Can you guess whom are they talking about? A leading production house recently announced one of their most ambitious projects with a top-billed actor with whom they have done a couple of very successfu