This so called 'Swanky' Awards Show was a Damp Squib

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Award functions come with their own set of flaws. And when an event that magnanimous is held, errors are taken in stride. But a recent event that was concluded in a swanky overseas location was a dud beyond description. Non A-listers were left in the lurch as the organizers busied themselves in mas

Guess Who? Producers Reluctant to Work With This Senior Star Because of his Wife's Demands

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While going through the pages of a leading daily, we came across this juicy blind item about a star wife and how she is managing her hubby’s career. Moreover, the blind also points out that her hubby is set to resume his career but producers are reluctant to take him onboard as the wife keeps deman

Bollywood's 'Hollywood' Babe Has Become Too Big For Her Boots?

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This Bollywood actress, who is bitten by the Hollywood bug big time, has developed major airs. The actress in question is being super selective about new projects back home. And as far as performances go, this beauty is charging a whopping Rs 33 lakhs per MINUTE for an upcoming awards show. Now, if

This Talented Actor Was Bitching About the A-list Actors of His Released Film - Guess Who?

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A popular daily has carried this blind item and we are trying to think whom are they hinting at? Can you guess which actor are they talking about?   Here's what the blind item reads:   A talented actor, who is carving his own niche in art and commercial cinema, was absent from a film promotion acti

Actress Makes Out with the Producer of her Next Film at the Director's Birthday Bash - Guess Who?

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This single actress, who often comes across as a shy person in media, often lets her hair down when chilling and partying with her friends and colleagues. The latest we hear is that the pretty actress partied really hard at her upcoming movie's director's birthday bash. Though the media didn't get



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