Sad! This actor delayed his shoot because he was talking to his ..dead mother

Guess Who,guess who

Here is a pretty sad blind item. Can you guess who it is? This actor is known for his comedy and dance moves. He used to be the number one hero in the ‘90s but because of his attitude and non-punctuality, his stardom was short lived.  Recently when he was called to judge a dance reality show, his b

This senior star is trying to hide his hairy woes. Guess Who?

Guess Who,blind item

This senior actor has his own make-up man who has been with him for decades. But for some movies a certain kind of hairstyle and beard are required and filmmakers hire specialists to do the job... One such veteran make-up and hair stylist was called for one of the films the actor was starring in. T

Guess who is this mysterious beauty!

Guess Who,guess who

Guess who is this lovely lady who has been in the news for a while now!

A young actor is in a relationship with a Brazillian hottie from Hyderabad - Guess Who?

Guess Who,guess who,blind item

While flipping through the pages of a tabloid on a Monday morning, we came across this blind item and are wondering whom are they talking about. Any guesses?   A YOUNG actor, who has had an eventful personal life, is rumouredly in a quiet relationship with a Brazilian hottie based in Hyderabad. She

Guess Who: This married star's image is being maligned by another young male actor!

Guess Who,guess who,blind item

We came across this blind item in a popular magazine. Can you guess who are they talking about? Close friends of a heartthrob star are disturbed by what appears to be a concerted campaign to malign the beloved actor, and specifically to portray him as an alcoholic. The actor, who has starred in no