This talented actor tried convincing his co-star to snort it up - Guess Who?

This talented actor who is known for his Casanova image, has been heavily into drugs. Though he has never done it openly people close to him know of his dirty habit. During the promotions of his film, quite sometime back, the actor was quite fried with the haphazard schedule and wasn't able to cope

Nose-y Affair: Another Top Actress Opts for a Nose Job?

Here is an interesting blind item from The Times of India. Can you guess who? A pretty actress has been in hiding for a fortnight or so. And the reason she has not left her rented apartment after a visit to the clinic is not because she is dodging questions on her clandestine affair. The grapevine

Insecure Actress Hikes Her Fee Following Arch-Rival's Continued Success

Here is an interesting blind item from Mid-day. Can you guess who? This actress is on the speed dial of many big brands, but has been acting pricey of late. When a skincare company recently approached her to renew their contract, she demanded a hike of over 60 per cent to continue endorsing their p

Guess Who!

Guess who is the star in the pic? Hint: He is one of the biggest filmmakers of Bollywood...and a social butterfly. 

Filmmaker's lewd comment ticks off this actress

This filmmaker, who has been much ridiculed for his last film - a multi-starrer released last year - is coming out of his shell and back to his crass ways, as per the buzz. Though the filmmaker had fallen out with one of his actresses, even before the release of his film, and the mainstream hero ha



SRK-Kajol in Sooraj hua madham or Gerua ?

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