Superstar takes his gig fee in the form of movie tickets; Other A-list actor's film continues to inflate numbers - Guess Who

As the week has come to an end, a popular magazine has carried yet another juicy blind item in their column written by a journalist. This one was an easy crack for us and was a tad shocking. Can you

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This young actress got cosy with her foreigner friend at a high-end hotel! Guess who?

Yesterday, we heard a juicy gossip about a young actress getting all cosy with her foreigner friend.

Yesterday, a little birdie came and told us an interesting piece of gossip. Well, this young actress who has worked with the megastar of Bollywood raked in positive reviews for her performance in the

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This hottest new star has no takers for his next film - Guess Who?

This popular tabloid has published a blind which is very easy for us to crack.

A popular tabloid has carried a blind item that has caught our attention. For us, it was very easy to guess. How about you?   HE may have been launched as the hottest new star on the horizon, but his

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This star kid finds himself stuck between his possessive mother and girlfriend! Guess who?

This star kid is dating a one-film old actress and his mom doesn't approve of it at all. The actress had a brawl with her boyfriend's mother. Can you guess who?

We found an interesting piece of gossip in a leading daily and it will surely make you put your thinking caps on!  This pretty, young one-film-old actress who is involved with a star kid, has had eno

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This actor-producer and his wife’s happy marriage is just a facade!

This actor-producer and his wife’s happy marriage is just a façade. Can you guess who?

Here’s an interesting blind item from a leading daily. Can you guess who? This actor-producer and his wife had been at loggerheads sometime ago. So much so, that they had contemplated filing for a di

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Something brewing between these two female actors?

Buzz is that there is something brewing between these two female actors. Can you guess who?

Here is an interesting blind item from a leading daily. Can you guess who? A female actor was invited to a foreign nation along with her best mate for a tourism promotion. The actor and her friend we

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Ahead of her international debut, this actress loses on a brand endorsement due to her fee hike - Guess Who?

This blind item in a leading daily caught our attention instantly! Can you decode who is being discussed here?  A Bollywood lovely, all set to make her international debut, has just lost a big brand

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Guess who is this handsome cricketer with his team during his teenage days?

Guess who is this adorable teenager who turned out to be one of the most talented cricketers currently in the Indian team.

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Guess who is this superstar clicked during his childhood days?

Here is a childhood picture of our much loved superstar. Can you guess who?

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Makers of an upcoming film are not confident of its box-office fate - Guess Who?

As 2017 has set in, audience is bracing itself for a power-packed January. While the release of many films are being awaited, the makers of this particular movie seem to be having a tough time.   Nei

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