One Piece Live-Action Season 2: New Showrunner on Board; All We Know So Far

Joe Tracz has signed on to One Piece season two as writer, executive producer, and co-showrunner. Here's everything we know.

Published on Apr 24, 2024  |  06:16 PM IST |  59.8K
One Piece Live-Action Season 2
One Piece (IMDb)

Netflix has appointed Joe Tracz as co-showrunner for Season 2 of the popular anime series One Piece. Tracz will join Matt Owens, Season 1 co-showrunner, writer, and executive producer. Steven Maeda, who co-developed the series with Owens and was co-showrunner on Season 1, will step down but continue as executive producer.

The show, which premiered in August 2023, has been highly popular, spending eight weeks in Netflix's Global Top 10 rankings and ranking first in 46 countries.

Joe Tracz joins Netflix's One Piece as co-showrunner for season 2

Netflix is all set for a new season of the popular anime series One Piece, with Joe Tracz joining as co-showrunner and Matt Owens as executive producer. Steve Maeda will remain as executive producer. The series, which adapted Eiichiro Oda's manga, will begin filming in June with a 2025 premiere. The staff behind the new season will differ from the first season.

Tracz comes hot on the heels of the Disney+ series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, where he was a writer and co-executive producer. He also previously worked with Netflix on the 25-episode run of A Series Of Unfortunate Events. “I’ve been lucky to work on big adaptations of several beloved series, and they don’t come bigger or more beloved than One Piece," Tracz said.

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One Piece (IMDb)

Tracz continued, "I’m a huge fan of Oda-san’s incredible imagination and I was blown away by what the live-action team created in Season 1. So it’s a dream and a joy to come aboard the Going Merry as it enters the Grand Line for an even more giant Season 2.”


Owens kept with the nautical theme in his statement about Tracz joining the show. "Joe has brought a wealth of enthusiasm and experience into our second season that will help take One Piece to new heights,” he said. “We’re incredibly lucky to have him as a co-captain of this ship. The best crew on the seas grows larger!”

Netflix's live-action TV series One Piece, released on August 31, 2023, surprised fans and critics with its faithful adaptation of the fantastical franchise. Despite previous animated-to-live-action adaptations, such as Death Note and Avatar: The Last Airbender, Netflix confirmed Season 2 with scripts ready, but 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes delayed production.

Not much is known about One Piece Season 2 for Netflix. However, the Season 1 finale confirmed that Smoker the White Hunter will make his introduction, but an actor has yet to be officially confirmed.

In the Season 2 announcement video, One Piece author Oda confirmed that Tony Tony Chopper will be joining the Straw Hat Pirates, but there's been no mention of how the anthropomorphic character will be brought to life. According to Owens, One Piece Season 2 will make adjustments to its story to keep it in line with current events from the manga.


What to expect from One Piece season 2?

The second season of One Piece will focus on the beloved Arabasta Arc, focusing on the Straw Hat Pirates crew's growth and interactions with friends, foes, and characters. The Arabasta Arc is set during the civil war in the titular city, causing the action to feel different from season 1's events, allowing viewers to experience a more diverse and engaging storyline.

One Piece (IMDb)

One Piece season 2 would differ significantly from season 1 due to the quality of enemies the protagonists face. Luffy discovers his past and powers through Arabasta, while meeting distant relatives and other pirates with similar aspirations. He learns leadership skills through the trials and tribulations of Arabasta. The biggest difference will be the Grand Line action in season 2.

The Grand Line in One Piece's second season will offer a new level of danger and excitement for the Straw Hat Pirates, introducing a new level of foes and character-defining moments. The first season's events took place during the East Blue Saga, but the Grand Line introduces the ruthless Crocodile and his lethal Baroque Works organization, making it more expansive than East Blue.


Since crossing through the Grand Line allows those brave enough to get closer to attaining the ultimate treasure, it makes sense that so many deadly encounters await the Straw Hat Pirates. Furthermore, through the introduction of Nico Robin, the Straw Hat Pirates will gradually uncover the Grand Line's secrets, which will make their already high bounties even higher.

With the number of threats on the horizon and the sheer number of characters introduced during the Arabasta Arc, One Piece will have far more material from the manga and anime to cover.

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