EXCLUSIVE: Adhyayan Suman on being ‘on same side’ as Kangana Ranaut for SSR: A cause that we all believe in

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EXCLUSIVE: Adhyayan Suman on being ‘on same side’ as Kangana Ranaut for SSR: A cause that we all believe in

Adhyayan Suman is presently celebrating the release of his latest single ‘Peg Daariya’. In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, the actor revealed the meaning of this title. “Peg Daariya is a 30 ml shot of friendship and no hangover. It's a song all about friendship,” said Adhyayan. We also spoke to him about Kangana Ranaut. In an earlier interview with India TV, Suman had said that he doesn’t have any relationship with Ranaut. “However, life has brought us to a point where we are not against each other but on the same side. If my father raised his voice for justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, so did Kangana. I want to be vocal about her only when it comes to this, that we have the same voice, on humanitarian grounds,” he had reportedly said in Hindi. 

Now, when we asked if this change will help him mend his ways with the actress, Adhyayan said, “I don’t think that this entire statement that was passed by me during those really traumatic times of Sushant Singh Rajput was to mend ways with her. There is no thought process also of mending ways with her, it was just coming on humanitarian grounds, coming together for a cause that we all believe in, which we wanted to find out like a guy as young as Sushant what happened. And till date today we are sitting here, we still don’t know. And we tried, my father tried, we all tried, I am sure Kangana tried and other people tried to do what they could, raise a voice, that’s the most we can do. Only we unite together leaving aside our differences where we can solve our issues. And that was the only reason,” says Suman.

He further adds, “Otherwise there is no even thought process of any reconciliation, reconciliation on what level, there is no reconciliation or anything. It's just very important that when you gain wisdom you forget about your differences and you move on with positivity to solve the bigger problem in life and that was Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, and that’s why we came together with the same voice I would say.”

For the full interview, check out the below video. 

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