EXCLUSIVE: 'My assessment of my films has never failed': Hrithik Roshan on his judgement on Box Office

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla following the release of Fighter, Hrithik Roshan revealed that his assessment of his films have always been on point from the box office point of view.

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Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan says that his assessment of his films have never failed him (Credit: Hrithik Roshan Instagram)
Key Highlight
  • Hrithik Roshan says that his movie assessment has never failed him
  • Hrithik Roshan equates a film by how much it moves him or engages him
  • Fighter plays at a theatre near you now, since the 25th January, 2024

Hrithik Roshan is among the most admired actors in the country. His recent release Fighter, directed by Siddharth Anand and co-starring Deepika Padukone, crossed the Rs 200 crore mark at the global box office on its fifth day and targets a lifetime total of around Rs 300 crores. Hrithik Roshan graced Pinkvilla with an interview of his, where he talked about his aerial actioner and also gave an insight on his movie instincts which have never failed him yet.

Hrithik Roshan Shares That His Assessment Of His Movies Have Never Failed Him

In an exclusive Pinkvilla interview with Himesh Mankad, Hrithik Roshan was asked about how does he disconnect from one movie and move onto the other. To this, the Krrish actor said, "So I have been very fortunate. My assessment of my films have never failed me. So once I watch my first copy, I kind of have a lower marker and an upper marker (in terms of box office). And then I disconnect. And then I sit back and watch, and finally, up until now atleast, I have always been at peace with how much the film has done at the box office; Because I have kept my lower marker and upper marker and it has always been within that."

Hrithik Roshan Equates Films Based On How Much They Move Or Engage Him

Hrithik gave an insight on how he assesses his films. He said, "It's really not a mental math which I do. I only equate it to how much the film moves me and how much it engages me."


Watch the full Pinkvilla Interview featuring Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan Shares That He Watches His Films Wanting Not To Like Them

The Fighter actor then talked about his quality of watching his films very objectively instead of watching them in awe. He said, "So I have this amazing, I think it's incredible and I am so thankful and I am so scared that if I say it'll go away; I have this knack of watching my films so incredibly objective and restless way; Like I am not interested in this film. I see it like that and then I set my markers; How much it pulled me. I kind of start like wanting not to like it; Wanting not to like me also. And then I think something I do has just worked. It's like magic. I don't know what it is". 

Fighter Is Playing In Theatres

Fighter is still playing in theatres all across. The tickets can be booked through digital means or at the box office. The full Pinkvilla interview of Hrithik Roshan can be watched on Pinkvilla's YouTube channel.

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