11 Predictions About Hunger Games: Sunrise On The Reaping: From Second Quarter Quell To Donner Sisters

Suzanne Collins announces The Hunger Games: Sunrise on the Reaping, set 24 years before Katniss' games. The story will talk about Haymitch's past and explore broader themes of control and propaganda.

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Key Highlight
  • The book is set during the 50th Hunger Games
  • The narrative might shift to exploring Capitol's propaganda

The Hunger Games: Sunrise on the Reaping, Suzanne Collins’ newest novel which she announced to fans a week ago has wowed them tremendously. The new entry is set in Panem’s dystopian world and promises to dig deep into the dark history of the infamous Hunger Games. On that same day, Lionsgate confirmed that a film version had also been commissioned. All this has driven fans wild with speculation about both plot and tie-ins.

Setting: 24 years before Katniss

The new book takes place 24 years before the events of the 74th Hunger Games in which Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are involved. During this time, there were the 50th Hunger Games or rather Second Quarter Quell. These are very important games because they saw Haymitch Abernathy who was a key character in the original series win.

Second Quarter Quell

In these games, twice as many tributes were reaped, meaning that twice as many competitors were present, thus making it different from other games before it. This harsh change reminded everyone of how many people died during that recent rebellion against the Capitol. With this background, we get intense new stories probably focusing on what happened to Haymitch during this period.

Haymitch’s Past

Haymitch is a much-loved but tragic figure by all readers. He won his game by finding out and exploiting an error in the force field surrounding an arena he was fighting in. His defiance resulted in severe punishments from President Snow including killing Haymitch’s family as revenge for him being victorious in his first year at mentorship. Despite that achievement, he returned to District 12 where he lived a haunted life after losing his family forever; not even marrying anyone else again. Therefore, Sunrise on Reaping will explore these traumatic incidents further.


Love affairs within Arena

Collins always incorporates complex love affairs into her stories. The protagonist had a girlfriend before she was chosen. Perhaps this book will deal with the emotional agony of their separation and show the games’ impact on their connection’s wellbeing. It may be another one of those beautiful but sad love affairs undiscovered for now.

Capitol characters making an appearance

Some familiar faces from Capitol might appear in the new book. Caesar Flickerman, who hosted the Hunger Games, was already doing so during the Second Quarter Quell. Also, Tigris, who eventually becomes a stylist, and Effie Trinket having her combination of beauty and ignorance could be included in the storyline. Those characters might shed light on how the Capitol viewed these violent games.

The Everdeen family

From what we know in terms of years when Suzanne Collins’ other books were published, it is possible to see Katniss and Primrose Everdeen’s parents at younger ages than we’ve ever seen them at present. This relation would increase fans’ knowledge about Katniss' family background.


Donner sisters

Haymitch was allied with Maysilee Donner when they were tributes in District 12 together. Later on, her twin sister married the Mayor of District 12 and ultimately gave Katniss the Mockingjay pin through her daughter Madge. Exploring Maysilee’s story could reveal more about its history and meaning.

Mentors from other Districts

They may look into mentors coming from districts with multiple victors as well. When Haymitch won there were no mentors in District 12 because Lucy Gray wasn’t around. A character like Mags from District Four known for mentoring and wisdom could have connections to District Twelve thus adding a dimension to the development of the plot within the novel.

What lies beyond Haymitch? Broader themes

According to Suzanne Collins, the new book will look at issues touching on governance and propaganda. Collins was also inspired by the ideas of David Hume about implicit submission which she wants to discuss more deeply in the way through which a few control the majority. It is hence clear that this theme centers on the wider social structure of Panem as well as the manipulative abilities of Capitol’s propaganda.


A new perspective on the Games

The Hunger Games series has always been told from the viewpoint of the tribute. However, some attention in Sunrise on Reaping could be shifted to the media and production teams behind these games. By exploring how stories are crafted and controlled, Collins may be able to give us a new angle to view the horrors involved in Hunger Games.

Unmasking new truths

Katniss’s understanding of the games was limited and filtered through the Capitol’s narrative. This possibly could be a new book that challenges all previous perceptions and uncovers hidden secrets about Second Quarter Quell or even Haymitch Mellark. There must therefore be numerous surprises plus deeper insight into Panem.

As we wait for The Hunger Games: Sunrise on Reaping, anticipation grows. When Suzanne Collins returns to Panem, she adds depth to this beloved universe with her story, providing fans with a thrilling adventure again.

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When is The Hunger Games: Sunrise on the Reaping set?
It's set 24 years before the 74th Hunger Games, during the Second Quarter Quell.

Will familiar characters from the original series appear?
Yes, characters like Caesar Flickerman and Tigris might appear, offering new insights.

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