BET Awards 2024: Teyana Taylor, Victoria Monet, Keke Palmer And All Stars Who Paid Tribute To Usher

Usher received the Lifetime Achievement Award at BET Awards 2024, after a mind-blowing medley by Childish Gambino, Teyana Taylor, and several more artists.

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Childish Gambino and others pay tribute to Usher
Victoria Monet, Usher, Childish Gambino (Getty)

The BET Awards 2024 saw some of the greatest artists coming together and paying tribute to Usher, who won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the grand event. As the Yeah! singer grabbed the attention of all those watching the event, Childish Gambino, Keke Palmer Chloe Bailey, and more took to the stage having the attendees along with Usher himself amazed. 

When Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis praised Usher’s achievement throughout his career and recognized him with the award, Gambino appeared on stage, delivering an unforgettable performance.

Childish Gambino

The actor and singer appeared in blue lights on the stage of BET Awards 2024, who performed one of Usher’s greatest tracks, the 2002 single, You Don't Have To Call. 

Donning a big smile, standing on an escalated platform the singer was also seen backed up by a few dancers behind him. As he sang his falsettos, the music heard finger snaps in the soothing track. 

On the starry stage, which gave the feel of a retro jazz bar, the This is America singer was soon joined by Keke Palmer, who sang the lyrics of the track along with him giving the whole act another level of impressiveness. 

In the recently released full live tribute to Usher video, one camera shot even showed the Hey Daddy artist enjoying the delivery, as he shook his head in groove. As the song got its beat, the two artists on stage added a few moves. 


Donald Glover was seen in all-white attire as he made a wave with his body, tapping his feet, enjoying the song, while also singing the lyrics.

Keke Palmer

Soon as Glover took off the stage the performance transitioned into Keke Palmer’s You Make Me Wanna. The dancers accompanying Palmer jumped off the platform with the intro beats of the song. She added a whole new feel to the hit track with her dazzling voice. 

Along with some great footwork, Palmer was seen wearing a glittery outfit while also donning a cap. A few shots in the video also showed the drummer playing the song live with his hits on the snare and toms. 

Usher had a great smile on his face as he saw Palmer giving him a tribute.

Summer Walker

Entering the stage with a reverbing voice, Summer Walker was seen with her four girls who happened to be the dancers joining her. Walker took to the stage with Good Good, another hit released by Usher. 


As the awesomely nostalgic music began the singer began her way of delivering one of the greatest tracks, holding the mic and wearing what appeared to be a black leather outfit. 

She and the dancers sat on a bench and had some intriguing moves, to which Usher and the people in the audience grooved.

Coco Jones

Without a second to settle, the audience saw Coco Jones joining the medley while being amongst them. She sang the lyrics of There Goes My Baby while attending almost everyone in the audience, looking directly into their cameras, as she walked towards the stage. 

Her performance was one of the most inspiring ones, as she danced along with a few attendees of the events. As she moved ahead, she showed some really great moves and went directly to Usher’s wife Jennifer Goicoechea even before going to the My boo singer. 

Then while singing the song, she held the hand of Usher and stood him up from his seat, before stepping up on the stage.


Marsha Ambrosius

Having the musicians at the event playing their part, the video then showed Marsha Ambrosius in a cage of light. As she wore a big red hat, she also carried her style with some great hand gestures, while performing Superstar. 

Soon the light around started to move as Ambrosius delivered a great take on the 2004 song.


It was the first time during the whole medley set that the blue lights changed to red, and Chloe appeared on stage as curtains rolled. 

Similar to the other big names who had performed in the medley, Chole was too joined by a group of dancers. While singing Good Kisser, she also had the audience amazed with her quite interesting moves.


Tinashe took to the stage delivering her take on Nice & Slow. She wore big black boots and donned a great smile, as she looked the prettiest with her curly hair all open. While she sang the song, the dancers around her, who wore what appeared to be night suits carried on the perfumes, delivering some never-before-seen moves.

Teyana Taylor & Victoria Monet 

This has to be the most interesting one. As Victoria Monet had everyone amazed with her dance moves in a glittery dress, Teyana Taylor was seen dressed up as the legendary Michael Jackson. 


Singing the lyrics of Bad Girl, the two brought along some highly intriguing steps to the stage of BET Awards 2024.


Seems like the best one was saved for the last of the medley. As the audience cheered and lauded the performance of Teyana Taylor and Victoria Monet, Latto soon turned the stage into a green old-school R&B platform. 

With lasers and smokes a voice was heard “Peace up A town,” and Latto appeared with a huge group of energetic dancers. She rapped her way onto the stage, as Usher the singer of the hit track, Yeah! was shocked and was seen smiling and grooving to the song.

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What award did Usher win at the BET Awards 2024?
While being nominated for four BET Awards this year, Usher won the best male R&B/pop artist. He was also given the Lifetime Achievement Honor.

Who all paid tribute to Usher at BET Awards 2024?
Latto, Childish Gambino, Keke Palmer, Summer Walker, Coco Jones, Marsha Ambrosius, Chloe, Tinashe, Teyana Taylor and Victoria Monet paid tribute to Usher.

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