Millie Bobby Brown Opens Up About Her Embarrassing Ellen DeGeneres Debut Interview; Says THIS

Millie, a huge fan of Ellen, had emailed the show multiple times as a child, hoping to be invited, in her interview she revealed the embarrassing story which left her blushing on national television.

Published on Jun 19, 2024  |  04:53 PM IST |  51.2K
Millie Bobby Brown (Instagram)
Millie Bobby Brown (PC: Instagram)

Millie Bobby Brown, the talented young actress from Stranger Things, made headlines when she first appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. One of the most-watched talk shows on television was once known for its surprises.  Ellen has a knack for catching her guests off-guard. This helps her in creating some memorable and hilarious moments on TV.

Millie Bobby Brown’s debut on the show was no exception. She had her awkward moment which was both hilarious and embarrassing for the young actress. Curious to know what was that, then delve further and find out.

Brown’s awkward surprise for Ellen

The Ellen DeGeneres Show was famous for its stellar guest lineup and surprises. Millie Bobby Brown, then a rising star made her first appearance on the show in 2017. In her interview, Millie revealed a funny and slightly embarrassing story that left her blushing on national television.

Millie, a huge fan of Ellen, had emailed the show multiple times as a child, hoping to be invited. She revealed, “The funny thing is though, I’m actually a really big fan of you. I meant I’ve sent so many videos of myself dancing and being like ohh, ‘I’m like Ellen! Get me on the show’ But thank you so much for having me here, I’m such a big fan and I’m very excited.”


Ellen read Milley’s old emails

Little did Millie know, Ellen had a surprise waiting for her. Ellen pulled out an old email Millie had sent her when she was nine. Ellen even confessed that she does not see everything that comes in, cause there’s lots and lots of stuff that comes in. However, the team managed to dig out Milley’s old emails that she sent to Ellen.

Milley was visibly flustered when Ellen began to read her email aloud. She tried to divert Ellen but Ellen persisted, reading her emails to the audience. “Hi there Ellen, you should invite me on the show so I can tell my crazy story of what me and my family are doing in Los Angeles. It’s hilarious.”

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Millie’s hilarious reason for being embarrassed

A year after her appearance on Ellen, Brown spoke to W Magazine, revealing why she was so embarrassed. “I always wanted to be on Ellen, and that was the first e-mail I sent: to Ellen DeGeneres. She found that e-mail and showed it to the audience. Very embarrassing. I had made lots of grammatical mistakes.”


Despite her initial embarrassment, Millie continued the interview with her usual wit and charm. Ellen also pointed out that Millie was the youngest actress in a TV series nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Since her Ellen appearance, Millie Bobby Brown’s career has soared. She starred in Enola Holmes, Stranger Things, Damsel, and more.

Ellen’s famous pranks

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her unpredictable interviews and pranks on her celebrity guests. Millie’s experience was mild as compared to others. For instance, Ellen once scared Sean Diddy Combs with a clown and even jumped out of Dwayne The Rock Johnson in the bathroom, startling him.

Looking back on Ellen’s interviews, most of her pranks were meant to be funny and enjoyable. However, not all interactions went smoothly. During an interview with Mariah Carey in 2008, Ellen tried to get Mariah to reveal her pregnancy. She offered her champagne, which made her uncomfortable. Maria later claimed that moment made her extremely uncomfortable. She had a hard time grappling with the aftermath, she didn’t want to talk about that because of her recent miscarriage.


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What happened during Millie Bobby Brown’s first appearance on Ellen?
Millie Bobby Brown was surprised by Ellen DeGeneres, who read an old email Millie had sent to the show when she was six years old, leaving her visibly flustered.

Why was Millie Bobby Brown embarrassed on Ellen?
Millie was embarrassed because Ellen read an old email she had sent when she was a child, which contained grammatical mistakes and was a personal request to be on the show.

How did Millie Bobby Brown handle the embarrassment on Ellen?
Millie handled the situation with humor and grace, quickly recovering and continuing the interview with her usual charm.

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