5 Cute moments between John and Pam that made us go 'awww' in the action-packed film, ‘Without Remorse’

Check out our favourite cute moments between John and Pam in the movie,'Without Remorse'.
Michael B Jordan,Without Remorse,action movie 5 Cute moments between John and Pam that made us go 'awww' in the action-packed film, ‘Without Remorse’
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Amazon Prime Video dropped its latest action movie, ‘Without Remorse’ on 30th April and we can’t keep calm. The film stars Michael B Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Jodie Turner-Smith in leading roles. The premise of the story is how an elite Navy SEAL, John Kelly (Michael B Jordan) gets entangled in an international conspiracy as he attempts to avenge the murder of his pregnant wife. This movie is action-packed with intricately choreographed fight sequences and adrenaline-boosting chase scenes. However, fans were surprised to know that more than an action thriller, this is also a tragic love story. It is the murder of Kelly’s wife that kickstarts this movie. It is his unconditional love that motivates him to seek justice for her. 

John and Pam’s romance is heart-fluttering and we have picked out 5 cute moments between them that made us go ‘awww’ in this otherwise dark and action-filled movie. Have a look below: 

(01) John and Pam at a friend’s party: (8.30) 

Our first glimpse of John and Pam’s relationship is when they both attend a party at a friend’s house. Pam, who is heavily pregnant, hugs her husband lovingly and teases him that the child isn’t his. He plays along with her by calling her cold-hearted for suggesting something like this. This moment beautifully establishes the loving yet humour-filled relationship that our protagonist shares with his wife. 

(02) When John announces his retirement from the military: (9.35) 

John tells his friends, now that he will be a parent soon, he plans on retiring from his high-risk job as an elite Navy SEAL. He is planning to take up a safer and high paying job in private security. This shows that he wants to be by Pam’s side while they are starting a family. We, as viewers melted at this thoughtful decision. 

(03) When John and Pam get nostalgic over their past: (11.08)

As John and Pam return from the party, Pam happens to glance over their framed picture and asks John nostalgically about that moment. He teases her that he remembers her dress and shoes while she retaliates that she remembers his awful hair. This scene portrays how comfortable the couple are with each other and while they share many loving memories, they aren’t afraid to tease each other for fun. 

(04) The way John takes care of the heavily pregnant Pam:  (11.52) 

As they get ready for bed, John lovingly asks, ‘How is my girl?’ to which a tired and sleepy Pam responds that she’s pregnant and jokes that he should try it sometime. He then adorably talks to her baby bump and says how he can’t wait to meet the baby. This is an endearing family moment between the couple and their unborn child that made us swoon. 

(05) When John dreams about Pam after he is shot: (20.13) 

John and Pam are brutally attacked. This attack leaves Pam and the unborn baby, dead and John, heavily wounded. As he is in pain due to his wounds, John dreams about a sweet moment spent with Pam in autumn where they are hugging and kissing. This dream quickly turns into a nightmare when John realises he has lost his family. This is a heartbreaking moment for sure. 

We were definitely enthralled by watching this bittersweet romance in the movie! 

Catch John’s heartbreaking story for revenge in ‘Without Remorse’ on Amazon Prime Video from 30th April. 

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