10 Dhamaal dialogues that can make you go ROFL anytime

Here’s a compilation of Dhamaal dialogues from Arshad Warsi, Ashish Chowdhry, Riteish Deshmukh, Vijay Raaz, Sanjay Mishra, Asrani and Sanjay Dutt starrer that are just too hilarious.

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Dhamaal is one of the most celebrated comedy films ever made in Bollywood. Directed by Indra Kumar, the film starred Arshad Warsi, Ashish Chowdhry, Riteish Deshmukh, Vijay Raaz, Sanjay Mishra, Asrani, and Sanjay Dutt among others. Moreover, the Dhamaal dialogues have become an integral part of fans' daily lives, evoking a range of emotions.

The fans' favorite comedy caper revolves around four lazy friends who set out to find a hidden treasure in Goa. The twists and turns involved in the adventure make it a laughter ride. Thus, let us take a look at the top 10 Dhamaal dialogues that contributed to make it one of the most entertaining films. 


10 Dhamaal movie dialogues that pack a punch of energy


1.  “Naam batate batate Goa pahunch jayenge”



Topping the list of Dhamaal dialogues has to be the scene that gave us immense belly laughs. Who doesn't remember the iconic scene where Arshad Warsi's Aadi and Javed Jaffrey's Manav take a ride on their way to Goa? Their warm conversation takes an unexpected turn. As curious Aadi asks how far Goa is, the Dhamaal dialogue by Iyer Swami Muttuswami turns into a hilarious anecdote. He very sweetly tells him, "Naam batate batate Goa pahunch jayenge," but what follows is something Aadi and Manav hadn't expected for sure.




2. “Aadi…you’re so smart!”



Don't we all want a friend who appreciates us come what may? Aadi and Manav were one of the cutest and funniest duos in the film. No matter how stupid or quirky the situation was, Aadi's lamest remark would turn Manav into his biggest cheerleader as he would say, "Aadi…you're so smart!" Javed Jaffrey's innocent face with a lisp in his character makes it a Dhamaal funny dialogue to be cherished always. 


3. “10 crore chahiye”



If you've seen the film, you ought to know that besides the four lazy friends, it is inspector Kabir Singh, played by Sanjay Dutt, who is equally tempted to find the treasure of Rs. 10 crores. Just like the others, he also faces his own hardships on his way to Goa. One of the Dhamaal comedy dialogues is where he tries to bribe a little kid for 1-2 crores, but the kid demands the full 10 crores and says, "10 crore chahiye."


4.  “Wheel ke side mein red-button hai? Daba diya…nahin dabana tha!”



It won't be wrong to say that the Dhamaal plane scene dialogue has a separate fan base. To be honest, not one particular dialogue but the entire scene is a must-watch. It all starts when Boman, played by Ashish Chowdhry, and his father, essayed by Asrani, find themselves in a difficult situation where they end up flying a plane by themselves.

In return, they also receive advice which wasn't really helpful. Despite a relatively small screen presence, Vijay Raaz's performance in the film remains iconic and memorable to date.


5.  “Pappa ji bol…pappa ji”



Among other Dhamaal movie comedy dialogues, let's not forget Boman and his father's not-so-sweet yet hilarious banter. It's quite a riot when the father values his car more than his own son. In one scene, he even calls his car 'dikro (son)' and loses his cool when Boman forgets the brake oil. Despite being angry, he keeps repeating, "Pappa ji bol…pappa ji," shutting down any attempts at explanation.



6. “Kya udibaba udibaba ... chalti to hai nahi ... udibaba udibaba”



This dialogue also deserves a special mention in the list of Dhamaal movie comedy dialogues. Aadi and Manav end up taking another lift on their journey to Goa, but unfortunately, the broken car doesn't do them any favors. Aadi vents his frustration, only to be met with a witty comeback from Manav, saying, "Kya udibaba udibaba ... chalti to hai nahi ... udibaba udibaba!"


7.  “Aatank ka dusra nam hai..Babu Bhai”



This Dhamaal dialogue can easily put a big grin on anyone's face. Sanjay Mishra stole the show with his impeccable comic timing in the movie, delivering a simple yet hilarious line, "Aatank ka dusra nam hai..Babu Bhai," portraying a wannabe gangster. Wasn't he absolutely fantastic in the film?


8.   “Aap tension bilkul mat lo, ghans ek baar fir ugegi na Ghoda apne aap vapas aa jayegaa”



Hands down, Javed Jaffrey’s Dhamaal movie comedy dialogues would make anyone burst out laughing. The scene where Aadi tries to sell a blank sheet as a painting of a horse eating grass was just too funny. And the way all the friends try to cover it up was pure comedy gold. But Manav's response, "Aap tension bilkul mat lo, ghans ek baar fir ugegi na Ghoda apne aap vapas aa jayegaa" was the perfect punchline!


9.  “Har baap ka ek baap hota hai aur usse hum dadaji kehte hai”



In a long list of Dhamaal movie comedy dialogues, this particular one is loved by fans. In the movie, the four friends face off against Kabir and attempt to outsmart him. Riteish Deshmukh's character Roy delivers a witty line, "Har baap ka ek baap hota hai," while Manav innocently adds, "aur usse hum dadaji kehte hai."


10.  “Pata nahi aise situations mein main automatically aage kaise aa jata hoon”




This Dhamaal movie dialogue perfectly captures the struggle of people who always end up in awkward situations. When Manav said, “Pata nahi aise situations mein main automatically aage kaise aa jata hoon” it was so funny and so true. Don't you think?



Dhamaal came in the era when Bollywood delivered some of the best Bollywood movies. The joyous comedy caper can turn one’s dull day into a chirpy one. Dhamaal dialogues and its iconic characters have made this evergreen film which can be re-watched n number of times without getting bored.

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