Kota Factory 3: Why did Mayur More's character Vaibhav Pandey fail IIT JEE in the end? Writers reveal real reason

The recent released Jitendra Kumar starrer Kota Factory 3 left a section of netizens disappointed over Vaibhav Pandey’s Mayur More failing the final exams of IIT-JEE.

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Kota Factory 3: Why did Vaibhav Pandey fail IIT JEE? Writers spills the beans
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Disclaimer: This article contains mention of spoilers.

The Jitendra Kumar-led series, Kota Factory 3 has been making waves on the internet ever since its release. While each character and episode of the series has carved a unique place in the fans’ hearts, this time, fans were disappointed over the climax of Mayur More’s character, Vaibhav Pandey.

In a recent conversation, the writers of the series shed a detailed view of the same and reacted to the need for the third season.

Why was Kota Factory 3 required?

The excellent writers of Kota Factory 3, Pravin Yadav, Puneet Batra, and Manish Chandwani recently interacted with India Today. Upon being asked about the need for its third season, Puneet remarked that the journey that began in the first two seasons had not ended. To have a closure, we needed a new season.  

Why did Mayur More's Vaibhav Pandey fail the final exam?

In addition to this, Puneet also talked about their decision to present Vaibhav failing the exam, as opposed to everyone’s expectations. He further explained that in real life out of 11 lakh students, only 11,000 students get the rank, implying 99% of kids not being able to make it. The writer stated this huge percentage also consists of kids who everyone expects would clear it.


Relating it to Vaibhav’s scenario, Puneet mentioned, “Vaibhav ke saath humein ye leke chalna tha ke, ‘Hero ka hi nahin hota hai (with Vaibhav we had to show, it is the only hero who couldn’t make it)." He supported his statement by pointing out how subtly they tried to show it in the series, which was caught by most of the fans too.

The writer went on to explain the scene where Vaibhav couldn’t sleep the night before the exam because of anxiety. He then spoke about how Vaibhav reached the wrong exam center the next day and was in a state of panic while the gate was on the verge of being closed; he was in a havoc kind of situation when a student next to him offered him water. And, Vaibhav went on to drink the water.

Nevertheless, it was right before the scene, he elucidated the line, “Tayaari tumhari puri hai, aaj ke din kya important hai ‘temperament’ sirf aur sirf tumhara temperament decide karega ke aaj kya hai (Your preparation is full, but it is your temperament will decide it for you today).”


Puneet Batra reveals climax scene was inspired by his life

Interestingly, Puneet further shared an interesting anecdote revealing how Vaibhav reaching the wrong center was exactly inspired by his life. He recalled once during his exams, he had a “divine intervention” when a man helped him reach the examination center who was returning after dropping his son.

The writer recalled that he doesn’t know that man to date but, he wondered if his son would’ve cleared the exam. Ever since he had the desire to tell this story and expressed happiness at the fact that his co-writers were also convinced by the story.

Pravin Yadav highlights the importance of 'temperament'

Furthermore, Pravin Yadav added that it is not possible to crack the exam in the state of mind Vaibhav was and if one does, then it’s a “miracle”.

He said, “Because mentally hum point kar rahe hain iss baat ko ke aapka temperament sabse important hai aaj ke din (we’re mentally pointing out that your temperament is the most important thing for that day).” 


Praveen then chimed in, saying, “Ideal condition labs mein milti hai life mein nahin (you get ideal conditions in labs and not in life),” further adding that during this exam 99% of the kids do not have happy endings (clearing the exam) who may prosper in their life later.

On a concluding note, the writers also assured the fans that it was not the end because Vaibhav’s story would proceed further.

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