Will Moving have season 2 with Yoo Seung Ho in role of Kim Youngtak? Netizens buzz about hints in drama

Fans speculate Yoo Seung Ho will play Kim Youngtak again if Moving gets a sequel

Updated on Sep 18, 2023  |  06:42 PM IST |  2.1M
YOO SEUNG HO; Credits: Yoo Seung Ho's Instagram
YOO SEUNG HO; Credits: Yoo Seung Ho's Instagram
Key Highlight
  • Yoo Seung Ho play Kim Young Tak in a possible Moving sequel, according to a rumor on internet
  • Moving is an ongoing thriller drama on Disney + Korea written by the writer of comic book Timing

Moving, which is an ongoing Korean thriller drama, is making quite the buzz on the internet and among the viewer's community. It is a 20-episode drama but currently, only 17 episodes have been aired, and three are yet to be broadcast. Recently during one of the episodes, an unusual scene tempted the viewers to come up with their own theories about a possible sequel of Moving. 

Will Yoo Seung Ho play Kim Young Tak in a possible Moving sequel?

During one of the broadcast episodes, Kim Young Tak made a surprise appearance during a scene where Choi Il Hwan was recalling the past while judging children's abilities which drew the viewers' attention. When Kim Young Tak was asked if he was transferring out and nagged by saying that he was a senior he should focus on his studies. Kim Young Tak snapped a finger and the time stopped and he did it one more time. Now the time began to move again but this time only his hand and voice were visible further and his face was not seen, raising the viewer's curiosity. Rumor on the internet has it that Yoo Seung Ho will be playing the role of Kim Young Tak. Kim Young Tak is the main character in the comic Timing written by Kang Full, the author of Moving who has the superpower to stop time.


Why are netizens suspecting Yoo Seung Ho to play Kim Young Tak?

If fans go by the original comic story, it is said the original Moving story has a follow-up or else called a sequel to it titled Moving in Bridge where Kim Young Tak joins people with superpowers. Fans of both the comic story and drama are raising suspicions about Yoo Seung Ho playing the role because in the story Kim Young Tak's resident registration number is said to be 930817 in episode 16 which is similar to August 17, 1993, the real-life birthday of the actor Yoo Seung Ho. Viewers' are considering this as a possible hint for the actor’s involvement. 

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Credits: Disney+ Korea, Yoo Seung Ho's Instagram

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