Tom Cruise’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan to Stay in Shape

Tom Cruise's workout routine and diet keeps him in top shape for his action-packed roles even in his 60s. Discover more about his fitness regime here.

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tom cruise workout routine
tom cruise workout routine

Tom Cruise's workout routine and diet are no joke. This Hollywood action hero has been known for his dedication to staying in top shape. Especially with the recent success of Top Gun: Maverick and the announcement of another Mission: Impossible movie, Tom Cruise is in the spotlight more than ever.

He has been one of the biggest movie stars for the past 4 decades. He's not just known for his iconic roles in films, but also for his commitment to physical fitness. This article will delve into Tom Cruise's workout and diet, exploring the training methods and food choices he uses to maintain his film-ready physique even as he approaches his 60s. 

Who Is Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise is a highly-paid Hollywood actor known for his action-packed roles in movies like Risky Business, Rain Man, Top Gun, A Few Good Men, Edge of Tomorrow, Jerry Maguire, and the Mission: Impossible franchise. He started his acting career in the 1980s and has since become a renowned action star, famous for performing his own daring stunts in science fiction and action films.

Despite his long filmography, he is well known for starring in 6 Mission: Impossible films as secret agent Ethan Hunt. He has earned 3 Golden Globe Awards and has also been honored with a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame.



Profile & Stats

  • Real Name: Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
  • Place of Birth: New York, U.S.
  • Date of Birth: July 3, 1962
  • Age in 2023: 61
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches (170 cm)
  • Weight: 150 pounds (68 kg)

What Is Tom Cruise’s Workout Routine

tom cruise workout routine

Tom Cruise's diet and workout routine are what make him look young. His hard work and dedication often go beyond his age. He loves adventure-based workouts like sea-kayaking, caving, and rock climbing, along with treadmills, weights, jogging, and more. Researchers also suggest that simply adding a nature-based outdoor physical activity to your routine can be more beneficial to your health (1). 

Tom believes in switching up his exercises, from cardio to traditional strength training, and adds any one of the above-mentioned sports to his fitness routine. To enhance his overall body function, Tom Cruise incorporates a mix of weight training with unique exercises like one-armed barbell presses, which help him identify weak spots and work on them effectively. His diverse workout keeps him flexible and balanced, contributing to his youthful appearance. Let's look closer at Tom Cruise’s routine and how he maintains his incredible physique.

Day One - Monday: Triceps, Shoulders & Chest

  • Stretch - 10 min walk (warm-up)
  • Bench press (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Dumbbell kickbacks (3 sets, 10 repetitions - each arm)
  • Dumbbell shoulder press (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Incline press (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Seated dumbbell shoulder front raise (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Seated dumbbell tricep overhead extension (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Cable chest flys (3 sets, 10 repetitions)

Day Two - Tuesday: Fun Activity Day

It's time to explore your passion with sea-kayaking, caving, fencing, hiking, jogging, treadmill, rock-climbing, or running.

According to Anne Elliott, a sports scientist at Middlesex University, our movement reflects energy and youth more than our muscle definition. Therefore, including these enjoyable activities might have contributed to staying fit in his 60s and performing death-defying stunts.


Day Three - Wednesday: Biceps, Back, and Traps

  • Stretch - 10 min walk (warm-up)
  • Deadlift (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Preacher curls (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Barbell shrugs (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Seated dumbbell hammer curls (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Lateral pulldowns (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Cable rows (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Cable shrugs (3 sets, 10 repetitions)

Day Four - Thursday: Fun Activity Day

It's again time to explore your passion with sea-kayaking, caving, fencing, hiking, jogging, treadmill, rock-climbing, or running. 

Day Five - Friday: Lower Body and Legs

  • Stretch - 10 min walk (warm-up)
  • Squats (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Weighted lunges (3 sets, 10 repetitions - each leg)
  • Leg press (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Cable pull-throughs (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Hamstring curl machine (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Leg extension machine - Quads (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Calf raises (3 sets, 10 repetitions)

Day six - Saturday & Sunday rest day

Frankly, the Tom Cruise workout routine is something we can all aspire to. It offers a fusion of exercise and variety through athletic games and outdoor activities, making it a terrific way to stay motivated while aiming for a fit body like Tom Cruise. Also, Tom's iconic motocross bike stunt from Mission Impossible wouldn't have been possible without this type of fit body and dedicated workout routine.

Tom Cruise’s Daily Diet Plan

tom cruise workout routine

Tom Cruise is famous for his strong work ethic, and he applies the same dedication to his diet. His approach is all about moderation. Thus, he enjoys a diverse range of foods but keeps an eye on portion sizes.

He stays away from processed foods, sugary snacks, and too much alcohol, as they can interfere with Tom Cruise’s fitness plan and well-being. During the filming of Top Gun: Maverick, he reportedly consumed just 1200 calories per day, preferring grilled food and avoiding excess oil. This type of low-calorie diet plan may improve one’s energy efficiency and athletic performance (2). Discover the science behind Tom Cruise's calorie intake and diet routine, along with insights into how his personal chef and celeb friends assist him in creating a healthy meal plan.  


Low-Carb Diet: Tom Cruise’s workout diet isn't just a celebrity fad. There's some science behind it too! His friend David Beckham helped design the plan, and it's all about cutting out carbs, like grains and sugar. This may be the secret to Cruise's youthful look, as reducing sugar-rich foods can also prevent the aging of the skin (3). Likewise, carbs have something called insulin, which is said to be the 'aging hormone' (4). While the impact of dietary carbohydrates on human aging is not fully understood, clinical studies suggest that a low-carb diet can have positive effects on human health (5). 

Snacking! Tom Cruise also likes to eat smaller, healthier snacks throughout the day instead of three big meals. It fits well with his busy lifestyle. He enjoys having fruits as snacks, which can help reduce depression,  anxiety, and emotional distress compared to consuming crisps or chocolate (6). His favorite snack option is dates filled with peanut butter and sprinkled with coconut, as well as delicious truffle balls.

By focusing on such whole, unprocessed foods, he gets lots of important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that keep him healthy and reduce inflammation in his body.

Intermittent Fasting: Another key part of his diet is intermittent fasting, which has been proven to have lots of benefits. It is a meal plan where people restrict their meal intake to specific times of the day. It helps control insulin levels, supports weight loss, and even encourages the body to burn stored fat for energy (7). Plus, following this diet can give you more energy, better mental clarity, and overall well-being (8), (9), (10). 

Grilled Foods: Cruise follows a balanced diet that mainly consists of grilled and low-temperature prepared foods. This is because high-temperature cooking has been associated with accelerated aging and chronic tissue inflammation. He usually grills anti-inflammatory foods like salmon, dark chocolate, raw oats, blueberries, ginger, beets, broccoli, olive oil, tomatoes, and spinach. However, it's important to be cautious about consuming excessive grilled, barbecued, and smoked meat, as it may increase mortality after breast cancer (11). 

Antioxidant-rich Foods: And it's not just about looks – the Tom Cruise Diet promotes healthy aging too! He consumes antioxidant-rich foods like fruits, nuts, and vegetables that are also anti-inflammatory in nature (12). By reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, it can protect against age-related diseases and keep you feeling younger for longer (13). Cruise's dedication to his diet has definitely helped him stay youthful and full of vitality.


Proper Supplementation: Cruise supplements his nutrient-rich diet with additional vitamins and minerals. Cruise believes these supplements aid in maintaining his health, supporting vital biological processes, and building muscle mass, but their scientific evidence is lacking (14). His diet includes omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, magnesium, and whey protein supplements.



Tom Cruise's workout routine and diet are a testament that anyone can maintain a healthy physique at any age. He stays away from bizarre diet plans while emphasizing moderation, avoiding processed foods, and limiting carbs and excessive sugar to maintain his youthful appearance. His diverse workout routine includes running, rock climbing, fencing, and gym workouts, keeping him physically active and fit. This active lifestyle promotes healthy aging and longevity, contributing to his lean physique, energy levels, and overall health. 

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Does Tom Cruise eat meat?
Yes, he does eat meat. Tom Cruise often consumes proteins from meat, egg whites, and fish, along with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

How often does Tom Cruise exercise?
Tom Cruise follows a 5-day workout plan, including three days of weight training sessions and cardio, along with two days of enjoyable activities like hiking and fencing.

Does Tom Cruise follow a specific diet plan?
Tom Cruise doesn't follow a personalized diet; instead, he sticks to a simple 1200-calorie plan that eliminates most carbs.

Does Tom Cruise use any supplements to enhance his workouts?
Tom Cruise's diet includes supplements like omega 3s, and whey protein as well as multivitamins like magnesium, and folic acid.

Can I follow Tom Cruise's workout routine?
Absolutely, you can easily follow his workout routine. It's not overly intense and involves enjoyable activities like running, jogging, and hiking, making it suitable for anyone.

Does Tom Cruise workouts alone, or does he have a training partner?
Cruise is said to work out with his buddy, David Beckham, and he often follows the fitness advice given by him.

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