Camila Cabello’s Weight Loss: How the “Havana” Singer Got Back in Shape

Here are the hot deets on Camila Cabello's weight loss: secrets, diet, workouts, and more! Get the scoop on her transformation post-breakup with Shawn Mendes.

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camila cabello weight loss
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When relationships hit rocky shores and the stress of it threatens to tip the balance, Camila Cabello defied the odds. Post-breakup with Shawn Mendes, many saw Camila gaining a few more pounds causing her fans to be worried about her primal health. 

Amidst the challenges where weight gain could have been a consequence, she instead prioritized her physical well-being, and here we are sharing how Camila Cabello’s weight loss is a key example that you can shape up even when times feel tough. 

Around this year, Cabello regained control and shed excess pounds, emerging stronger and more resilient. Her fitness and commitment to healthier eating habits extended her growth far beyond the public eye. 

Discover how she balanced her long-run fame, unexpected trolling from fans, and personal weight challenges, swipe through to explore the details of her journey towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Who is Camila Cabello?



This Cuban-American singer-songwriter was born on March 3, 1997, in Havana, Cuba. Rising to fame initially as part of the girl group Fifth Harmony, she transitioned to a successful solo career marked by hits like Havana and Senorita with Shawn Mendes. 

Beyond music, Cabello advocates for mental health awareness and immigrant rights, reflecting her journey as an immigrant to the United States. Her powerful vocals and Latin-inspired pop style have earned her numerous accolades, including a Grammy Award, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in contemporary music and a role model for aspiring artists.


What has Camila Cabello Said About Her Weight Gain?


camila cabello weight loss

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Camila Cabello has been candid about her experiences with weight gain, attributing it to the pressures and emotional toll of fame. In a social media post in September 2019, she opened up about her struggle, stating, “I haven't gone on social media at all with the conscious intention of avoiding things that hurt my feelings,” indicating how public scrutiny affected her. 

Later on, amid a world turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic, Camila Cabello found herself grappling with unexpected challenges, including a significant fluctuation in her weight. 

Known for her fit physique and slender figure, the Havana songstress faced scrutiny and hurtful comments after candid photos of her in a blue tie-dye bikini surfaced post-pandemic, revealing her changed appearance alongside her then-partner, Shawn Mendes.

The unretouched images sparked a wave of body-shaming and cruel remarks, which deeply affected Cabello. Suddenly, her once-confident strides were clouded by self-consciousness about her attire and how her body would be judged. Amidst the storm of negativity, she bravely spoke out on TikTok, baring her vulnerability to address the hurtful fat-shaming.


In a poignant video, the usually upbeat singer shared the raw emotions of feeling self-conscious while simply running in a top that exposed her belly. Yet, amidst the struggle, she rallied herself and her audience with a powerful reminder: the era of battling against one's body is a thing of the past. 

Post this, Camila Cabello's transparency resonated with many fans, who appreciated her honesty and vulnerability amidst the pressures of celebrity life.

How Did Camila Cabello Lose Weight?


camila cabello weight loss

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Camila Cabello's weight loss journey has been guided by strategic lifestyle changes, including integrating daily walks into her routine, as advised by celebrity fitness trainer Jenna Willis. Walking not only enhances physical fitness but also supports mental well-being, making it a cornerstone of Cabello's approach to shedding pounds effectively.

In addition to ramping up her walking regimen, Cabello has made conscious decisions to limit alcohol consumption. According to her trainer, alcohol can significantly contribute to unnecessary calorie intake without providing any nutritional benefits. 


For instance, a 4 oz glass of wine contains around 94 calories, a 12 oz light beer about 95 calories, and 1 oz of vodka approximately 65 calories. Managing portion sizes is crucial, as larger servings can easily lead to increased calorie consumption (1).

By prioritizing daily walks and reducing alcohol intake, Camila Cabello has embraced a balanced approach to weight management, reinforcing the importance of mindful choices in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her journey is quite inspiring for those looking to make sustainable changes in their own health and wellness routines.



What was Camila Cabello's Weight Loss Diet Plan?

Camila Cabello maintains a flexible approach to her nutrition due to her hectic schedule, often moving from one shoot to another. She doesn't strictly adhere to a set diet plan but opts for meals from restaurants, with coffee as a regular indulgence. 

Hydration is a priority for her, ensuring she drinks plenty of water throughout the day. When it comes to exercise, she recalls her initial training sessions were challenging, admitting discomfort and even nausea at times. 


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Despite occasional cravings for fast food, like Five Guys burgers, she occasionally chooses healthier options like her favorite breakfast of Special K and strawberries. Cabello acknowledges the importance of balance, allowing herself treats while also striving for healthier choices overall. 


Her journey reminds us that starting in fitness isn't always easy, but maintaining a mix of nutritious foods and occasional indulgences can be key to overall well-being.

What are Camila Cabello’s Eating Habits?


camila cabello weight loss

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Camila Cabello follows a balanced and sustainable approach to her consumption and eating habits, aligning with her fitness goals while enjoying the tedious process, that most of us should learn from too. 

For breakfast at home, she typically opts for toast, fruit, juice, and eggs. When she has free time during the day, she might hit the gym and later indulge in foods like pizza, paired with coffee or soft drinks. Her dinners vary depending on whether she eats out, where she often chooses greenier salads or lighter options like chicken from restaurants.

Maintaining simplicity and moderation is key for Cabello, ensuring her diet remains enjoyable and supportive of her lifestyle. She values incorporating vegetables into her meals, a habit she shares with Shawn Mendes, who influenced her to embrace more greens. 


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What was Camila Cabello's Workout Routine?


Camila Cabello's Workout Routine

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Her weight loss success can be attributed to a combination of cross-training routines and a normal diet. While many people are tempted by fad diets, cheap diet pills, or even healthy diet pills, Camila has avoided restrictive diets in favor of sustainable practices. She shines like the solar energy that fuels her passion for a healthy lifestyle, proving that consistent effort and a balanced approach are key to long-term success.


For weight training, Cabello focuses on bodyweight exercises to tone her muscles, given her limited access to gym facilities. She incorporates exercises like bench press, chest press, dumbbell curls, shoulder press, and various cable exercises for upper body conditioning. 

Jenna Willis, Camila Cabello's trainer, confirms that Camila genuinely enjoys her workouts beyond just capturing Instagram moments. "We end up getting an extra ab workout from all the laughter we share during our sessions," Willis shares, highlighting the fun and joyful atmosphere they create while exercising. 



Her circuit training involves exercises like crunches, cross crunches, planks, V-holds, side planks, leg raises, and more, performed in continuous sets with minimal rest.

Reflecting on her fitness journey, Cabello has evolved from someone who didn't exercise much before joining the infamous 2012 Fifth Harmony to now embracing a rigorous exercise routine. She acknowledges the physical and mental benefits of staying active and has been candid about managing criticism and maintaining mental health, including reducing social media use for a healthier lifestyle.

Overall, Cabello's workout routine underscores her commitment to staying fit and healthy amidst her demanding career.


Did Shawn Mendes' Breakup Fuel Camila Cabello's Weight Gain?


Camila Cabello's Weight Gain


Camila Cabello's relationship with Shawn Mendes captivated fans worldwide with their chemistry, both on and off stage. Their collaborative music and public displays of affection made them a beloved couple in the spotlight. However, their breakup inevitably drew attention and speculation.

For Camila, the aftermath of their split likely brought a range of emotions. Coping with such a public separation while balancing a high-profile career can be challenging. The scrutiny and gossip that follow celebrity breakups add another layer of pressure. Despite this, Camila has been open about navigating personal challenges and maintaining resilience.


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Ultimately, every breakup is a learning experience, and for Camila, it likely helped her personal growth and self-discovery. As an artist, she channels her emotions into her music, using her experiences to connect with listeners on a deeper level. Through it all, she has appeared to evolve both personally and professionally, demonstrating strength in the face of public scrutiny.


Camila Cabello Bares Toned Abs Go Viral While in Greece:



Camila Cabello showcased her toned abs during a recent trip to Greece, revealing her commitment to maintaining a slim physique. Her fitness regimen reportedly includes a combination of cardio, strength training, and a balanced diet. 


Cabello emphasizes consistency in her workouts and focuses on overall health and wellness. Her dedication to staying fit underscores her disciplined approach to achieving and maintaining her toned physique.


Here are Camila Cabello’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:




Camila Cabello




Camila Cabello


Camila Cabello’s weight loss journey is truly motivating for her fans around the world. Her balanced and moderate approach, along with her dedication to physical and mental well-being, resonates deeply. Instead of turning to fad diets, cheap diet pills, or even healthy diet pills, Camila chose a sustainable and healthy path. She combines cross-training routines with a regular diet, steering clear of overly restrictive eating plans.

By sharing her struggles and triumphs openly, she inspires others to follow their own wellness journeys. Her determination to maintain her health despite a busy career showcases her resilience. As she continues to document her progress, she encourages everyone to make self-care a priority and to appreciate the process of becoming healthier and happier.



1. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism - Alcohol Calorie Calculator 


Is Camila Cabello an American citizen?
Camila Cabello was born in Cuba but moved to the United States as a child. She became a naturalized American citizen in 2008.

How does Camila Cabello handle public scrutiny about her body?
Camila Cabello has been vocal about body positivity and self-acceptance. She addresses public scrutiny by idealizing body positivity and encourages people to embrace their natural shape, instead of conforming to unhealthy societal expectations.

What tips does Camila Cabello’s trainer offer for weight loss?
There’s no information on specific tips from Camila Cabello's trainer for weight loss. However, general advice often includes maintaining a balanced diet, hydration, regular exercise such as cardio and strength training, and prioritizing consistency and patience.

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