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Drishyam 2 movie poster

Drishyam 2

  • Genre Icon Crime • Thriller
  • Release Date Icon November, 18 2022
  • Movie Duration Icon 2 Hours 20 Minutes
  • Movie Language icon Hindi
  • Budget Icon Budget: ₹ 152 Crore

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In Drishyam 2, the Salgaonkar family is still living in their home in Goa, seven years after the events of the first movie. Vijay Salgaonkar, played by Ajay Devgan, has achieved his dream of opening a cinema hall and is still running his cable network. His elder daughter Anju is struggling with trauma and seeking medical help, while his wife Nandini fears that something bad will happen to their family. Nandini confides in her neighbor Jenny, while the new IG in Goa, Tarun Ahlawat, investigates Vijay's case and believes he's lying. Tarun meets Meera Deshmukh, a friend of his, who has returned to Goa for her son's death anniversary with her husband. Tarun is a close friend of Meera Deshmukh, who has settled in London with her husband Mahesh. Meera and Mahesh return to Goa to commemorate their son's death anniversary. Tarun gets involved in Vijay Salgaonkar's case and becomes convinced that he is lying, but without solid evidence, the police cannot take any action. Tarun discovers an important clue and with more information, he and Meera are certain that it's time for Vijay and his family to go to jail. Tarun summons Vijay and his family for questioning concerning a crime that happened years ago. Despite the family's efforts to maintain their alibi, Meera, a friend of Tarun, uncovers a voice recording of Nandini's prior confession to Jenny. The police also discover evidence by bugging the family's residence. As a result, the family's secrets are exposed, and Gaitonde, a police officer, physically assaults Nandini, Anju, and Anu, which causes Anju to have a seizure. In a state of distress, Vijay falsely confesses to the crime. The police are satisfied with Vijay's confession, and he is arrested and put on trial for the murder. However, Meera is not content with just Vijay being punished and demands that the rest of the family face consequences as well. The film follows the events that occur next.

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Movie details

Movie Name :

Drishyam 2

Released Date :

18 November 2022

Industry :


Production House :

Panorama Studios, Viacom18 Studios

Music Label :


Runtime :

2 Hours 20 Minutes

Platform :

Amazon Prime Video

Genre :

Crime, Thriller

Budget :

152 Crore

Pinkvilla’s Review

Drishyam 2, the sequel to the 2015 movie Drishyam, follows Vijay Salgaonkar (Ajay Devgn) who must save his family once again when fresh evidence arises from a murder he committed seven years ago. The second half of the film is where the movie shines as one twist after another is introduced, making for an exciting and believable sequence. The director of the film, Abhishek Pathak aptly devised and shot the tense scenes. While the film falters in the first half and lacks evidently the consistency in its narrative, the performances by the cast, including Tabu and Akshaye Khanna, are commendable. Khanna, in particular, shines with his unique charm as a cop. Overall, Drishyam 2 is a gripping crime thriller that successfully brings the world of the story alive.