EXCLUSIVE: Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao: Don't believe in specifically planning for a baby

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao get candid on celebrating three years of marriage, plans of expanding their family and couples find it to be more difficult than solo participants inside the Bigg Boss house.
Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao are celebrating their third wedding anniversary. EXCLUSIVE: Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao: Don't believe in specifically planning for a baby
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Television's charming and gorgeous pair Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao are known for their sizzling real-life chemistry. The couple who celebrates the third year of their marital bliss, feel that they have just fallen harder for each other. "Well, I just can't fathom that it's been three years to our wedding day already. Just don't know where time flew," said Keith. "Yes, that so true. Especially, the last year, it just flew in a blink of an eye and moreover, the lockdown period has really got us to know each other so much more," added Rochelle.

Elaborating on their anniversary plans, Keith said, "We have private and an intimate celebration tomorrow. It's going to be simple and I will take her to her favourite Italian restaurant, considering the current scenario, we will not take any other risk. Rochelle adds that she loves how Keith plans surprises and special days and vouches on the fact that he is an amazing event planner. "Keith is a great impromptu planner and is better at gifting and surprising while I plan things that need proper detailing. I am not an impromptu kind of planner," says Rochelle.

Keith further added that they hadn't made any special plans on purpose looking at the global condition. "Everybody had thought that the pandemic will get over soon and made further plans. But it's a pandemic and it will take years to normalise which is why we never made plans for any of our special days so that we don't end up disappointed," said Keith.

Rochelle further stated how the lockdown phase, though tough, but helped them emerge as a stronger couple. "We would say we were lucky to have not faced anything troublesome other than the lockdown. I mean people have faced so many issues and it's terrible to know. It worked better for our married life too. We had all the time to work on the little petty things amidst us and invest better into our relationship.

She added, "Yes, on a whole I feel that social media was a big saviour not only in terms of entertainment but also in terms of money-making for many." Talking about their takeaway from the pandemic situation, Keith and Rochelle believe that though a global crisis, it has in fact helped them understand each other more. "I really learnt to be more patient with her. I feel it has overall taught all of us to be more calm and choose your loved one over any random argument. We realised how life is fickle," said Keith.

Rochelle said, "I realised that better communication is the key to a happy marriage and especially the way of talking to your partner without hurting yet expressing is so important. Rochelle feels that the global crisis has made her be proud of her decision of marrying Keith; and how?!

"During the lockdown, I was getting worked up but Keith alongside managing himself was comforting me so well and with a lot of calm and composure. There were a lot many moments that just made me proud of my decision of marrying Keith. God has just put the right person in my life to bring about the stability. Also, one very important thing that the lockdown got me to do that proved beneficial especially for Keith was cooking. Right a month before the lockdown was declared, I thankfully took up the cooking classes. Also on a lighter note, I realised I had made the perfect choice for a life partner when Keith would gulp down the food without a fuss and would rather laud it."

Keith adds, "I had always known that I had made a right decision by marrying her, and with time my confidence got even more stronger. We appreciate each other and we never had such time in our hands and it really worked for us."

So who was more impatient during the entire lockdown?! To this Rochelle says, "We took turns to be chill and panicky. Keith was stressed out from the work and professional point of view and I was just frustrated overall and getting emotional all the more.

The couple recently was in news for attending marriage counselling sessions and that went viral over the internet. Talking about it, Rochelle said, "Every relationship in this world has issues and it takes a good amount of reworking by those in it. It's not necessary that if a couple visits a counsellor then they are about to have a divorce. It can also mean that they simply want to strengthen their relationship even more like never before. It's just a mentality in India that if you are visiting a shrink that means either you are crazy, need help or something is terribly wrong in your life and that's such a horrible thing to think."

Keith adds, "A friend just suggested it to us and we did it. It worked wonders. You know it gets you to work on every little glitch of yours. If you have somebody to give you a different perspective about your minor or major glitches and if it's going to make your bond better than why not?! Also, I believe that every partner should have a spiritual connect. People keep adding on to their emotional baggage and then it becomes toxic for their own self. It's better to seek advice from somebody who can help you the right way."

Lockdown 2020 saw a lot of celebrity couples embrace parenthood. Talking about expanding their very own family, Rochelle says, "We like to go against the tide. We would rather do it before everybody else or after everybody," she giggled. Keith added, "I feel if you plan it so deeply then it becomes very mechanical and that's not how I want it."

Rochelle who was recently a part of the web show 1962: The War In The Hills received good reviews for her performance. "I am really happy with the responses that I am getting. My Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp is all flooded with congratulatory messages. It is my first serious role ever and I am happy that I got a platform to show more of my acting. My role focused on zero make-up and only acting and I loved it," says Rochelle.

The proud husband, who couldn't stop rooting for his darling wife, said,  "Rochelle is a terrific actress and she has that unique skill. In Bigg Boss when Sunny Leone had come and Rochelle had to do a secret task, it was then when I got to know how terrific she is as an actress. It's just that people don't see her as an actress more so she also tends to not see herself as an actor. But I always motivate her to take up such roles and consider herself as a fantastic performer for she is. She's been working really hard and she totally owned it in the show. It's a great experience for her," said Keith.

KeRo, as they are fondly called by their fans, spoke about their experience of Bigg Boss 9 and how couple participants have it a little more difficult in the game show as compared to solo participants. "When you are a couple, people target you more. It's still fine when people or participants taunt you but it's unbearable when people target somebody you love. You can't see your partner cry. It's an emotional test. But yes it also makes it a little easy for the couple as they know that they have somebody whom they know will calm them down. During our stay in BB 9, it was really tough to see Rochelle going through tough and emotional times because of the ongoing situation inside the BB house. She too had a tough time to see me go through the emotional times. But we knew had each other's support at the end of the day," said Keith.

Keith and Rochelle got married in 2018 after dating for a good amount of time. The couple was last seen in Nach Baliye 9 together.

Happy Anniversary Keith and Rochelle...