EXCLUSIVE: Karan Kundrra: Kritika Kamra and I have moved on, why CAN'T fans?

Karan Kundrra reveals that he finds it appalling that fans are still stuck up about him and Kritika as it's been a long time and they have both moved on and so should their fans. He explains how the trolls have made sure to ruin things for him and Anusha.
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Karan Kundrra is currently busy with a number of projects in his kitty. Last seen in 1921, Karan recently appeared on MTV Troll police along with girlfriend Anusha Dandekar where the duo came face-to-face with the trolls who continue to flood their social media feeds with sheer hatred. 
In a tete-a-tete with Pinkvilla, Karan revealed how despite being a tough guy, these trolls got onto him after it started affecting his loved ones. "I believe that they admire me is the only reason that they get jealous and troll me otherwise why would anyone create a new account with a fake name to say bad things to others," he said while adding, "There is got to be some frustration which arises from the fact that perhaps I am doing better than them. It only affects me when it is about my loved ones. I am quite a tough guy, I actually do laugh at such things but when it comes to my girlfriend or family, that's when I feel like breaking their heads."
Explaining on how these trolls affected Anusha, he said, "Anusha is a very emotional and sensitive person, at the end of the day she is a human too and when such things start affecting my household and create distances between my parents and her, it just spoils the mood for everybody. After a hard day when we come home and then sit down and we read all this and then she gets upset."
Karan further elaborated that before getting into a relationship with Anusha, he had warned her of his daily soap background but the fact that fans are still stuck with him and Kritika appalls him. 
"When I started dating Anusha I did tell her 'see, I come from a daily soap background and their fans are strongly attached to the characters for years and you will get a lot of backlash as they won't understand. These fans think of us as the characters we portrayed and not as people we really are. You know there are going to be some good things and there will be some bad people as well who even after 8 years of that show going off air want me and Kritika to be together.' They have seen the first show like 7-8 times and are just stuck there which sometimes is a blessing in disguise but then there are other things in my life," he replied and added, "My fans are the reason for my success but when such things start affecting my loved ones, it ruins a lot of things for me. I know I am an entity but as soon as I enter my house, I am not an entity for you."
How does he plan to give it back to them? "I do believe you can't give it up to someone who is just a name and not even the real one," Karan said. "I don't agree on giving it back to them, I want to see them face to face that is what MTV Troll Police does. I really want to understand their psychology. What is affecting you so much about my life or others' lives that you could spew so much hatred? What is wrong with your life that you are behind my girlfriend, calling her prostitute? Who are you to moral police, are you a state representative?" Karan asked the trolls. 
Describing his relationship to be a perfect one, Karan said, "It is a perfect relationship. We have known each other for a long time now. I think we are like best friends and it is really beautiful."
When asked if marriage is on the cards, Karan added, "We are already settled down. Why do you think we need to get married to get settled down? I have crores in my bank account, I have best cars and house and she has more money than I have. How much more do we need to settle down? This is 2018 and we are perfectly strong individuals."
On his camaraderie with Kritika Kamra, Karan said, "If you ask me, Kritika and I are still good friends, still talk to each other, support each other. There is the highest sense of understanding we have, we have that kind of a mentality that this can be done. If Kritika and I can be like this and moved on in lives then why can't fans? There are certain fans who don't have the stuck up mentality but I don't like fanatics, for god sake, it's been 8-9 years, get over it. Kritika and I have moved on, you please move on too. If you still stuck there, I think you need to find a job, that would be better. "
Well, we think the message is loud and clear!


another RK-DP.

I really like Karan and Kritika too! Karan and Anusha be like mom and son :/ sorry if I sound mean. But good luck guys!!

yes you are mean ....

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