EXCLUSIVE: Kishwer Merchant, Suyyash Rai on turning parents: It's a SURPRISE baby, we were just shocked

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EXCLUSIVE: Kishwer Merchant, Suyyash Rai on turning parents: It's a SURPRISE baby, we were just shocked
EXCLUSIVE: Kishwer Merchant, Suyyash Rai on turning parents: It's a SURPRISE baby, we were just shocked

It's celebration time for the beautiful couple, Kishwer Merchant and Suyyash Rai as they are all set to welcome a new member in their family.
Yes, the gorgeous two are all set to turn parents, and that too for the first time!

The happy mommy Kishwer couldn't contain her excitement as she exclusively spoke in length with Pinkvilla.com over her new journey as a mother.

"It's amazing, I just can't describe it in words. I mean, after all, it's my first baby! said the thrilled mommy-to-be. I am super nervous too as it's my first time and I don't really know what to do. But thankfully we have our family, friends who have kids to guide us better. So I am sure it will be sorted," she adds.

The father-to-be, Suyyash Rai is extremely nervous and emotional all at the same time. "It's a beautiful feeling, I can't express in words. I mean I am super nervous and tensed too but moreover, it's a fabulous feeling," says Suyyash.

Kishwer who is in her fourth month right now said that both Suyyash and her were in a shock when they got to know of their pregnancy.

"So we got to know about our pregnancy on the 17th of January and by then I was already two-months pregnant but I just didn't realize it all. It was when I started feeling tired and low that it struck me that probably pregnancy could be the reason behind my lethargy. I got Suyyash to get the home pregnancy testing kits and that's when we got to know that I was expecting. It came as a shocker for us initially as we weren't expecting it at all. We hadn't planned it. It was like a big shocker in the beginning but it gradually turned into a pleasant surprise," added Kishwer.

Suyyash further said, "It was a shocker for us first when we got to know about the baby but we now believe that it's a gift from God, it's his blessing. We really want to enjoy the new chapter of our life."

Kishwer who is 40, feels that it's absolutely fine to plan your family when you feel is right and not according to society. Talk about breaking the stigma and the actress says, "I have conceived naturally at 40 and I don't think that age is a major problem in today's era in terms of conceiving. Nobody can say that in my case I mean, as I said I conceived naturally at 40 and I think it's fantastic. I believe 40 is the new 30. There's nothing to worry about is what I really want to tell women. You can get married at 35, 36 or whenever like I did and have your babies too whenever you feel like. Yes, that's a different story if you want to be a young mother, then you will have to plan accordingly but otherwise, I don't think there is any need to succumb under any norm or pressure."

Further, the yummy mummy spoke about how her dapper husband has now become even more cautious and careful about her, post-learning of her pregnancy. "The daddy-to-be is super excited and is just making me eat all the time, actually more for the baby. He wants his baby to eat everything possible," laughs Kishwer. 
The mommy-to-be further added, "Our whole equation has completely changed in the past two months. It has become 100% better than before. Suyyash has started to talk to the child already, he is that excited and eager. He is taking care of me and how!"

So are there any cravings?! To this Kishwer says, "Honestly, there are no cravings at all. I feel it's just a myth, aisa kuch nahi horaha mujhe toh atleast."

Talk about helming the responsibility of a child, Suyyash hopes that he turns out to be a father just like his Dad. "Every child looks up to his father and there are so many examples you have around. My father is the perfect example of an ideal father. The way he has brought up all of us is amazing. Without letting us know how difficult it can get to raise kids rightly, he has made it look so easy and cool. But now that I am soon going to be a father, I realise that it takes a lot of guts to be a good one. To my child, if I can be even 10% of what my father is to me, I think I will be sorted," Suyyash said. 

So has the new chapter changed Suyyash?! To this, he remarked, "Yes, I feel all the more responsible now. I anyway never had a loud lifestyle and I was never a party animal, so I don't think I will need to bring about a major change in me, but yes, I am suddenly feeling so grown up and responsible."

While in pregnancy, the mother naturally receives all the love and attention, it is the father who somewhere does not receive his due. Talking about this made Suyyash laugh in agreement. "Well, that's true but I think that Kishwer deserves all the attention. She deserves the world, especially right now. Whatever makes her happy, comfortable, and peaceful, same will work for me," says Suyyash.

The actor also further revealed that though both want a healthy baby irrespective of its gender but somewhere deep down in his heart, he hopes for a boy. "Well we want a healthy baby but if I have to make a choice then I am slightly vouching for a boy. Also because I really will get him to play cricket and do those things that I missed out on as a child, laughs Suyyash. And Kishwer wants a girl. But moreover, I just want my child to be happy, healthy, and grow up in a nice and joyous environment," informed Suyyash.

For the unversed, Kishwer and Suyyash met on the sets of Pyaar Ki Ek Kahaani and that's where they fell head over heels in love.

After dating for six long years, the lovebirds finally tied the knot on the 17th of December, 2017.

We wish the couple love and luck on their new journey of parenthood.

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