Anupamaa Written Update, Apr 24: Shahs stunned at Dimpy’s desperation to escape marriage with Prateik

In today's episode, Anupama decides to focus on her competition and not pay attention to any other happenings in her life. On the other hand, Dimpy gets heartbroken after discovering Vanraj’s plans for her.

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Anupamaa, April 24, 2024 episode: The episode begins with doctors informing Anuj that Shruti is out of danger now. He decides to inform Anupama about the same. Anupama gets happy upon seeing Anuj’s message. She thanks God for giving life to Shruti. Anupama shares the news with Yashdeep.

Hasmuk doesn’t support Vanraj’s decision

Hasmukh refuses to take his medicines. He tells Leela that Vanraj won’t let him live peacefully. Leela takes Vanraj’s side. She says that Vanraj worries for Dimpy and Ansh more than them and he is only making wise decisions for them. Leela further calls Prateik a suitable match for Dimpy. However, Hasmuk doesn’t agree with her and remains adamant about Dimpy’s alliance with Titu. He says that Vanraj wants to settle down Dimpy with Prateik as he wants a puppet son-in-law. Hasmuk misses Anupama. 

Aadya misbehaves with Anupama

Aadya is ecstatic about finding Shruti in her senses. She says that the incident made her fearful of losing Shruti. Aadya apologizes to Shruti. They show love to each other. Anuj gets happy about seeing them. Anupama arrives there to see Shruti. While Anuj and Shruti react courteously to Anupama’s visit, Aadya ousts her. She asks Anupama not to disturb their family time. Aadya goes on to accuse her of saving Pari over her and makes Anupama feel guilty. She closes the door on Anupama’s face. 



Aadya’s bitter words break Anupama and she starts crying. Just then, she receives a message about her report time at the semifinal round of the Superstar Chef competition. She heads out to prepare for the same and win it at any cost. 

Hasmuk tries to make Vanraj change his decision

Hasmuk bashes Vanraj and tells him that he has failed to fulfill his responsibilities towards his family. He tries to make Vanraj realize that he is repeating Moti Baa’s mistake by fixing Dimpy’s marriage with Prateik as she doesn’t love him. Hasmuk says that Vanraj also had issues when he was interested in Kavya but was made to wed Anupama against his will. He further urges Vanraj to leave his stubbornness and let Dimpy be with Titu. 

Kavya witnesses Dimpy happily talking to Titu on a call. Dimpy tells Titu that she is missing him and that he needs to come back soon. Kavya, who knows about Vanraj’s plans,  leaves from there. Dimpy discusses marriage plans with Titu and shares that she keeps looking for bridal dresses all day.  

Anupama likes her new home

Anupama reaches Cady’s house. She thanks Cady for letting her stay at her place. Cady says that the restaurant staff is like family to her and that she used to feel lonely in the US before meeting them. She expresses gratitude towards Anupama for ending her loneliness. Anupama tries to give the rent share to Cady but she refuses to take it. Cady says she will give the rent and recommendation letter to the landlord and go from there. Anupama thinks about concentrating on the competition and not leaving any space for mistakes.

Anupama worries about the toughness of the Superstar Chef semifinal. She recalls Aadya’s rude behavior towards her but decides to not pay heed to it and focus only on her dreams. Anupama also remembers Judge Sally's words. 

Dimpy learns about Vanraj’s plans

Hasmuk and Kavya hope to see Vanraj change his mind about Dimply’s marriage with Prateik. They get shocked when Vanraj shows firmness in his selfish behavior and keeps on disrespecting Dimpy’s feelings. Vanraj tells Prateik that Dimpy is lucky for him and asks Leela to apply tilak to make Prateik a part of their family. Leel does the tilak and aarti and gives shagun to Prateik. Dimpy witnesses the happening and is taken aback. She starts weeping at Vanraj’s deceit.


Doctor informs Anuj that Shruti has recovered completely and can be discharged tomorrow. Anuj decides to message Anupama about the same. Anupama is glad to know about the improvement in Shruti’s condition. She then asks  Cady to help her learn more about American fruits and nuts. Cady agrees on one condition that Anupama will teach her to make Masala tea in return. Anupama says yes.

Dimpy confronts Vanraj

Vanraj gives blessings to Prateik and wishes him for having a good trip. Prateik thanks him and leaves. Vanraj tells Dimpy that he is doing all this for her welfare. Leela also convinces Dimpy to agree with Vanraj’s decision. However, Dimpy takes a firm stand for herself. She reminds Vanraj that she didn't say a word when he kept Ansh away from her. But this time, she won’t listen to him. Dimpy asserts that she won’t marry Prateik. Vanraj makes Dimpy recount his favors to her and commands her to marry Prateik. He gets angry at her and leaves. 

Dimpy calls Anupama and shares her ordeal with her. Dimpy says that Vanraj cheated her by fixing her marriage with someone else. Anupama says she always knew Vanraj would do something like this. Hasmuk and Kavya try to speak to Dimpy. They get to know that Dimpy is speaking with Anupama. Hasmukh says that Anupama will handle Dimpy. On the other hand, Aadya forces Anuj to marry Shruti at the earliest.

Dimpy exits the Shah house  

Dimpy threatens to take her life. Anupama scolds her for not valuing her life. She asks Dimpy to stop shedding tears and encourages her to fight against Vanraj. Anupama motivates her to stay strong for Ansh’s sake. Dimpy decides to leave the Shah house. Later in the night, she comes out with Ansh in her arms. Dimpy hides herself from Leela who is doing something in the kitchen. She looks at Vanraj and feels sorry for her move. 

Leela thinks of checking Dimpy. She goes to her room and is shocked at not finding Dimpy and Ansh there. She rushes to inform Vanraj that Dimpy and Ansh are missing. Dimpy exits the house and Anupama. She says she has left the Shah house. The episode ends here. 

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