Kareena Kapoor on the cover of 'Notch' Magazine (September 2012)

Magazine Covers,kareena kapoor,'Notch
Magazine Covers,kareena kapoor,'Notch

Kareena Kapoor on the first issue of 'Notch' Magazine (September 2012). Took some screenshots from the vid posted by Notch on facebook. Loving the photoshoot.

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which actress put red wine on the head of her lovers' wife.... i heard somewhere its
based on true incident...
I have heard that story some years ago that Raveena Tandon poured wine on husband Anil Thadani's ex-wife Natasha Sippy.
BTW Kareena looks very beautiful specially in 5th pic...

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she had a squared jaw line in refugee.. i wonder how it has become heart shaped...

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Hot!!! Her cheekbones/jaw line are so beautiful

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Beautifulll like always

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cant get over how BEAUTIFUL she looks wow and im not even a fan of hers! :|

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beautiful pictures :)

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Wow sooo graceful charming and beautiful

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After watching Heroine, I am BIG fan of Kareena!....She did full justice to the role! Loved her!

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i have two questions... after that
is the character of abbas khan in the movie inspired from salman khan.. i cd not help but remember chahracter dheela song n ready
after watching that incident...
and which actress put red wine on the head of her lovers' wife.... i heard somewhere its
based on true incident....

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beautiful.. but her arms look photoshopped....

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She's never looked better!

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Kareena looking lovely

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wow gorgeous bebo..which actress can looks this pretty in closeups (video)

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she looks gorgeous!

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best photoSHOP of the year

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She is looking gorgeous!! Of course, the pics are photoshopped.

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She looks gorgeous for being the most praised heroine of the year.

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Best photoshop of the year

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Most beautiful actress of current bollywood after Aish.
kareena is more beautiful than pc, dp. Haters calm down, they r also beautiful but not more than her.

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hahaha to make them look thin theyv actuly cut her arms in half with photoshoot hahahha
nd no her body doz not look like that either

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@Pinkvilla_boy.. i agree.. she looks so pretty:):)

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All of the experience finally awarded her the number 1 spot! A good actress with approachable disposition.
She earned it well!

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Best photoshoot of the year.

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she is looking beautiful and her make-up is gorgeous,red lipstick really suits her!

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People should really stop attacking @Pinkvilla_boy. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone has their favorites. If his favorite is Kareena then it really should not bother anyone else.

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She is badly photoshopped here.

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Saif, you are one lucky man. She is gorgeous.

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Lol, her arms have been cut into half in the first picture. It's ok to photoshop but don't go to the extremes, geez!

@Pinkvilla_boy: Wonder why you're not saying these are photoshopped like you do on other actresses' photoshoots? lol

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It's Haute couture and i am loving it

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Who's body and sharp jaw is that!!! Lol...not kreena's for sure.

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mis india

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omg kareena is looking gorgous, stunning, classy and beautiful as always.
love you kareena and you are the best. i want to buy the magzine just for you kareena .

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Her skin is insanely gorgeous. She's blessed with great genes.

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Looks like Anushka's arms are attached to Kareena's body.

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Her arms have been photo shopped very badly in the first photo.

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AMAZING! Bebo looks stunning!!!

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she looks stunning, love her

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Wow this is suchhh a classy photoshoot! Love it!!

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Lovely photoshoot.

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Beautiful kareena.

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Ohh and an other GIFT for BEBO on her birthday on 21st sep after the Globus add campaign in Paris i think this is the best campaign from Kareena
So international and she looked so pretty in the video even in that close ups

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She looks beautiful in the 3rd and 5th pics!


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