Chainsaw Man Makima Death: What Happened To The Character? Explained

The death of Chainsaw Man’s most heinous villain Makima came as a surprise to everyone. Read this article to find out how Denji killed her and how the Control Devil came back after her death.

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what happens to Makima in Chainsaw Man manga
Makima in Chainsaw Man anime (PC: MAPPA, Crunchyroll, Tatsuki Fujimoto)

This article contains spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga

Even though fans were happy when Denji was finally able to kill Makima after the various heinous crimes she had committed, they were also a little puzzled. Due to her contract with the Japanese Prime Minister, the incarnation of the Control Devil was practically invincible when it came to attacks. 

However, in a surprising twist of events, Denji is able to outwit Makima and bypass the contract to kill her in a gruesome but deserved way. Despite her death, the Control Devil was once again able to reincarnate. Here is what happened. 

Denji killed Makima by outwitting her in a battle

As the readers found out in Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga, Makima, who was also the Control Devil had a deal with the Prime Minister of Japan that protected her against any attack. The contract stated that any attack on Makima’s person would be distributed amongst the citizens of Japan and she would walk away from it scott-free. This means that every time she suffers from an injury, it will be given to random citizens in the form of accidents and illnesses. This is the reason why she was able to walk away even after being shot in the head during the Katana Man act. 


However, even though the contract made her practically immortal, Denji was able to outwit her in their decisive battle. As the Control Devil, Makima was completely obsessed with the Chainsaw Man and not Denji. Denji also knew that Makima identified people by their smell, but she only knew the smell of Pochita and not him because she only cared about the Chainsaw Man. Using this knowledge, Denji created a fake Chainsaw Man after breaking off a part of Pochita and sent it off against Makima. The Control Devil defeated it and tore out its heart, thinking that she has finally taken control of Pochita. However, Denji then proceeded to strike Makime with a chainsaw that was created using Power’s blood and chopped her into pieces with the help of Captain Kishibe. 

Fans were wondering why Makima did not survive the attack like the many before. And it turns out that since the chainsaw used to kill Makima was powered by Power’s blood, it overtook Makima’s body and interfered with the contract. Due to this, the Control Devil’s wounds were not distributed amongst the citizens, and why Makima was not able to regenerate. After chopping her into pieces, Denji consumed Makima’s body to stop her from coming back. 


How did the Control Devil come back?

The reason why Makima wanted to take control of Denji and in turn the Chainsaw Man is because the devils that the Chainsaw Devil consumes are eradicated from existence. She wanted to use him to eradicate the War, Famine, and Death Devils. However, this further confused the reader as to why the Control Devil was able to reincarnate even though Makima was consumed by Denji. 

It was later explained that even though Denji and Pochita exist within the same body, they are different entities altogether. Since Denji was in his human form when he consumed Makima’s remains, the Chainsaw Devil’s magic did not work on the Control Devil and it was able to reincarnate in a different body. The Control Devil was once again born in the world as a young girl named Nayuta. After meeting her, Denji brought her home and Nayuta started to live with him as he hoped that a better environment could stop Nayuta from becoming the way that Makima was. 


Throughout the first half of the Chainsaw Man manga, Makima completely terrorizes Denji and his friends and her manipulative nature is very true to the Control Devil. Despite all that, Denji still loved her, and killing her was probably one of the hardest things that he had to do. That is why, once the Control Devil was reborn again, he started to take care of Nayuta to make sure he can stop the same fate from befalling her as well. Nayuta and Denji develop a sibling-like relationship throughout their time together and fans are also hoping to see Denji finally have someone in his corner again as he lost almost al of his friends in the first part of the manga. Even though the death of Makima was widely celebrated, the birth of Nayuta can mean something more positive in and her character can have a better effect on Denji. 

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