Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 12: Sakura To Bloom In Season Finale; Release Date, Where To Watch And More

The season finale is almost here as Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 12 releases this week. Don’t miss the episode and find out the release date, where to watch and more here.

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Yurukyan, Eight Bit, Crunchyroll
Laid-Back Camp [Yurukyan, Eight Bit, Crunchyroll]

Fans are fervently waiting for the release of Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 12, which will entail a Chery Blossom viewing trip and mark the season finale. As Chiaki prepares for the end of her solo adventure, the group will go cherry blossom camping, a rather heartwarming conclusion to the beloved season. Don’t miss the episode as it drops and get the release date, expected plot, and more here. 

Laid-Back Camp [Yurukyan, Eight Bit, Crunchyroll]

Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 12: release date and where to watch

Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 12 is scheduled for release on Thursday, June 20, 2024, at 11:00 pm JST. This translates to approximately 2:00 pm GMT / 10:00 am ET / 7:00 am PT for viewers worldwide, though exact release times may vary depending on time zone differences.

Following its weekly release pattern, viewers can anticipate a new episode airing every Thursday. The upcoming episode will premiere on AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11, and other Japanese networks. For international audiences, Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 12 will be streamed on Crunchyroll.

Laid-Back Camp [Yurukyan, Eight Bit, Crunchyroll]

Expected plot of Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 12

As per the official site, Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 12 will be titled April 2nd: Cherry Blossom Camp Trip. The episode will focus on Chiaki's first solo camping experience. After a simple dinner, Chiaki settles into her sleeping bag early but struggles to fall asleep.

The darkness without city lights and the sounds of wildlife unsettle her, making a trip to the restroom daunting. Overcoming these challenges, Chiaki finally notices a message from Rin, leading them to connect on social media and share updates on their activities.


As morning breaks, the long-awaited cherry blossom camping trip will begin in Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 12. Chiaki, now refreshed from the night, will join the others for a scenic and enjoyable day of cherry blossom (sakura) viewing. Fans can expect tranquil scenes and some heartfelt conversations as the season concludes.

Laid-Back Camp [Yurukyan, Eight Bit, Crunchyroll]

Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 11 recap

Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 11 is titled Scenery from Way Back. The episode starts with Aoi explaining to Chiaki that she arrived early because a relative from Takayama wanted to give her something special. A flashback to a week earlier shows Aoi’s aunt calling her to offer a bike that can be used for camping trips.

Aoi happily accepts, and her aunt promises to have it ready by the first of the month. With the cherry blossom trip planned for the day after, Aoi is excited. Aoi and her younger sister Akari greet their aunt upon her arrival and receive the bike and its equipment. After some brief instructions, Aoi's aunt departs.


Aoi takes the bike for a test ride to a nearby convenience store in Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 11. She familiarizes herself with the bike's speed, brakes, and gears, finding it quite different from her usual bike. Although she reaches the store quickly, Aoi decides to continue riding, eventually arriving at Minobu Station to buy some buns.

Here, she reflects on Chiaki and the others' activities for the day. Aoi then decides to head to the cherry blossom camping trip location a day early to surprise her friends. She shows Chiaki her new bike but realizes she has a flat tire and doesn't know how to fix it.

Meanwhile, Minami visits a butcher shop in Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 11, contemplating the meat portions and ingredients needed for the upcoming camping trip. Back with Aoi and Chiaki, Aoi explains that her father, Tatsuo, will pick her up later. The two decide to eat and chat until then.


Chiaki notices Aoi's bike lacks a kickstand, and Aoi explains why. Chiaki gives Aoi a paracord bracelet she made in Episode 10, suggesting it can be used to keep the bike's brakes stable and prevent the tires from moving. They continue to marvel at the beautiful scenery.

Meanwhile, Sakura, Rin, and Nadeshiko visit the Tenryuzan Jiunji Temple, where Nadeshiko takes numerous selfies. Rin teases Nadeshiko about her cherry blossom photos. The group then enjoys delicious pudding and discusses retro trains and stations in Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 11. 

Rin takes them to a location where she often sees Oigatayaki, sharing the local history and festivities surrounding it. As the three observe a nearby fire, they enjoy the stunning sight before Rin bids farewell to Sakura and Nadeshiko.

On their drive home, Sakura and Nadeshiko witness a Daimonjiyaki, which Nadeshiko photographs in Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 11. Sakura reveals Rin had tricked them; they saw an Oigatayaki, not a Daimonjiyaki. Nonetheless, Nadeshiko expresses excitement about the experience and hopes for better photos next year.

Back home, Aoi chats with Tatsuo about her new bike and learns that her aunt exaggerated his biking skills. Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 11 ends as Aoi, understanding her aunt's joke, laughs as she realizes it was April Fools' Day. 


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