Vampire Dormitory Episode 11: Release Date, Streaming Details, Expected Plot And More

The 11th episode of Vampire Dormitory is set to release next week. Here's everything we know about the upcoming episode.

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Exploring Vampire Dormitory Episode 11
Vampire Dormitory (PC: Studio Blanc, Crunchyroll)

Vampire Dormitory episode 11 is set to premiere next week on Japanese TV channels AT-X and Tokyo MX, and can be streamed on Crunchyroll for international fans. The previous episode saw the entry of Miko, a girl trying to impersonate Mito. She tried to get close to Ruka and make him believe that she was the one who shared a meal with him the night Ruka and Mito met.

Vampire Dormitory episode 11: release date and where to watch 

Vampire Dormitory is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ema Tōyama. It was serialized in Kodansha's shōjo manga magazine Nakayoshi from November 2018 to June 2024. An anime television series adaptation produced by Studio Blanc. It premiered on April 7, 2024, on Tokyo MX and other networks. The opening theme song is Sugar Blood Kiss, performed by Fantastics, while the ending theme song is Mata Ashita, performed by Every Little Thing.

Vampire Dormitory episode 11 will be released on June 16, 2024, at 11.30 pm JST. However, the airing timings would vary according to the different time zones:

  • Pacific Daylight Time Sunday June 16, 2024 7:30 am
  • Eastern Daylight Time Sunday June 16, 2024 10:30 am
  • British Summer Time Sunday June 16, 2024 3:30 pm
  • Central European Summer Time Sunday June 16, 2024 4:30 pm
  • Indian Standard Time Sunday June 16, 2024 8:00 pm
  • Philippine Time Sunday June 16, 2024 10:30 pm
  • Japanese Standard Time Sunday June 16, 2024 11:30 pm
  • Australian Central Time Monday June 17, 2024 12:00 am

Vampire Dormitory (PC: Studio Blanc, Crunchyroll)

Crunchyroll is streaming episode 11 of Vampire Dormitory, along with the entire anime series, 30 minutes after their Japan release, with English subtitles, as no other streaming service has announced its airing yet.

The story follows a teenage orphan Mito Yamamoto, who has spent most of her early childhood living with numerous relatives who saw her as nothing but a burden since her parents died in a house fire when she was a child until years later, she is kicked out by one of her relatives. Now homeless, she secretly starts sleeping at the ramen shop where she currently works as a waitress at until she fired by her boss for doing so.

She then starts cross dressing as a boy to protect herself and prevent drawing unwanted attention from leering strangers. While searching for another job, she suddenly stumbles upon La Fraise, a popular cafe with handsome waiters where she accidentally breaks a vase and cuts her finger, causing it to bleed. One of the waiters Ruka Saotome takes her to the back room to tend to her injury.


Not knowing that she's a female, he licks off the blood from her cut until he feels disgusted from the taste of it, making her leave. Feeling like she has nowhere and no one to turn to, Mito later that night contemplates committing suicide by jumping over a bridge; when she begins having second thoughts she slips and falls off the bridge until she is rescued by Ruka, who is revealed to be a vampire and suddenly bites on her neck, while sucking her blood.

Afterwards he comments that the flavor of mens blood tastes gross and the blood of someone who is unloved has a much bitter taste, he proposes for Mito to become his thrall to fill this position. Despite being a girl, Mito moves in with Ruka at the dormitory of Hijirigaoka Boys' Academy, where she continues to conceal her real gender by posing as a student on the campus.


Vampire Dormitory episode 10 recap and what to expect from episode 11

In episode 10 of Vampire Dormitory, titled The Pretty Boy Transforms, the cafe announces a haunted house event where everyone, including Ruka and Mito, wears ghost costumes. Mito confronts Ren, who refuses to change her back to her original state, fearing Ruka will take her away.

Vampire Dormitory (PC: Studio Blanc, Crunchyroll)

Meanwhile, Juri confesses to Takara, who is always after girls. Takara arranges a mixer for him, and requests Mito and Ruka to accompany him on it. The episode explores themes of transformation, transformation, and the desire for girls.

The three met on a camping site during the mixer where the girls also arrived. One of them looked exactly like Mito. She called herself Miko and was someone sent by Ren's father to bait Ruka into believing that Miko was his destined partner. This would allow Ren to take away Mito as his partner, thus fulfilling his duty as a dhamphir.

Mito eventually crossed paths with Miko. They argued and Miko challenged Mito that in a life-death situation, Ruka would always prefer her. Miko cut the bridge and both of them fell but Ruka only extended his hand to save Miko. Mito was broken as she fell into the river.


The title of Vampire Dormitory episode 11 is yet to be revealed. The next episode may begin with Mito's rescue from drowning in a river. Ruka's abandonment of Mito by a fake person makes it difficult for him to return. The question remains whether Mito will become Ren's partner or if something holds them together.

The release dates and time provided are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change at the discretion of circumstances and creators.

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