Is Taylor Swift Dropping Easter Eggs For Reputation TV On Eras Tour? Here’s What Fans Believe

Taylor Swift fans have been waiting for Reputation, and it looks like she might be hinting at it as well. Here’s a detailed look at how she dropped Easter eggs for the much-anticipated re-recording.

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All The Easter Eggs Taylor Swift Dropped For Reputation TV On Eras Tour
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Taylor Swift is the queen of dropping Easter eggs. As much as she likes to plot things, even Swifties have a fun ride figuring out Easter eggs. Sometimes so much that even if Swift was not deliberately hinting at something, fans would assume something is going on. One of the most hilarious moments with Easter eggs has been about Love Story hitmaker Reputation re-recording. Over the months, there have been countless fan theories that Taylor Swift is going to drop Reputation (Taylor’s Version) soon enough. 

In an interesting set of events at the European leg of her magnanimous Eras Tour, all signs lead to one thing: fans are going to get the much-anticipated re-recording very soon. With new outfits and an upgraded Eras Tour set, there has been a lot of fan speculation that Reputation (Taylor’s Version) is what she is going to announce next. Swifties are quick to share their theories on social media and make a buzz. But is Taylor Swift hinting at the release of Reputation re-recording? Well, here’s what fans believe. 

Taylor Swift

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Is Taylor Swift hinting at Reputation (Taylor’s Version) on the Eras Tour? 

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour highlights her professional milestones. Swift's sixth album, Reputation, released in 2017, after a year in quiet seclusion, is one of the most popular sets performed during the tour. Swift embraces her serpent label and revisits the worst moments in her career throughout this set, which is often regarded as the best of the show. 


Swifties have long anticipated the release of Reputation (Taylor's Version). Throughout her live performances and social media visuals, she has given her followers tiny signals that they will receive her version of Reputation in the future. But these hints grew more prominent in the new and improvised European Leg of the Eras Tour. Ranging from new outfits to The Tortured Poets Department setting the Easter eggs, all point to Reputation’s re-recording. Here’s how fans believe Swift is making subtle hints at Reputation (Taylor’s Version). 

A Swiftie took to Instagram and shared parallels from Swift's I Can Do With A Broken Heart from the Eras Tour and I Did Something Bad from Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour. In the post, one can see that Swift is taking a step very familiar to the Reputation Stadium Tour in her new set. The fan captioned the post and wrote, “Easter Egg for Rep TV? The other parts of the choreography (for I Can Do It With A Broken Heart) are from other parts of the Eras Tour.”


Whereas one fan pointed out a very observatory Easter egg and posted a reel explaining how Taylor Swift’s outfit for the Reputation set on the Eras Tour is shedding. The fan also speculated that once the outfit has completely shredded and all the red snakes have turned white, that’s when Swift will release Reputation (Taylor’s Version). The fan captioned the post: “Rep TV is obvious Easter Egging; it’s happening.” 

One fan noticed even the microscopic details and made a full reel with parallels filled with the Look What You Made Me Do music video, which was released as a Reputation lead single in 2017. Taking to Instagram the fan made a reel of all the parells. In the first slide, the fan pointed out the tiger made on the new 1989 outfit top and its similarity with the same figure Swift was wearing in a Look What You Made Me Do music video. In the second slide, a fan pointed out how Swift's zombie face at the end of the Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me performance is similar to when Taylor Swift comes out of her grave in the Look What You Made Me Do music video. Similarly, her Paris first-night orange bodysuit and boots are similar to her outfit in the Look What You Made Me Do music video while she is swinging in the cage. The fan also made an observatory remark and pointed out how the smoke that pans out during Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me makes the cover of the Reputation album.


Another fan took to social media and shared new wristbands in themes of Reputation and Swift's debut album. The fan wrote, “Debut TV and Rep TV are coming.” Another fan pointed out that at her recent show in Lisbon, Portugal, for the first time, she performed the full climax of her song Ready For It. The fan wrote along with their post: “Not to be like those annoying rep Stan's, but woah, rep TV is coming.” 

Taylor Swift’s new and improvised Eras Tour 

Taylor Swift made substantial modifications to her Eras Tour on May 9, 2024, in Paris. Swift hinted at tour alterations in late April when she posted a behind-the-scenes look at her practice. Which appeared to include new clothing, mics, and performances. In early May, her dancers posted a video of themselves dancing to her new song So Long, London, stoking speculation even further. 

In addition to including The Tortured Poets Department on the setlist, Swift made several other substantial changes to the Eras Tour, including new costumes and performances. Taylor Swift teased the presence of the Tortured Poets Department at the commencement of the event. She also altered a few songs from her first lineup to make room for songs from her new album. Swift rearranged some of the eras. During her performance in Paris, the singer debuted several new costumes as well. As Swift transitioned from one set to the next, different graphics emerged on the screen as well.


Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is back on her exhilarating Eras Tour after the release of her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, which was released on April 19, 2024. The new album was released in parts, containing a total of 31 tracks.

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