'It's All Been A Means As An End': Slash Reveals His 'Biggest Driver' Is His Want 'To Go Out And Perform'

While chitchatting with PEOPLE magazine Gibson Garage in Nashville, Slash spilled the meaning and purpose behind his upcoming tour, his love for live performance, and more. 

Published on Jul 05, 2024  |  10:44 PM IST |  22.6K
Slash (PC: The River Is Rising -Official Music Video)

The guitarist of the famed rock band Guns n’ Roses has spoken on his upcoming S.E.R.P.E.N.T. Festival tour to support his album, and what has kept him going since the heyday. While chitchatting with PEOPLE magazine Gibson Garage in Nashville, Slash, whose real name is Saul Hudson, spilled the meaning and purpose behind the tour, his love for guitar, and more. 

Slash’s biggest driver is his will to perform live

"The biggest driver for me,” reveals the guitarist, is  "to go out and perform." While the rocker loves to write his music and head out to the studios for the recording session, “it's all been a means as an end,” in his words. And it is all worthwhile because of all the live performances he gets to do. "I love playing. I love every aspect of what that's all about,” he adds, "the part that really drives me is that I love to be able to go out and play in front of an audience."

Performing real-time does leverage a lot of adlibs and on-stage goofs, which Saul finds encouraging. For him, the “structure of a song you get to play and sort of mess around in the middle of” is like a sandbox. "And so that is what excites me, and it keeps me doing it," he concludes. 


Slash on S.E.R.P.E.N.T. Festival tour

The forthcoming North America Tour by the rocker is in celebration of his latest record, titled Orgy of The Damned, which was released earlier this May. Scheduled to kick off in Bonner, Montana, the festival tour will travel across cities like Los Angeles, Denver, Cincinnati, Toronto, and more cities across the span of little more than a month. As per Slash’s website, the acronym stands for Solidarity, Engagement, Restore, Peace, Equality N’ Tolerance, and the musician says that this tour is a means to help communities suffering from injustices like racism, war, and poverty.

Orgy of The Damned, the album which rose atop the Billboards blues chart, covers songs that have attained the iconic status in the genre. Featuring vocals by singers like Chris Stapelton and Demi Lovato, the idea had been in the back of the mind of Sweet Child O’ Mine hitmaker since the nineties, and the decision was solidified last year when he was touring with the band.


"The fact that it's been so well received at this point is like a trip to me for sure," speaks the star on the massive success of the album, and tells the outlet that he is ready to shine through in this new environment at the tour.

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