‘What I can say is..’: When Timothée Chalamet disavowed Woody Allen’s film and wanted to ‘donate’ his ‘salary’

In a 2018 interview, Timothée Chalamet revealed he wanted to donate his salary and profit from Woody Allen’s film to charity because he didn’t want his work from the movie. Read to find out.

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  • Timothee Chalamet once declared that he would donate his salary from Woody Allen’s film to charit
  • The actor said he didn’t want profit from that film

Trigger Warning: This article includes references to sexual abuse and mentions of rape

Timothée Chalamet practically became a star overnight. The French and American actor became a Hollywood star and marked his impression after his role in Call Me By Your Name, for which he was even nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Actor category. At a very early stage in his career, Chalamet managed to get nominated for an Academy Award, two Golden Globes, and three BAFTA film awards. The actor is no shorter than a superstar. Chalamet had even once worked in Woody Allen’s film. But in a 2018 interview with CNN, Timothée Chalamet said that he would donate all his salary and profits from the film to charity, as reported by the Guardian.

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Timothée Chalamet wanted to donate his salary from Woody Allen’s film to charity

Timothée Chalamet was the most high-profile male actor to publicly disavow Woody Allen; he declared that he would donate his pay from Allen's future film to the Time's Up campaign against harassment and assault, among other causes. Chalamet donned a Time's Up pin at the Golden Globes earlier in 2018, where he was nominated for his part in Luca Guadagnino's film Call Me By Your Name. Allen's next film, A Rainy Day in New York, was released in 2018.

Meanwhile, Allen had been the subject of decades-long allegations of sexual assault by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, which were resurrected in October 2017 when Farrow published an article in the Los Angeles Times titled "Why has the #MeToo revolution spared Woody Allen?" Allen maintained his denial of the claims.

As reported by the Guardian, Chalamet dodged a question about whether he had any qualms about working with the director in an interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN last week. He said, "I hesitate to talk about it right now because what I say is only going to anger people. When that film comes out, if it comes out, that's going to be really important to talk about, but it's not the time right now."


As reported by the Guardian, Chalamet wrote on a now deleted Instagram post that 2017 had changed his work life and "changed the way I see and feel about so many things."

He wrote, "I am learning that a good role isn't the only criteria for accepting a job—that has become much clearer to me in the past few months, having witnessed the birth of a powerful movement intent on ending injustice, inequality, and, above all, silence. In a couple of recent interviews, I was asked about my decision to work on a film with Woody Allen last summer. Due to contractual restrictions, I am unable to explicitly address the question. But here's what I can say: I don't want to benefit from my work on the film, so I'm donating my full salary to three charities: Time's Up, the LGBT Center in New York, and Rainn [the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network]. I want to be worthy of standing shoulder to shoulder with the brave artists who are fighting for all the people to be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve."


Timothée Chalamet once discussed being a celebrity and being recognized by fans

Timothée Chalamet talked about his formative days and dealing with celebrities in a 2020 interview with GQ Magazine. When asked about returning to work, Chalamet stated, "I want to get back to the undefined space; I'm chasing a feeling." When you think you're doing something wonderful, it's usually something you've done before, and when you don't know, you're probably doing something hazardous, good, or bad."

Chalamet then discussed being recognized by fans. His mask had dropped down his face as he described how two young women his age came with caution and inquired, "Would you mind if we got a...?" and he jumped to his feet without hesitation. "How did you recognize me?" he inquired, pleasant but enquiring, as if he hadn't just raved about art in a voice that sounded like Laurie from Little Women or Timmy from late-night shows.


The interviewer then joked, "Was it your scrawny limbs or your hair?" Chalamet responded, "Definitely the first."

Timothée Chalamet, on the other hand, has recently made headlines for his romance with reality TV star Kylie Jenner. He is now working on Wonka, which will be released this year, and Dune: Part Two, which will be released next year.

Disclaimer: If you need support or know someone who is struggling with domestic violence or assault or abuse, please reach out to your nearest mental health specialist, NGO or speak to someone about it. There are several helplines available for the same.

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How old is Timothee Chalamet?
Timothee Chalamet will turn 28, on December 17, this year.

Who is Timothee Chalamet currently dating?
Timothee Chalamet is currently dating reality TV star Kylie Jenner.

What is Timothee Chalamet upcoming project?
Timothee Chalamet is set to star in this years film Wonka.

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