What Role Does Joseph Quinn Play In Gladiator II? Find Out Amid Action Movie’s TRAILER Release

Joseph Quinn joins the Gladiator sequel as Emperor Caracalla, with Paul Mescal, Barry Keoghan, and Denzel Washington also starring. Russell Crowe will not reprise his role as Maximus.

Published on Jul 09, 2024  |  11:06 PM IST |  78.9K
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Joseph Quinn (Image via Youtube)
Key Highlight
  • Joseph Quinn will play Emperor Caracalla in the Gladiator sequel
  • Russell Crowe will not return as Maximus

Joseph Quinn, the actor, has been included in the crew of Gladiator's successor. In this new movie directed by Ridley Scott, known for his role as Will Byers in Stranger Things, he will play the part of Roman Emperor Caracalla. After the original 2001 Oscar winner, this most awaited sequel is eagerly expected by fans.

New faces and returning characters

Lucius will be played by Paul Mescal. In the original film, Lucilla was portrayed by Connie Nielsen, while Commodus was played by Joaquin Phoenix. The character of Emperor Gata will be taken over by Barry Keoghan, whereas Denzel Washington’s participation is also confirmed.s

According to sources, Washington was initially unsure about the project since he has always been very picky with his characters. But, as he read the script and saw Scott’s vision of his character, he was very much thrilled to play the character in the film.

About Russell Crowe’s absence

In relation to this sequel, Russell Crowe, who played Maximus Decimus Meridius originally, won’t make it back. Crowe had talked with Scott and realized it’s not a direct sequel to Gladiator. 

The story is about an organic descendant from it; hence, there is no new reprise of that iconic act. Instead, it follows an adult, Lucius, who has become emperor. He noted that these events do not follow immediately after the last one. Instead, they happen several years later, creating new stories while keeping connections to the previous events.


Building up excitement

The release date for the Gladiator sequel is scheduled for 2024. With an all-star cast and Ridley Scott directing, expectations are high. Original fans are waiting impatiently to see how those new characters and plotlines carry forward with legacy cherished classics that ended previously.

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Who is Joseph Quinn playing in the Gladiator sequel?
Joseph Quinn will portray Roman Emperor Caracalla.

Will Russell Crowe return as Maximus in the sequel?
No, Russell Crowe will not reprise his role as Maximus.

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