Kim Seon Ho NOT disappointed with Han Ji Pyeong's fate in Start Up; Confesses being sad for THIS reason

Kim Seon Ho reveals his thoughts on Start-Up's ending. The actor confesses not being disappointed about Han Ji Pyeong not ending up with Suzy's Seo Dal Mi on the show.

Updated on Dec 21, 2020  |  06:34 PM IST |  4.3M
Kim Seon Ho on Han Ji Pyeong's fate in Start Up
Kim Seon Ho NOT disappointed with Han Ji Pyeong's fate in Start Up; Confesses being sad for THIS reason

Warning: Spoiler Ahead: 

When Start-Up ended, fans were disappointed over Han Ji Pyeong's fate. Played by Kim Seon Ho, the character possed a better chance at ending up with Suzy's Seo Dal Mi. However, the character ended up with Nam Joo Hyuk's Nam Do San. While this led to a divide among the show's fandom, Kim Seon Ho reveals he's not disappointed with the ending. The actor, in an interview with Star News via Soompi, confessed Han Ji Pyeong and Seo Dal Mi weren't meant for each other. 

Although he admitted that it would have been nice if the two characters ended up together, he feels that there is a right person waiting for Han Ji Pyeong out there. "I’ve said this before, but I think the right person for him is someone else out there. I don’t think Ji Pyeong and Dal Mi were meant to be, and I think Do San and Dal Mi were. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel disappointed [that they didn’t get together]," he said. 

The actor also shared that while Han Ji Pyeong is a fictional character, about 50 per cent of the character's traits match with Kim Seon Ho's real-life personality. "I’m not good at saying cold things to other people as Ji Pyeong does, and I don’t have a nice car or house in real life. But since I was the one acting, I feel like my true self must have shone through in about half of the character,” he explained. 


In retrospect, Kim Seon Ho feels he did the right thing by investing in acting. He said he's never regretted acting "Normally when you invest in something, you set a goal for how much you’d like to earn, but when I first decided to go into acting, I didn’t set that kind of goal. For me, it was acting itself that was meaningful, so I’ve never regretted it or wanted to turn back time, not even once," he said. Explaining the reason, he said he has met some great people via acting. He thanked everyone who saw potential in him and offered him opportunities to showcase his talent. 

While the actor has no regret about the ending and his career choice, he did confess he was sad that the show has ended. "I feel really sad that I won’t be able to meet Ji Pyeong anymore. It was an honour to be able to live as the character Han Ji Pyeong," he said. 


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