Al Sharpton’s Weight Loss: How the Civil Rights Leader Shed the Pounds

Discover the inspiring journey of Al Sharpton's weight loss transformation, from 305 pounds to 129 pounds. Learn about his diet, exercise, and apt dedication.

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Al Sharpton's weight loss
Al Sharpton's weight loss

Reverend Al Sharpton has long been a prominent figure in civil rights activism, but in recent years, he has also become a symbol of personal transformation. Over the years, the civil rights activist has undergone a remarkable transformation, shedding an impressive 176 pounds, from 305 to 129 pounds. This incredible journey serves as an inspiration to others to pursue their own paths to health and wellness.

The MSNBC host, now 60, has experienced several body transformations throughout his life. Initially, he lost 30 pounds. during a 43-day hunger strike in jail in 2001, only to regain the weight during his 2004 presidential campaign. The real turning point came when he received criticism from his daughter, which motivated him to commit to a healthier lifestyle. 

He started overhauling his diet to build a healthy lifestyle and regularly paid attention to his physical activity. Today, Al Sharpton’s impressive weight loss stands as a testament to his resilience and determination. Scroll on to find how this man went from zero to hero with focus and weight loss goals.


Al Sharpton Weight Loss Journey:



Some years back, the weight scales at Reverend Al Sharpton’s home tipped at 305 pounds, his heavyweight a result of a deep-seated habit of indulging in fried chicken at every meal. Breakfast was a sad affair of fried chicken with grits and eggs, lunch brought the same in a sandwich, and dinner saw him consuming half a fried chicken. In 2006, a heart-wrenching moment occurred when his 12-year-old daughter, in a gesture of innocent desperation, punched him in the stomach and tearfully asked why he was so fat. This painful encounter marked a pivotal turning point in his life.


This candid criticism encouraged Sharpton to move on a healthier path and take better care of his body. The strategy he adopted was switching to a plant-based diet, eliminating meat and heavily processed foods from his meals. 

Sharpton also committed to a rigorous workout routine, comprising daily walks and dedicated gymming. His endeavors led to a significant weight loss, eventually bringing him down to an impressive 129 pounds. 

Sharpton’s weight loss journey has greatly enhanced his health and serves as an inspiration for a large number of people who wish to shed some pounds and revamp their lifestyle. His dedication has been a testament to the power of commitment, which has fetched him lasting health benefits.

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Al Sharpton Diet Plan:



A balanced diet and regular exercise not only improve physical health but also enhance mental well-being, energy levels, and longevity. In turn, good health is crucial for maintaining a high quality of life, enabling us to engage fully in daily activities, and preventing chronic diseases. 


Al Sharpton’s approach to weight loss has been a significant factor in achieving his normal weight, which has greatly improved his overall well-being. By adopting a healthier diet and incorporating regular exercise into his routine, he not only lost weight but also enhanced his cardiovascular health. This transformation has reduced his risk of heart disease and other related conditions, showcasing the importance of lifestyle changes in promoting long-term health and vitality. 

Reverend Al Sharpton’s weight loss journey underscores the importance of such lifestyle changes. Sharpton eliminated meat and adopted a mostly plant-based regimen, which contributed significantly to his impressive weight loss. Here is a breakdown of his diet:

  • Breakfast: For breakfast, he has three slices of wheat toast (approximately 300 calories and 15 g of protein) accompanied by a Doctor Earth green juice from Juice Press (180 calories and 2 g of protein). For vegan breakfast regimens, wheat toast and green juice, help increase satiety, reduce mid-morning cravings, and support muscle maintenance. Protein-rich breakfasts boost metabolism, promote sustained energy levels, and aid in better overall appetite control throughout the day. 

Consuming other proteins for breakfast, such as eggs or Greek yogurt, helps increase satiety, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and supports muscle maintenance and growth. It can also reduce cravings and promote weight management by keeping you fuller for longer periods (1).



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  • Lunch: A salad with lettuce, tomato, onion, a chopped hard-boiled egg, and balsamic vinaigrette (around 240 calories and 6g of protein, depending on the serving size), paired with a banana (about 100 calories and 1g of protein).



  • Dinner: Al Sharpton eats a very light dinner, usually just his green juice. Having a smaller dinner can help with digestion and improve sleep quality by avoiding heavy meals late in the day (2) (3).


With breakfast and lunch, he drinks breakfast tea sweetened with stevia, which is virtually calorie-free. Occasionally on weekends, he allows himself some grilled fish.

Initially, Sharpton’s diet was even more restrictive, consisting solely of a lunchtime salad. He added the toast, banana, and juice after a doctor advised him that he wasn’t consuming enough calories. Despite his strict regimen, he avoids solid food after 6 p.m. 

While such drastic dietary changes can yield significant results, they can also be hard on the digestive system and overall body. It’s essential to approach any major diet overhaul with caution and ideally under medical supervision to ensure balanced nutrition and health.



Al Sharpton Workout Plan:



Reverend Al Sharpton’s workout plan was integral to his weight loss journey. He incorporated daily exercise routines to complement his diet. His regimen included regular walking, which he made a habit of doing every day. In addition, he worked out at the gym, focusing on a mix of cardio and strength training exercises. This combination helped boost his metabolism and build muscle, contributing to his overall fitness. 

Sharpton’s commitment to consistent physical activity played a crucial role in his transformation, highlighting the importance of exercise in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.


Social Media Reaction to Al Sharpton Weight Loss:

Social Media Reaction to Al Sharpton Weight Loss:


Social media erupted with admiration and support for Al Sharpton's remarkable weight loss journey. Users praised his dedication and determination, with many expressing inspiration and motivation to embark on their own health transformations. Sharpton's before-and-after photos sparked a wave of positive comments, applauding his achievement and sharing words of encouragement. 

Some even shared personal stories of their own struggles with weight loss, finding solidarity in Sharpton's experience. Overall, the social media reaction to Sharpton's weight loss was overwhelmingly positive, showcasing the power of his journey to inspire and uplift others on their own paths to wellness.



Al Sharpton Before and After Weight Loss Photos:




Al Sharpton Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Image Credit: The Associated Press



In conclusion, Al Sharpton’s weight loss journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, illustrating the profound impact of dedication and perseverance in achieving personal goals. While his decision to embark on such a transformation is his own, the commendable commitment he has shown deserves recognition. It's a reminder that with determination, anyone can overcome obstacles and strive for better health. Ultimately, whether it's shedding pounds or embracing healthier habits, Sharpton's story reminds us that the journey to wellness is a personal one, deserving of admiration and support. Hats off to his remarkable dedication.

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Did Al Sharpton have weight loss surgery?
No, Al Sharpton did not undergo weight loss surgery. He achieved his weight loss goal through dietary changes and exercise.

How much weight did Al Sharpton lose?
Al Sharpton lost a significant amount of weight, going from 305 pounds to 129 pounds.

Is Al Sharpton sick?
As far as available public information, Al Sharpton is not reported to be sick.

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