EXCLUSIVE: Kamya Punjabi on BFF Pratyusha Banerjee: My heart wrenches whenever my daughter asks me, 'Where is Pratyusha Maasi'?

Kamya Punjabi talks about her life after the death of her BFF Pratyusha Banerjee.
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How time flies! It seems like yesterday when the news of Pratyusha Banerjee's sudden death, took the internet by storm. Now, a year after her passing away, Pratyusha's BFF Kamya Punjabi is soon to pay tribute to her late bestie.

Kamya along with her friend Neeru Nikhat plan to release the actress' last on-screen project ever. The short film titled as, "Hum Kuchh Keh Naa Sakey'" will show Pratyusha portray the titular character. Somehow, the trailer of the short film that was released a few days ago shocked viewers over its striking resemblance to Pratyusha's real life tragedy. Adding more to it, the male lead's name being Rahul in the movie, makes it all the more relatable. It was during the process of filming this movie when Pratyusha committed suicide allegedly after being unable to deal with the trauma led by her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. Sadly, the climax of the movie couldn't be shot.

While talking to Kamya, the actress revealed that she will be handing over all the money earned through this movie to Pratyusha's parents. "It's been produced by a common friend of mine and Pratyusha, Neeru Nikhat. She called me a few days ago, and said that let's do something about this movie, let's release it online. And I was like yes, we should." "Whatever we earn from this movie, I will be handing it all over to Pratyusha's parents. So I thought of releasing the movie in a better way since the purpose of the movie is so good," she added.

Last year,  while many celebs encashed on the media attention through this unfortunate happening, a few actually stood by Pratyusha's parents through thick and thin and made it a point to fight for justice. But even they had to bear the accusations of being merely besides Pratyusha's parents to garner fame. When asked about this, Kamya said, "You are talking about Kamya Punjabi. I don't need fame through such things. My work has always spoken about me. Neither is my upbringing like this nor am I disgusting to garner attention through a sensitive topic. I still feel the pain for Pratyusha. Let's not forget, the one who fought for Pratyusha the most was Kamya Punjabi. I was the one who was taken to the court, received threats, dealt with a legal case filed against me." 

She continues, "Today, even if I kiss or slap a random guy, I will be in news. I don't need to tamper with a sensitive and emotional topic for fame. If that would have been the case, I wouldn't have stood through thick and thin with her parents whenever they needed me. You know, I am still there for them, physically, financially anytime. But they too are people with complete self respect and do not like asking for help at all. Handing over the money to Pratyusha's parents was a beautiful idea by Neeru. We made the short film just like that, without any business motives behind.  I will always be there to help her parents whenever they need. You know, the more the movie will do good, the more it will benefit Pratyusha's parents. The ones who want publicity will not stay connected with the deceased's family in difficult times."

When it came to talking about justice for Pratyusha, Kamya could no longer hold the angst within. "This is our law, our judiciary in the country, where no man's life is valued. All I get to hear is Rahul has filed a defamation case against you, he has done this and that. But I don't care, if you want to use my name for no good reason, go ahead but I will never ever stop doing what I feel is right. The system is such in our country. To hell with this system, like seriously! I have learnt that you are solely responsible for your own safety and nobody else. Because the country's law is going to do nothing for you or to get you justice."

"I got to hear so much about Rahul and his character. But I don't believe in what I hear. But even if for a second we believe that he did not murder , but we cannot deny the fact that Pratyusha had injury marks on her body which indicated that she was severely bashed. He had hit her right! We need a law so fierce and stringent that tomorrow if any man even thinks of hitting a woman, the thought of its legal repercussions will send shivers down his spine," revealed Kamya.

When we asked her about her life after Pratyusha, Kamya could barely talk. She said, "You know I still haven't come to terms with the fact that Pratyusha is no more. Even today, I just post our pictures together or write about her. It just hasn't sunk in that she isn't with us. It feels that it was just now that Pratyusha was partying with me, talking to me, getting gifts for my little Ara. My daughter still asks me, where is Pratyusha Maasi. My heart wrenches. I don't want to hurt her and don't know what to say. It's a numb moment. Its so difficult to digest that she isn't with us."

"You know when it was her first birthday after her death, we all were severely depressed. He parents were devastated to a level one cant even think of. She used to be so excited abut her birthday every year. My birthday comes just two days after hers. I couldn't gather guts to cut the cake on my birthday. My team on sets got in a cake for me, but I ddnt feel like doing anything. Diwali, Durga Pooja has been painful without her. And knowing that nothing has happened or is happening for her justice, angers me more. Its not emotionally easy to deal with her parents. Auntie still cries and I cant even think of talking to Uncle at times. The court dates are just getting extended more and more. Now I feel, chuck the law, God will see everything and give it back the same way to the accused. I feel so helpless that despite being educated, we aren't able to do anything as our hands are tied due to law. Her parents have got a little happiness in their lives of seeing Pratyusha again, through the short film, and I am glad I could do atleast this for them," Kamya admits.

Apparently, Rahul Raj Singh, Pratyusha's boyfriend, has accused Kamya of falsely claiming to have shot the short film with Pratyusha. He says the movie is bogus, fraud and is just Kamya's way of making money. And now, apparently, he is planning to write a book on Pratyusha.

Over this, Kamya said, "He is just dying to talk. I have earlier said that the producer of the show and I have mutually decided to give all the money that we will be garnering through this to Pratyusha's parents. Then how will I make business." She further said, "Let him talk as much as he wants. The more you stop me, I will spring back into action all the more. I henceforth just do not want to give that man any importance by even talking about him, like even a word."

The beautiful lady is gone, but the noise around her still continues. We miss you Pratyusha!

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Hey Kamya. Enough of cashing on your bestie's death. Let the soul Rest In Peace and get some work, will ya?

Hey Rahul Kamya has enough work, it's you that doesn't. Go occupy yourself with the new girl.

You are a good friend Kamya. May Pratyusha RIP.

The body of work Kamya had and her record of broken relationships show how low she really is.

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