Bigg Boss 14 EXCLUSIVE: Mahira Sharma on working with Paras Chhabra, Bigg Boss 14, open to good work

Mahira Sharma, in an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, opened up on the new season, why Paras Chhabra is being targeted by Pavitra Punia and her views on Nikki Tamboli. Read.
Mahira Sharma on Nikki Tamboli and Pavitra Punia Bigg Boss 14 EXCLUSIVE: Mahira Sharma: If & when I enter BB as senior, I am going to expose Nikki and Pavitra
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Mahira Sharma was one of the finalists for Bigg Boss 13. The actress-model has been pretty busy with the music videos coming her way and claims that she is not in the "mood" or "prepared" to take up other offers as of now. As told earlier, there is a high possibility of Paras Chhabra and Mahira entering the Bigg Boss house as seniors or for a task. Hence, in a candid chat we asked Mahira if she is following the current season. She also reiterated that if and when she enters, she would like to confront and expose Nikki Tamboli and Pavitra Punia. Over to her: 

You have done many music videos with Paras already. Does it get monotonous?

It is always a pleasure and a plus to work with "best friends" and Paras and I enjoy working together. When you know the person well and are confident of his skills, it makes you feel comfortable as an actor, and that is how it is with me and Paras. Yes, we have been doing a lot of work together but that is because we are enjoying it. Also, I only take up projects which I feel I am ready for and can give my 200 percent to. After doing so much work and with everything slowly opening up, I think I am open to web shows and film offers too. Anything which is good and interests me as an actor and allows me show different shades. 

People who found Pavitra good before she entered are now seeing her real personality, and are seeing how she is, using abuses for a senior and disrespecting everyone
Mahira Sharma

Are you following the current season of Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss I only watched the first two episodes and did not watch further. I recently saw Kavita Kaushik's promo and I really liked the promo. 

You views on the concept of seniors entering the house as mentors?

I think the concept of seniors coming in is new and different, for sure. Also, because Season 13 was so popular I feel people still feel connected to the contestants then, and hence, the idea is to get them inside so that audiences are pulled in more. Of course, these contestants are also doing their bit. 

I know Nikki in and out and I can tell you with certainty that whatever she is inside, I find it all 'nakli'
Mahira Sharma

Will we be seeing you enter the house as well? 

If and when I enter the house, I will give the much needed masala to the audience. I have to confront two people in particular. I have known Nikki even before she entered the showbiz industry. I know her in and out and I can tell you with certainty that whatever she is inside, I find it all 'nakli'. 

Another is of course, Pavitra. In an interview with you she brought Paras' name out of the blue. First, she said she doesn't want to talk about him and then gave the entire interview about being called his 'ex'. Basically, the people who did not even know that Paras and she dated once, will now know about it. She tried to use his name for the publicity she wanted and I really want people to see her real face. People who found her good before she entered are now seeing her real personality, and are seeing how she is, using abuses for a seniors and disrespecting everyone. 

This happened with Paras last season too when another person used his name for the publicity outside so that she could perhaps enter this season but alas, she lost out on the opportunity this year. I was actually hoping to see her inside too, but looks like all her hard work to paint Paras a bad man went in vain. Nonetheless, I have to confront these two definitely if I enter the Bigg Boss house. 

After BB now, any other reality show you would like to be a part of? 

I really love dance, so I would love to participate in a dance reality show for sure. 

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Anonymous 8 months ago

One thing is proved that pahira are surely best friends- same thinking, blindly trust each other and most importantly OverConfident and always ready to comment on others no matter how much wrong they did in their season.

Anonymous 8 months ago

You also disrespected contestants in your season bhul gayi you called Sidharth Shukla Nalla Budda.

Anonymous 8 months ago

Read the interview again, Mahira is saying Pavitra disrespects everyone not just seniors. You remember that also.

Anonymous 8 months ago

He was not Mahira senior in bb13,one of the contestant among them remember that.

Anonymous 8 months ago

Madam, Paras took money from Akansha and Pavitra to be their boyfriend. He went on vacation with their money and bought colourful shoes and t- shirts.

Anonymous 8 months ago

She looks a little like Paras Chhabra.