Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii First Episode Review: Additi Gupta makes a perfect TV comeback

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Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii First Episode Review: Additi Gupta makes a perfect TV comeback

Focusing on the disparity between male and female doctors that continues to remain even in today's ultra modern society, Dhadkan: Zindaggi Kii subtly portrays the sensitive issue.

Keeping the medical profession as its base, the show revolves around focusing on women empowerment in depth and issues related to the male-centric society.

Additi Gupta as Dr. Deepika Sinha, the central character of Dhadkan: Zindaggi Kii, has the entire plot of the show helmed on her shoulders.

Senior medical professional Deepika Sinha has an opportunity knocking at her door yet again, when she gets an offer to permanently work with Fardoon Mehrzaad Sherrier, city's top-notch hospital.

Sinha is blown away by the offer and the chance to yet again showcase her brilliance and passion towards her profession. But her happiness is short lived as her past old traumas owing to her profession and personal life hit her hard. Deepika, a sincere doctor falls prey to her own negative thoughts and loses out of self-confidence.

The scene wherein her junior doctor orders her to not at all take charge of a patient that he is looking after, even as the patient is seen suffering from feats speaks volumes of Deepika's shattered self-confidence.

Doctor Abhay Sathe, a junior medical professional at Fardoon Mehrzaad Sherrier hospital,  is a thorough passionate doctor who is equally insecure of Deepika.

His insecurities begin when the Head surgeon, Dr. Pranab replaces him with Dr. Deepika as his assistant during a major cardiac surgery.

Deepika, who is a visiting surgeon at the hospital, is made permanent by the hospital authorities, further adding fuel to Dr. Abhay's 'insecurity' fire.

The episode hints at Deepika's past traumas wherein she seems to have goofed up a patient's health merely because she followed her instincts and not science while treating the patient.

The show subtly portrays the very existence of the patriarchy system even in today's modern era and in an extremely practical and advanced profession.

Dhadkan: Zindaggi Kii reflects on the reality of how the male-oriented society reacts to a woman succeeding in life on her merit and talent. How the success of a woman irrespective of her profession, fuels the insecurities of people and hurts a lot of male egos who further demean the woman's talent by questioning her 'way' to success, is a hard hitting reality carefully put across in the show.

Television actress Additi Gupta as Deepika Sinha looks quite well-suited in her character. The actress is convincing enough and makes her performance look as natural and real as possible. Additi with the show, has marked her comeback onto the small screen after a sabbatical of a few years. The actress, despite not facing the camera for a few years, is still powerful in her talent.

Dr. Abhay Sathe essayed by actor Vidyut Xavier is equally good. His character's insecurities and male ego is very well brought to life on screen by Vidyut.

The first episode was intriguing enough and keeps you wanting to know more about Deepika's life and deep dive into knowing more about the harsh life of a successful woman belonging to a highly demanding job.

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