Anupamaa Written Episode Update, June 22: Shruti arrives at Dimpy’s Haldi; insists Anuj that he marry her

In the latest episode, Shruti arrives at the haldi ceremony of Dimpy, exercises her authority over Anuj and taunts Anupama.

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Kavya, Kinjal, and Dimpy are overjoyed to see the children's spirits lifted, noting that only the older generation could have such an effect. Dimpy comments on how deeply the elders have been hurt, but Kinjal advises her not to dwell on it too much. The children start dancing, and then Anupama walks in, adorned with a Gajra, to Anuj’s pleasant surprise. 

Anupama recalls initially thinking the Gajra was meant for Shruti, but Dimpy had insisted she wear it herself. Titu and Dimpy join the dance, followed by Vanraj and Paritosh. Soon, everyone is dancing together. 

Anupama brings Leela and Biji to the dance floor as well. Anuj imagines dancing with Anupama and blushes at the thought. All the couples dance together happily, with Kinjal complimenting how lovely they look.

Anupama, Vanraj, Dimpy, and Titu celebrate together

She then advises everyone to dispel any negative energy by seeking blessings from Titu and Dimpy’s parents, Hasmukh and Leela. Hasmukh affectionately assures them that they would do anything for the happiness of their loved ones. 

Meanwhile, Aadhya becomes anxious to reach Shruti, who doesn’t respond to her calls. Amid the growing chaos, Vanraj thinks about talking to his parents but can't find a private moment with them. Just as he is about to approach them, the children demand their attention. 


Deciding to postpone the conversation, Vanraj plans to speak with his parents after the event. Kavya requests Leela to perform the aarti for Dimpy and Titu.

Leela guides Kavya in aarti ritual as Vanraj steps in to feed children amid celebrations

However, Leela suggests that Kavya perform the aarti herself, noting that Kavya always does it and adding that she won't be around forever. Leela encourages Kavya to learn how to do the aarti. Despite Anupama's urging, Leela ultimately performs the aarti herself. 

The children then ask Hasmukh and Leela for sweets, but they hesitate and suggest the kids ask their mothers instead. Finally, Vanraj steps in and feeds the children himself, reminding them of the significance of receiving food from their elders, and assuring them of delicious treats to come.

Joyful haldi ceremony turns playful as Shruti asserts her privilege with Anuj

Everyone radiates happiness as they joyfully apply haldi to each other. Anuj and Devika rush to smear haldi on each other, while Anupama joins in with the children eagerly trying to add haldi to her face. 


Amid the playful chaos, Anuj and Anupama accidentally smear haldi on each other's faces. Shruti arrives, playfully wiping the haldi from Anuj's face, asserting that only she has the privilege of applying it to him. She then covers her own face with haldi and rubs it against his to transfer some back onto him.

Haldi ceremony unfolds with surprises and heartfelt confessions

Anupama invites the Shahs to start the haldi ceremony. Leela and Anupama join Titu and Dimpy in the ritual, while the Shahs join the dancing. Anuj and Anupama take turns applying haldi to each other, making Shruti envious. 

However, she is pleasantly surprised to see Aadhya enjoying herself. Eventually, Shruti confides in Anuj about how much she has missed him, bringing a smile to Vanraj’s face as he watches from a distance. 

When Anuj asks about her arrival, Shruti admits she didn’t want to miss the fun. Aadhya is happy for Shruti, while Anuj had planned to pick her up from the airport, but Shruti wanted to surprise him instead.


Vanraj welcomes Shruti with music and invitations

Vanraj welcomes Shruti warmly upon her arrival, expressing that the festivities will be even more enjoyable with her there. He even sings a song to greet her. Shruti, asserting her affection for Anuj, insists that he marry her. 

Leela scolds Shruti for her boldness, but Vanraj invites her to join the haldi ceremony along with Titu and Dimpy. Shruti then invites Anuj to participate, surprising Anupama. Despite Anupama's request for privacy, Devika and Kinjal offer their support.

Shruti’s desire to spend time with Anuj

Anupama expresses anger at their disregard for her wishes, but Devika and Kinjal support Shruti's desire to spend time with Anuj, noting that Anupama and Anuj may not reconcile. Kinjal mentions that the outcome remains uncertain until after Shruti and Anuj's wedding. 

Meanwhile, Anupama grapples with her emotions for Anuj, questioning why she can't control her love for him. Shruti wonders if Anuj is happy with her, but he avoids her and his thoughts turn to Anupama. 

He tries to reassure Shruti but accidentally meets Anupama instead, pleading with her not to cry. Vanraj reveals that Titu and Dimpy's wedding is off and takes pleasure in Anupama's distress.


Kavya questions Vanjraj’s intentions

When Kavya questions Vanraj's apparent pleasure in others' pain, he clarifies that it's specifically Anupama's troubles that he finds satisfying. Kavya then probes into Vanraj's intentions behind disrupting Titu and Dimpy's wedding plans, but Vanraj sidesteps giving a direct response. 

Kavya offers reassurance to the couple, believing their love can overcome any challenges caused by Vanraj's schemes. Amidst discussions, Biji encourages them to focus on their wedding and honeymoon plans, including Ansh in the conversation. 

However, the women later inquire about Titu moving into the Shah household, prompting Anupama to defend his reputation. The episode ends here.

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