Anupamaa Written Update, Feb 4: Anupama faints after seeing Aadhya's hatred; Anuj discovers truth about her

In today's (February 4) episode of Anupamaa, Aadhya lashes out at Anupama for returning in her and Anuj's life and asks her to go back as Anuj is getting married. Read on!

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Anupamaa Written Update, Feb 4
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Anupamaa, February 4, 2024 episode: Anuj wants to talk to Aadhya and convince her. He feels bad for shouting at Aadhya but decides to talk to her after she returns from school. Anuj worries about Anupama as she hears Aadhya's hatred towards her on the call. 

Aadhya's anger bursts out on Anupama:

Aadhya apologizes to Spice and Chutney staff for wasting their time but mentions that she wants to say something to Anupama and can't wait. Everyone goes to the kitchen including Yashdeep. Aadhya loses her calm and slams Anupama for returning to her and Anuj's life. Aadhya tells Anupama to return to her children and family as they are her priority. She recalls how because of them she kept them hurting again and again. 

Aadhya warns Anupama to stay away from her and Anuj as she has no place in their lives. Aadhya mentions how Anuj was happy but is sad again because he saw her. Aadhya informs Anupama that Anuj got upset with her and shouted at her for the first time because of Anupama. She tells Anupama that they are happily living without her and have moved on from her.

Aadhya shocks Anupama by telling her that Anuj is getting married again. Anupama is shocked to hear this. Aadhya tells her that finally Anuj will get his love and she will get a mother. She warns her to stay away from them and not to return. Anupama breaks down recalling her happy moments with Aadhya. Aadhya gets teary-eyed and tells Anupama that she used to love her the most but now she hates her the most. 

Anuj senses that something wrong is going to happen. Aadhya walks away leaving Anupama shattered. Anupama gets heartbroken thinking about Aadhya's hatred but tells herself that her daughter loves her too much. Anupama apologizes to Yashdeep and the restaurant's staff for Aadhya. She tells them that Aadhya hates her because she gave her the reason. 


Aadhya gets emotional thinking that Aadhya was in front of her for so many days but she couldn't recognize her. Anupama faints while talking about Aadhya. Yashdeep and her colleagues get worried seeing her condition.  Aadhya bursts out in tears.

Vanraj agrees to pay salary to Dimpy:

Baapuji offers snacks to Ansh, Maahi, and Ishaani while Vanraj and Baa are present there. Ansh says the food is bad and tells Vanraj that he doesn't want to eat. Vanraj feeds Ansh and Dimpy brings milk for everyone. As Baa taunts Dimpy for putting fewer almonds in the milk, Baapuji taunts Baa for not praising Dimpy's hard work. Baapuji recalls how Vanraj and Baa always ate food cooked by Anupama but never praised her. 

Vanraj tells Baapuji that he works hard in the office every day but his boss never praises him. Kavya quickly replies to Vanraj saying that he gets a salary for his work but housewives don't even get that. Kavya explains how a housewife never gets respect even though she works more than a working woman. Kavya tells Vanraj that as they get paid to work even Dimpy should get paid for working. Baapuji agrees with her.

Ishaani gives a star to Dimpy. Vanraj agrees to pay a salary to Dimpy for her work. Baa taunts that she never got a salary and Baapuji apologizes to her. Baapuji thinks of Anupama and prays for her well-being. 

Bijee worries about Anupamaa:

Yashdeep brings Anupama to his house and the doctor checks her. The doctor informs that Anupama's has blood pressure issues but she will be fine soon. Bijee worries about Anupama as she is unconscious. Anupama dreams of what Aadhya said to her. Vikram informs Bijee that Anupama's daughter said many bad things to her and left after saying 'I hate you.' Bijee realises Anupama's pain and worries about her condition. 

Anuj learns truth about Anupama's health:
Anuj bumps into Shruti and she informs her that she went to Spice and Chutney to meet Joshi Ben. Anuj panics after hearing this and asks Shruti about Anupama's health. Shruti tells Anuj to relax and informs him that Vikram and Yashdeep were with Joshi Ben when she fainted and they took her to their house. 

Anuj asks Shruti to call someone and check on Joshi Ben. Shruti calls Vikram but he doesn't answer. Shruti feels strange seeing Anuj's behavior. She leaves for her meeting. Anuj worries about Anupama and prays for her well-being. Kinjal and Toshu arrive to meet Anupama but she is unconscious. 


Kavya and Baapuji encourage Dimpy:

Kavya and Baapuji get happy and she informs Baapuji that his job is finalized. As Vanraj arrives, Kavya and Baapuji act strange and try to hide their plan. Vanraj thinks of talking to Kavya as she is trying to bring change to their house. After Vanraj leaves, Baapuji thanks Kavya for giving him some work as he feels fresh by doing some work. Baapuji thanks Kavya for supporting Dimpy. 

Kavya tells Baapuji that they will have to encourage Dimpy to get out of the house. Baapuji agrees. Dimpy arrives and Baapuji and Kavya talk to her about being independent. They tell her to be independent as she can't be dependent on someone. Kavya and Baapuji tell her that they will support her if she plans to go out and work. Dimpy recalls Titu's advice and thinks about it. Anupama gains consciousness. The episode ends.

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