Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, Feb 12: Yuvraj arrives at Poddar household to kidnap Abhira

In today's episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhira stays alone at the Poodar house as everyone goes away. Taking this opportunity, Yuvraj comes to kidnap Abhira.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai's written update of Feb 12 (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 1197: Today’s episode starts with Vidya telling Abhira that it's her money and asks her to give it to her. Abhira keeps on standing there in shock. Arman and Vidya walk toward her. Abhira cries and nods. She gives the money to Vidya. She thinks that she has given the money to her, but how will she take her blessings? She drops her phone from her pocket. She picks it up and touches Vidya’s feet. Vidya cries and blesses her.

Abhira gets happy and says that she is clumsy, so either she or her phone keeps falling. Vidya adores her and asks them to be happy. Yuvraj comes there and sees them. He recalls Armaan’s words at the wedding and how he stopped the marriage. 

Vidya says thanks for giving her money. As Manisha calls her, she leaves. Abhira says that she is very happy. Armaan jokes that he cannot figure it out seeing Abhira’s ear to ear smile. Yuvraj looks on. 

Arman says that Abhira has given everyone something or the other from her first salary, but what about him? Abhira says that she called him at the café to give him a treat. Arman says he is sorry and Abhira asks him not to feel guilty. She says that she understands Ruhi is ill.

Arman asks her if she can give him the treat the next day. Abhira denies and says it was a one-time offer. She further adds that she has nothing to give him, as he has a lovely family, a heavy wallet, and a stable career.


Amran says to Abhira there’s one thing she can give him. He holds Abhira’s hands and tries to drag her. Yuvraj points the gun at Armaan. He holds her hand and takes her. Yuvraj gets angry and shoots. 

Armaan stops midway and says that their staff has stopped cleaning properly. Yuvraj checks the gun and says it’s Arman’s lucky day as the gun has no bullets. He says they will meet soon and Arman won’t be lucky for long. 

Abhira and Arman return to their room. Abhira sits with the laptop in her lap and says that she will gift him a laptop after some months as the first internship salary was not much. Arman says he doesn’t want a laptop, but he wants her to save money for the future. He says that she has to become financially independent. She replies that she already has a Gullak. 

Armaan asks her to grow up and says to open a bank account, save money, invest at the right place and earn interest. Abhira says she wants to sleep. Arman says he wants her to do it now. She asks Arman to do it. 

Arman opens a bank account for her and Abhira gives silly suggestions for username and password. Abhira says she was supposed to give him something. Armaan makes the account and says this is the best gift, as nothing would make him more happy than seeing her become financially secure, and have savings to face any difficulties alone.

In the morning, the family gathers at the breakfast table. Ruhi thanks Abhira and Armaan for taking care of her and making them pancakes. Vidya says it's good to see the three of them smiling. Manisha says yes, or else they always fight. Dadi says it's because of Ruhi’s maturity and she is happy that she has come forward to sort things out with Abhira. She adds that she wishes it was the other person this time. 

Abhira gets upset. Manisha says Abhira took care of her, so she is the one to take the first step. Ruhi asks Dadi if she shall go home and meet B Nanu’s childhood friend. Dadi recalls Manish’s words. She says yes, she can go if she is feeling fine. Vidya asks Armaan to drop Ruhi. 

Manisha says that they are all going out and Abhira will be alone at home. She suggests Ruhi to take Abhira along. Abhira thinks of Ruhi’s words when she asked her to stay away from her B Nanu. Abhira says no, as she has to complete her assignment. Arman jokes if she can stay alone at the house. Abhira says that she can take care of herself. 


Sanjay scolds the servant and asks about Yuvraj. The servant says he tried to stop him but he brought out his gun. Sanjay calls Yuvraj but finds his phone ringing in the room.

Abhira enjoys her time alone in the house. She says nobody is there to stop her from doing anything. She dances. Yuvraj stands outside the Poddar household and says that Abhira has got married to someone else, and she made a mistake. He adds it doesn’t matter as he is here to take Abhira away.

Abhira plays music and dances. Yuvraj stands at the door. He sees the CCTV camera and wears a mask. He takes a rose. Abhira sees a masked man at the door and stops dancing. She asks him who he is and warns him not to step inside. She looks for her phone. Unable to find it, she picks up the landline, but can’t remember Arman’s number. She decides to call the police. Yuvraj stops her by throwing a stone at her. She runs away. She recalls Akshara’s words and fights him. He catches her hand. She shouts for help. Armaan returns and sees the masked man holding Abhira’s hand and calls out her name. The episode ends here.

The episode was watched om Hotstar.

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