Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, Feb 26: Armaan saves Abhira; Dadi refuses to welcome her home

In today's episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain, Armaan, and Ruhi come to rescue Abhira from Yuvraaj. Madhav also comes with his team at the end to save them.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update of February 26 (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 1210: The Episode starts with Yuvraj pinning Abhira against a tree and snatching her mangalsutra from her neck. She punches his nose and runs. He says cheap shot, Laila saves Majnu from the world's tortures, she doesn't torture him and starts chasing her.

Her dupatta gets stuck on a tree's branch and continues running. Ruhi and Armaan keep searching for Abhira. Ruhi shows the mangalsutra on the ground to Armaan. He picks it and says it's Abhira's mangalsutra. She asks where they shall find her now. Armaan sees the pink dupatta stuck on the branch in the distance.

Abhira stumbles on a branch and falls. Yuvraj comes to her rescue. Abhira feels glad for a second but sees it's Yuvraj holding her. He smiles. He says he got peace, enough of running and chasing each other, they will get married now. He takes the sindoor box and says to Abhira that she will be his. Abhira gets tensed.

Armaan jumps and hits him, taking the sindoor box from him. He beats Yuvraj and the latter falls on the ground. Armaan stumbles for a moment, and the sindoor falls from his hand to Abhira's forehead. Ruhi looks on. 


Yuvraj asks Armaan why he doesn't have any other work, he comes anywhere, and he spoils his marriage again, but he won't get saved today. Armaan says that he will beat him a lot today. They fight. Armaan falls on the ground. 

Yuvraj comes and holds Abhira's leg, trying to drag her. Ruhi comes and kicks Yuvraj and asks him to leave Abhira. Ruhi and Abhira look at each other. Abhira picks a stick and starts beating Yuvraj. She asks how dare he touches Armaan, he can't get saved now, he did wrong with Armaan's mom and her mom. Yuvraj goes to punch her. Armaan punches his face.

Yuvraj brings out the gun and points it at Ruhi, Armaan, and Abhira and shouts. He laughs. He says their story will become memorable now as unrequited love becomes more significant. He looks at Abhira and says he is not talking about him; Abhira can't stay alive now. Armaan says no Yuvraj. 

Yuvraj says she will die now, let him say final goodbye, and says sorry baby, what shall I do, if you accepted me, then this would have not happened, you accepted Armaan, I don't think he loves you, now die and say hello to Sasumaa. He asks them to say their final goodbyes to each other.

Armaan recalls Yuvraj shooting Akshara, who came in between to save him. He comes in front of Abhira and holds her. They hear the gunshot. They worry and check each other. Yuvraj is shot by the police. He gets caught. Madhav slaps him and says he will rot in jail as they have offenses lined up against him. 

He asks if Abhira is alright and takes away Yuvraj. Yuvraj looks at Abhira. Abhira says thank you to Armaan. Armaan scolds her. He gets furrious at Abhira for she didn't ask him for help. He says that she could tell Madhav through morse code, but not him, what would she have done if Madhhav didn't know morse code? Abhira cries. Ruhi holds her and asks Armaan to stops. She says the girl has gone through a lot already.

Armaan asks Ruhi not to worry for Abhira, she can handle her own problems, they have come here for nothing. He adds that he repeatedly asked Abhira, but she didn't say anything. Abhira say Yuvraj was keeping an eye on her inside the house. Armaan says she could have figured out some way. Ruhi says Abhira did it for maa's safety. 


Charu and Dev sit at a cafe to meet a client. Dev asks her if anything is bothering her, she denies. She almost says Abhira is her sister-in-law, and Dev asks herr if she knows anything about Abhira as she didn't come to officee today. Charu says it was a mistake; she knows nothing. As they wait for the client, Kaveri comes and sees them. She calls Charu and asks her to get samosas from her college. Charu wonders if she saw her as there's so much chaos at home, and Dadi Sa wants to have samosas. Dev says she looks distracted today.

Armaan, Ruhi and Abhira sitts in the car. Ruhi keeps on looking as she sees Armaan taking care of Abhira and helping her sit. He passes a tissue to Abhira as she cries. They reach home, and Abhira steps out. She almost stumbles, and Armaan holds her. Ruhi says she can barely stand and holds her. Abhira looks at the main door. Armaan says she managed to run away pretending to be drunk, and now she shall face the repercussions. 

Abhira holds Armaan's arms as he walks ahead of her. Ruhi looks on. As Abhira steps inside, Dadi shouts and asks her to stop. She says Armaan has proved that Abhira is more important to him than Dadi's respect. Madhav comes and says whatever she has done was for Vidya's safety. She holds Abhira's hands and says she has the right to enter the house.

Abhira refuses and looks at Dadi. Madhav says she is so well behaved and respects Dadi so much that she refuses to enter without her permission. He explains what happened. The episode ends here.

The episode was watched on Hotstar.

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