SEXIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD… Katrina Kaif (YET AGAIN) covers FHM India – July 2012

While Katrina Kaif retains her supremacy, Aishwarya Rai is out of the list this time...To know why pick the July issue

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Sexiest Woman?? My arse!

i like to you only sexy woman

Idiots how can a fully british girl have black hair, brown eyes and indian looks????!!!

She is half kashmiri ....why would she lie? get a life please...

@So what if she isn't all Indian? The title is sexiest WOMAN in the WORLD, not "sexiest full-blooded Indian who was born and raised in India"


Well said... whether she is Indian or not is totally irrelevant to her appeal! Some people here are really weird....

Obviously she ought to be considering her former job as a porn artist

i think so...

dont understsand this.. Why Indians are sooo crazy about white girls (Kat doesnt have a bit of Indian blood in her, the story about her father being Kashmiri, is just as fake as her last name, as you know, the last name KAIF was given by her discoverer Kaizad Gustad, and the story was made up by him as well)

I totally believe that Indian girls like, Deepika, Kareena, Priyanka, AIshwarya, Sushmita are far better then Katrina.

I am a huge fan of Salman.. but I get kind of annoyed when I think of how he has been such a fool for Katrina, and elevated her to the top spot.

i don't think katrina is sexy,sometimes she looks like a man.

She won't be sexy for others but she is too sexy for me. I want a chance to enjoy a night with her.

she worth it

angelina jolie is more more beautiful than katrina

im white and im a huge fan of bollywood and katrina kaif. i live in New York. i voted for her on this cause someone mentioned the voting on one of katrina's facebook fansite. She is very sexy in my opinion and the reasons are beyond just her looks which i must say are beautiful but it's also her and the person she is. i have seen some of her interviews and she's very well-spoken, intelligent, funny, and cute which i think is more sexier than just a fit body and beautiful features.

TOO HOT TO HANDLE.......Kat rulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

eh i don't think shes the sexiest woman in the world and heck not even in india for that matter. shes just overhyped in india way tooo much. like damn i dont get whats with indians and fair skin. if she wasnt half white she wouldnt even be that big. i think deepika should have won it instead. i mean shes gotten alot sexier in recent times.

She hardly gives chance to other beauties ... She will surely win it fifth time too ... !!

U go girl.......well deserve. Love the cover... everything looks perfect!!

Its not new thing ... now a days she is used to be No 1 in any poll !
Now only Priyanka & Kareena can drop her from Top position
I feel priyanka has that capablity as she looks beautiful & is intelligent too

of course kat is sexy

beautiful but innocent face, slim but curvy figure, soft nature, and beautiful hands and feet

prachi desai is pretty but not sexy

amrita rao is beautiful but not sexy

sexiset the in the WORLD

Hhere are my list of sexist in the world

Charlize Theron,Anglina Jolie,Mirna Kierr,Penloep cruz,scarlet Johnason,Jessica alba

Katrina isnt beautify or sexy very average

I have to disagree with most of the people here. Katrina Kaif is not necessarily the most beautiful actress in Bollywood, but she (along with maybe Priyanka) is one of the few actresses that actually know how to be sexy (without appearing cheap). She even makes it on international lists like and American guys that I have showed her to get pretty turned on when they see her picture. Katrina, in my opinion, has more sex appeal than Kim Kardashian.

So what if she isn't all Indian? The title is sexiest WOMAN in the WORLD, not "sexiest full-blooded Indian who was born and raised in India".

just no. same cover look over n over. shes not sexy. any part of this pik doesnt look sexy. shes could be known as pretty but definitely not sexy. she needs so much attitude and look to be sexy. unlike Bipasha who just has that sharp sexy look with the sexy features that she's easily known to be sexy.(:

i dont find her sexy. especially not indian sexy. shes barely indian!! :P we shoudnt makea british person the hottest india even though she' half. doesnt count. :P she might be pretty but definitely not sexy, and y do i feel ive seen this pik every cover of hers? :P she cant act or speak hindi to save her life. :P

just no.

i don find her sexy at all...
kareena for me...
kat is pretty,but not sexy

u mean
why do they say "sexiest" woman in the "world" when actresses or models from other countries are not even mentioned?

Wed, 2012-07-04 00:13 — Anonymous
Kitty and fiza_khan pathetic aishwarya's fan... Your AIshwarya isn't even in the list. How can she be? She is fat now.
Jealous people!!! Of course Kat isn't the sexiest woman in the world but for Indian she is and you have to accept it.
you are SOOO STUPID :)))
- I never mentioned Aish, I mentioned Deepika, Bipasha & Priyanka :)))
- I am not an Aish fan, but I appreciate her beauty..she is beautiful rather than soo called SEXY
- Bringing Aishwarya Rai in every posts shows your jealousy towards her
- Stop calling everyone "pathetic" u foolish & pathetic & jealous woman :)

and ...GO HAVE A LIFE :)

Wed, 2012-07-04 21:17 — rohang

FHM's top 10 sexiest women 2012

1katrina kaif
2deepika padukone
3kareena kapoor
4vidya balan
5rosie houngiton whiteley
6sonakshi sinha
7priyanka chopra
9mallika shehrawat
10anushka sharma


where u get this list? lol...where are the other beautiful ladies.....these are all indian actresses. lol what a fake list.
indian actresses are pretty not not compared to the international beauties. deffo not katrina...geez...i see girls like her on the street all the time.

if i ever see here face to ganan slap her...n knock that fake lips nose cheeks off her face.
shes disgusting...talentless escort.

pv post this.....i dare u

fhm top 10 sexiest 2012

10. Emily Atack

9. Mila Kunis

8. Keeley Hazell

7. Megan Fox

6. Katy Perry

5. Georgia Salpa

4. Rosie Jones

3. Rihanna

2. Cheryl Cole

1. Tulisa Contostavlos

FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women In The World
100. Franziska Klein

99. Taylor Swift

98. Jessica Findlay Brown

97. Kate Garraway

96. Helen Skelton

95. Irina Shayk

94. Rita Ora

93. Alexandra Breckenridge

92. Florrie

91. Jenna-Louise Coleman

90. Jenna Randall

89. Christina Hendricks

88. Nicki Minaj

87. Laura Whitmore

86. Jorgie Porter

85. Alexandra Stan

84. Rachel Riley

83. Sofia Vergara

82. Alex Jones

81. Janina Gavankar

80. Caggie Dunlop

79. Jennifer Aniston

78. Freya Mavor

77. Alison Brie

76. Amanda Seyfried

75. Selena Gomez

74. Jennifer Lawrence

73. Kaya Scodelario

72. January Jones

71. Natalie Portman

70. Ashley Greene

69. Abbey Clancy

68. Minka Kelly

67. Lucy Mecklenburgh

66. Una Healy

65. Kim Kardashian

64. Emma Watson

63. Rachel Bilson

62. Hayley Williams

61. Jennifer Lopez

60. Yasmin

59. Britney Spears

58. Christine Bleakley

57. Florence Brudenell-Bruce

56. Kaley Cuoco

55. Carey Mulligan

54. Vanessa Hudgens

53. Olivia Wilde

52. Kristin Stewart

51. Miranda Kerr

50. Jessica Michibata

49. Jade Thirlwall

48. Caroline Flack

47. Helen Flanagan

46. Bar Refaeli

45. Adriana Lima

44. Dianna Agron

43. Nicole Scherzinger

42. Fearne Cotton

41. Jessica Alba

40. Olivia Munn

39. Naya Rivera

38. Beyonce

37. Emma Stone

36. Karen Gillan

35. Paris Hilton

34. Mellisa Clarke

33. Miley Cyrus

32. Kate Middleton

31. Angelina Jolie

30. Scarlett Johansson

29. Taylor Momsen

28. Katrina Bowden

27. Lana Del Rey

26. Michelle Keegan

25. Cher Lloyd

24. Holly Willoughby

23. Kate Upton

22. Berenice Marlohe

21. Laura Haddock

20. Kelly Brook

19. Frankie Sandford

18. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

17. Zooey Deschanel

16. Jessie J

15. Millie Mackintosh

14. Mollie King

13. Daisy Lowe

12. Pixie Lott

11. Pippa Middleton

10. Emily Atack

9. Mila Kunis

8. Keeley Hazell

7. Megan Fox

6. Katy Perry

5. Georgia Salpa

4. Rosie Jones

3. Rihanna

2. Cheryl Cole

1. Tulisa Contostavlos

pv post this please

AISHWARYA is there..wowwww

its INDIA's list.. And anyone noticed that when katrina tops this list..every year fix 35,000 has been casted..howz that..or there is no such poll.they just made it with there mind

So rohang...your list shows mostly indians with Ash's name in caps dont know why....this means she is top of the list in India not the WORLLLLLL PLZZZZZZZZZ take that out

for india not the world which is why their stupid list mainly consists of indian "actresses"

FHM's top 10 sexiest women 2012

1katrina kaif
2deepika padukone
3kareena kapoor
4vidya balan
5rosie houngiton whiteley
6sonakshi sinha
7priyanka chopra
9mallika shehrawat
10anushka sharma

indians actresses or models didnt make the list.......0!!!
especially kat....shes way out of the list!!

Wed, 2012-07-04 00:13 — Anonymous... Hey there, I just pointed out the obvious, go to and look at their top 100 list and check it for yourself. Kat did not make the list at all, and BTW I never mentioned that Aishwarya was there, I think you got confused. Check if you don't believe me! ;)

Hey there barbie girl, no sense in trying to reason with that type of person who anonymously lashes out at "Ash fans" when they have no intelligent input to a discussion. That's really all they can do.

pretty but not hot? i think you are a girl , that why you probably think so
damn !! look at her

Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self-sustained.
She is pretty but not the sexiest women in the world

Wed, 2012-07-04 00:13 — Anonymous- Stop eating those sour grapes lol! Ash has made has won tons of polls including international ones where Angelina Joile was included like HELLO magazine. She came in second just this year to Angelina Jolie even after marriage/pregnancy. I heard she got #1 in Hello's sexiest poll before too. Not to mention people outside of India call her the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD. I don't have to name drop do I "cough" 60 min,Oprah, Will Smith,she been in People's most beautiful people the U.S Edition the one that matters(because it includes all races) etc etc. Anyways Katrina is beautiful but she can't beat Ash, face it !

Katrina is very pretty but she is NOT the sexiest woman in the world that is why she does not show up on any of the international polls. I agree she is pretty and has a good figure though.

Pinkvilla_boy...for the first time i agree on ur comment :-) no offence u mostly say nice things....
Kat is pretty but not in the world

Spoke to a lot of my guy friends about what Katrina has that has them drooling:

1. Virgin like innocent face (yes these were the exact words lol)
2. Curvaceous yet slim figure
3. Blend of desi and firang looks

So in short, a virgin with a va-va-voom figure! LOL

@ Kitty and some others, if Ash is the most beautiful in the world why can Kat not be the sexiest woman in the world?

yes my kat....u r the best darling...

well according to me she is very beautiful and yes sexy
BUT sexiest woman of the world NOTTT

Sexiest in India they mean. Do you think she can stand a chance before Angelina Jolie and Scarlet Johansson of the world.
Kat's PR machinery at work.

she is really very sexy

Amazing cover.....she looks hot!

she deserves it,I guess? i always think she is cute and beautiful but never sexy,she
looks very sexy in this pic,indeed.but usually I always just find her cute.

she is very hot and i am a straight girl !

pretty but not hot? i think you are a girl , that why you probably think so
damn !! look at her

she is the hottest


She's pretty but not hot

She's pretty but not hot

Now she should maybe start thinking about 'how to win a best award actress' or at least learn how to be a good one. She is not the sexiest, she's a very nice person & a fine dancer tho.

And I'm gonna die (yet again)!

Kitty u are right i checked the fhm website kat is not in the list...this article is farce...she must be sexy in india not in the world.......plzzzzzzzzz.....

she is the sexiest woman alive love her. lucky ranbir to have her!

I don't get the appeal, shes pretty but 'sexy'? I dunno...She has a nice body but her overall persona bores me. Maybe because she looks so bored herself half the time.
I think Deepika, Lisa Haydon, PC, or even Amy (not sure of the last name) all have fab bodies but more importantly have that special spark, je ne sais quoi.

she is copying kareena kapoor in rowdy rathore

haha @Fiza_Khan SO DAMN TRUE!
India needs to realize that other than Indians in India, abroad or people of India origin are the only ones who even recognize bollywood stars!

Kitty and fiza_khan pathetic aishwarya's fan... Your AIshwarya isn't even in the list. How can she be? She is fat now.
Jealous people!!! Of course Kat isn't the sexiest woman in the world but for Indian she is and you have to accept it.

Really boring. She should learn from foreign models how to make a exciting shoot. This is SO BORING. No new poses. same look on the face. really she needs to show some more skin if she's going to retain the fan base that matters.

@panipuri, u r soooo right!
I saw a lot of white girls..looking A LOT like her!

whos this judged by indian .......then why say "IN THE WORLD"...........why not say "IN INDIA"
noone knows this girl in the world except her hometown ppl in london nad bw industry.

india needs to stop putting world in everything. hollywood stars can say "world" cus they r well known around the world but not bollywood stars.

Sexiest woman in the World??? My ass.
White girls at university look better than her.

in India she deserves it I mean her body is fab toned and not bony personally I think that her sex appeal is greater than her beauty she is beautiful her face doesn't make me go wow like her body does, her body I'm envious of, Aishwarya on the other hand doesn't need to be sexy she is just so beautiful

kATRINA kAIF SHES GORGEOUS and she deserve shes much better then that fat aish

if kat isn't in the international 100 it mean the others wud fall further down the list in the international polling. and i nvt find megon fox sexy. she is bloated like any other hollywood actress under severe pressure of paparazzi's. thats what kate winslet said about the hollywood that working in hollywood without cosmetic aid is very difficult. she wasnt pointing to megan fox though but a general statement abt the state of affairs. i like keira knightly's jaw line and her funny pouting :p

she is sooooooooo boring

katrina is so publicity apathetic, just count the number of posts on her anywhere even on pinkvilla
and compare it to other actresses. say kareena kapoor who has to be mentiond any which way as
many times as possible.

yet, katrina kaif is voted most beautiful by her fans. just says for her superstar status. other heroines
who dont do the publicity rounds like her would hv faded long time back.

and yes, she is one of the most beautiful. take every feature, including face, hands, arms, legs, feet

other celebrities hv something or other not so nice about some features, she is perfect.

one doesnt the photographer wait till she drops that

IMO this year katrina doesnt deserve sexiest woman award.She was the best before but she's changed a lot now.

"Who Are Anonymous And Why Are They Hacking Our Sites?" Well that should be an interesting article!

But anyway about the list, check out the list on (not fhm India but the real one)... Kat didn't even make it to the top 100 let alone number one. ;)

ohh deaaar goodness! breathtakingly beautiful..smoking HOT! I am a girl myself and would LOE to look JUST like her. she is mesmerzingly beautiful. any human being, esp the previous comments reflect nothing but jealousy. If you wanna tell me that you think she is NOT beautiful,you either have bad taste, or you can't accept the fact that katrina kaif is one of the most stunningly beautiful women in the industry right now. I will not deny the fact that her acting is not top notch..but her's undeniable.

bakwaas she is just ok

I wonder if Salman had her win the "public polls" b/c she isn't even the hottest/sexiest woman in India (since she always says she's a British citizen)! FHM India is so lame! They should look at the FHM girls in the US. they are truly sexy & deserving..btw, i'm not a Kat hater


Love ever!!

in the world ? In mexico, south america, France, in Africa and many places there are such beautiful girls.

oooooooooo looking smoking hot .... love it

Its so funny that ppl can jugde katrina kaif so easy ! iam seriously want to know gues doenst ur paretns teachs u respect!?

she is one actress who can look sexy without being vulgar. i luv that face. it is million times gorgeous than the girls ive seen on screen & offscreen. i need that dress who is the designer

Well if few person vote more than 100 times and others even dont know about poll.Then it cant be true poll when rest of indian population doesnt even knew about results are not true and genuine.
Even i didnt know about voting.

Most over rated maybe!

Aish has never been that beautiful or sexy...(without make up) i dont like katrina but i think shes sexier and more beautiful with make up and without...shes more beautiful than aish..

same sh!t as always..boring!

Again?! Come on! The industry has so many beautiful ladies but people are so blinded by her fair skin and the fact that she is not born in India (and not indian). She is pretty but has completely ruined her face with the multiple surgeries.

boring. Half the girls on my streets look like her.

in my opinion, katrina is more beautiful than she is sexy.

katrina and kareena are the more beautiful actresses, who are sexy too.
priyanka, deepika, bipasha are the sexiest actresses, who are beautiful too.

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