Gods’ Game We Play Episode 9: Release Date, Where To Watch, What To Expect And More

Gods' Game We Play Episode 9 might just disrupt Fay's winning streak as Nel challenges the Bookmaker, so don’t miss the episode and get the release date, expected plot, and more here.

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Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll
Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

The highly anticipated Episode 9 of Gods' Game We Play seems to be the episode to take Fay’s winning streak away and is sure to captivate viewers with its thrilling developments. Nel is now preparing to challenge the Bookmaker in a high-stakes game to erase one of Nel's losses and restore her status as an apostle. Fans can look forward to an exciting blend of strategy, suspense, and heartfelt interactions in upcoming episodes, and get the release date, expected plot, and more here.

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Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

Gods’ Game We Play Episode 9: Release date and where to watch

As per the official site and their Twitter/X page, Gods’ Game We Play Episode 9 is set to premiere on Monday, May 27, 2024, at 9:30 pm JST in Japan. Viewers worldwide can catch it on various channels, with timings adjusted to their respective time zones.

The episode will initially air on the AT-X channel in Japan, followed by Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, and the d Anime Store. For international fans, Gods’ Game We Play Episode 9 will be streamable on Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video, although a subscription is typically required. Additionally, viewers in select countries can anticipate its availability on the Trakt TV streaming service shortly after release.

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Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

What to expect in Gods’ Game We Play Episode 9?

Gods' Game We Play Episode 9 will be titled Gambling God (Bookmaker), according to the official site. The episode should see the focus shift to the challenge posed by the Bookmaker, though first, the group will be seen returning to the Ruin branch. Fay and his team will host a welcome party for Nel, after which the female members of the group will get to know each other while relaxing in the bath.


The latter half of Gods' Game We Play Episode 9 will likely animate Nel stepping up to challenge the Bookmaker. This game will determine whether she can regain her position as an apostle, and Fay, Pearl, and Leoleashea will also be joining her in the game – though it is unknown whether they will participate. The Gods’ Game will likely be a betting game such as poker or blackjack.

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Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

Gods’ Game We Play Episode 8 recap

Titled Player.08 Where Did The Sun Go?, Gods' Game We Play Episode 8 picks up where the previous episode left off. Leoleshea and Fay both declare to Mahtma II that they possess the Sun Flower, which is critical to their victory in the Gods' Game. Outside the game, Nell speculates that the Sun Flower is in one of their hands while the debuff-giving Poison Flower is in the other.

This declaration leaves their teammates perplexed, but Dax seems to understand Fay's strategy. As the Gods' Game commences, the group of 15 players heads towards the pyramid, only to be pursued by a much larger horde of cat-golem chasers than anticipated — 1,667 of them. Mahtma II deems this fair, leaving Fay to question the fairness of the situation.


Kelritch runs ahead while Pearl realizes that the golems are accelerating. Fay estimates that they will be caught in 30 seconds. Leoleshea detects something wrong and warns Kelritch to dodge, narrowly avoiding a sandstorm created before her. The group soon recognizes that the cat golems possess wizards among them in Gods' Game We Play Episode 8.

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The golems catch up to the slowest players, disqualifying them by taking their flowers. Pearl is saved from an attack by Kelritch, while Leoleshea uses her godly strength to crack the ground, temporarily halting the golems. However, this respite is brief. They continue to run and spot an oasis in the distance but decide against diverting their path to investigate.

As the golems close in, most of the group is eliminated until only Dax, Pearl, Leoleshea, Fay, and Kelritch remain. A sandstorm envelops Dax, who is last seen pushing his hand with the flower toward the portal created by Pearl's Arise. Kelritch and Leoleshea choose to stay back and fight the golems to buy time for Fay and Pearl in Gods' Game We Play Episode 8.


Fay and Pearl make it to the pyramid, where they must confront Mahtma II. Fay is captured by the golems but manages to throw his flower to Pearl. Pearl rushes forward, and Mahtma II challenges her belief in surpassing a god like him. She attempts to seize the Gods’ Sun Flower but instead grabs his team's Poison Flower, activating the debuff.

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This paralyzes Fay's team for five seconds and reveals the location of their Sun Flower. Mahtma II is surprised to see the Sun Flower with Fay, who explains that he received it from Dax through the portal. Fay points out that the god overlooked the human team's Poison Flower, which is then taken from Leoleshea in Gods' Game We Play Episode 8, debuffing Mahtma II and his golems.

Kelritch punches Fay to the top of the pyramid, where he places the Sun Flower on the altar and secures victory for their team. They are rewarded with the Sun Flower, rumored to have the power to summon the sun, though what this means remains unknown. After the game, Fay discusses Nell's bet with Dax. Nell expresses a desire to join Fay's team as an analyst, but Fay insists she play as a team member.


Fay reveals a way for her to participate by betting a win to reduce her losses, a feature of the god Bookmaker's games. Fay offers one of his six wins, but Miranda objects, citing the importance of his wins for humanity's hope. Instead, Pearl offers her win to allow Nell to play in Gods' Game We Play Episode 8.

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Nell confidently accepts the challenge, but Gods' Game We Play Episode 8 ends with a foreboding scene 96 hours later. Nell, at what seems like a poker table within the Bookmaker’s Gods’ Game, is told she is too weak. Her worried and disbelieving expression hints at a potential loss, while the scene pans to the Bookmaker, who has taken on Nell’s figure.

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*The release dates and time provided are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change at the discretion of the creators.

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