BTS' V's Singularity mask performance cited in book's epilogue for cultural and visual impact

BTS’ V’s Singularity mask performance was mentioned in one of the book’s epilogue creating a moment of pride for fans. It was mentioned due to the cultural impact and influence it caused.

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V (Image Credits- BIGHIT MUSIC)
V (Image Credits- BIGHIT MUSIC)
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  • BTS' V's Singularity mask performance was mentioned in the epilogue of a book
  • Fans celebrate this prideful moment on social media

BTS member Kim Taehyung, also known as V, gained recognition for his iconic performance wearing a mask during his solo track Singularity, which was mentioned in Martin Puchner's book. Recently translated and published in Korean, the novel's epilogue features a reference to V's performance, sparking excitement among fans. Taking to social media, fans expressed their joy over the Harvard University professor drawing connections between the idol's performance and historical context. This acknowledgment of V's global influence has been widely celebrated by fans worldwide.

BTS’ V’s Singularity mask performance cited in book

Martin Puchner's acclaimed novel Culture: The Story of Us, From Cave Art to K-pop was published on February 7, 2023. The book delves into various disciplines such as history, sociology, anthropology, and pop culture, offering profound insights into the evolution of human civilization. Through his narrative, Puchner guides readers through pivotal moments in world history, shedding light on the significance of arts and humanities in shaping society.

One notable reference in the epilogue of Puchner's novel is BTS member V's performance of his solo song Singularity, which features the use of white masks. The Harvard professor highlights this performance as a significant moment where traditional East Asian theatrical and performance traditions are revitalized as visual art, infused with a modern and cosmopolitan sensibility. This acknowledgment underscores the cultural impact of BTS and their ability to bridge traditional and contemporary artistic expressions.


In his exploration, the author introduces V's mask performance as a prime example illustrating the circulation and blending of cultural history. Alongside BTS' V, the author also references PSY's iconic Gangnam Style music video within the broader context of cultural history. Upon learning of V's inclusion in the book, fans took to social media platforms to express their excitement and celebrate the singer's latest achievement. While some fans proudly shared the news as a testament to V's growing influence, others emphasized the profound impact the idol has had on diverse cultures worldwide. This recognition further solidifies V's status as a cultural icon transcending borders and resonating with audiences across the globe.

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BTS’ V recent activities

BTS' V delighted ARMYs on February 14 with a surprise return to Weverse, providing an "interim report" on his well-being during his military service. In a touching post, V shared his current weight, a commendable 72.5kg, showcasing a significant increase from his pre-enlistment weight of 62kg. Fans expressed relief upon hearing the news, especially considering previous concerns about his weight, and warmly welcomed the positive change.

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