What Had Happened When Jennifer Garner Found Out About Ben Affleck's Affair With Their 28-Year-Old Nanny

Jennifer Garner sheds light on the rumors surrounding Ben Affleck's alleged affair. While tabloids painted a specific narrative, Garner clarifies the timeline in a past interview.

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When existed, it was a beautiful marriage between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. But things did not go the same way and their union took the reverse direction and they split. Garner and Affleck finalized their divorce in 2018 after 13 years of marriage. 

The actor confessed to the New York Times only two years later that he felt “shame” and “regret” with the way the pair parted, noting his drinking ultimately created “marital problems.” In a 2021 interview on The Howard Stern Show, Ben Affleck revealed that he and Garner broke up because they simply “grew apart.” But, how did Garner react when she got to know about his affair with Christine Ouzounian, who worked as a nanny?

What happened when Jennifer Garner knew about Ben Affleck’s affair with the nanny?

Regarding Ben Affleck's extramarital affair, Jennifer Garner was transparent in 2016. Before Affleck's affair was made public by tabloids, the couple appeared to be perfect. In an interview, Garner spoke on this crucial issue. "We had been separated for months before I even heard about the nanny," she revealed. She went on to say that the nanny was not involved in their choice to have a divorce. She was not a factor in the matter.

According to Garner's confession, the pair had been going through serious problems for a while, which finally caused them to split up. This suggests that the nanny's involvement was probably by chance. For Garner and her family, though, the experience and decisions were not simple ones. She emphasized the effect it had on her kids while quietly criticizing Affleck for using "poor judgment."


Garner described how she found out about the alleged affair for the first time. "I turned on CNN one day, and there we were," she recounted. She admitted that, given the extremely exhausting circumstances of the moment, she made a "silent oath" to keep the news to herself as much as possible. Garner said of her state of mind at the time, "I am totally clueless about all of it."

After publishing a joint statement about their split, it was made clear by Affleck and Garner that this would be their only comment on the private family issue. As promised, the ex-couple has continued to have a friendly relationship with no indications of lingering hatred.

Ben Affleck denied any affair with the nanny

Despite all those reports, Ben Affleck denied his affair with the nanny. Affleck has refuted any romantic involvement with Ouzounian, and his representative called a story about the relationship "complete garbage and full of lies." 


Affleck and Ouzounian had "a work relationship and a friendship," according to a close friend of Affleck's. No romantic or sexual relationship has ever existed."

In an interview with Playboy, Affleck talked about Garner and said, that she is by leaps and bounds the most important person to him. On October 5, 2018, the two stars finalized their divorce, three years after their separation. 

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