13 Amrish Puri dialogues that contributed to his iconic stardom

Here is a compiled list of Amrish Puri dialogues from his long filmography. From Mogambo to Jaa Simran Jaa, check out the list.

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Mr India
Pic Courtesy: Mr India IMDB

Amrish Puri, the late legendary actor, is undeniably one of the most revered icons in Bollywood history. His commanding voice and powerful on-screen persona have entertained fans for decades. Throughout his illustrious career, Puri portrayed numerous iconic characters that have left a lasting impact on audiences. What made his performances all the more memorable were the Amrish Puri dialogues. Thus, we are taking a look at top 13 dialogues that are evergreen. 


13 famous Amrish Puri dialogues that are evergreen


1.  “Mogambo Khush Hua”


Pic Courtesy: Mr India IMDb

We are starting off the list with Amrish Puri's famous dialogue, "Mogambo Khush Hua" that transcended generations. The dialogue from the OG sci-fi film, Mr. India co-starring Sridevi and Anil Kapoor needs no introduction. His character in the negative shade as Mogambo is one of the most loved villains in Bollywood. Puri's signature line became immensely popular and has often been termed as the reason why the character turned out to be such a success.


2.  “Ja Simran Ja Jeele Apni Zindagi.. Ja Beta”



Pic Courtesy: Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge IMDb


This is another Amrish Puri dialogue that became an iconic line from his long filmography. Aditya Chopra's 1995 release, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, starred Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in the lead roles where the legendary icon played the role of a strict father as Chaudhary Baldev Singh. Had it not been for his celebrated dialogue, "Ja Simran Ja, Jeele Apni Zindagi... Ja Beta," in the climax scene, we wonder if the film would have been considered so iconic. 



3. “Ek din meri kursi pe baith ke dekho ke kitni angaaro pe baithta hoon main…”


Pic Courtesy: Ultra Bollywood YouTube


Another classic film that remains close to everyone's heart has to be Nayak. In the film, he was seen playing the role of a corrupt Chief Minister, Balraj Chauhan,  while Anil Kapoor plays an honest journalist named Shivaji Rao.

During the iconic interview scene, Shivaji grills the CM on the shortcomings of his government, and to defend himself, all he says is, "Sirf ek din mukhyamantri ban ke dekho, aate daal ka bhaav pata chal jayega...ek din meri kursi pe baith ke dekho ke kitni angaaron pe baithta hoon main, kitne kaanton ka taaj hai mere sar par...tab batana kitne log educated hue aur kitne logon ki garibi kam hui. Tab main tumse sawaal puchunga isi program mein." The Amrish Puri dialogue in Nayak has lately been ruling social media reels also.


4.  "Ae Ruko..No Arrest..No lathicharge.. Kuch busein jalti hai toh jalne doh,  kuch log marte hain toh marne doh.. pehle chillayenge, fir ghar jayenge, ya toh marjayenge”


Pic Courtesy: Ultra Bollywood YouTube


This Amrish Puri dialogue in Nayak speaks volumes about the character of Puri as a corrupt CM. The dialogue not only sets the scene but also reveals the CM's reaction, emphasizing his unethical approach with lines like, "Ae Ruko...No Arrest...No Lathicharge... Kuch Busein Jalti Hai Toh Jalne Doh, Kuch Log Marte Hain Toh Marne Doh... Pehle Chillayenge, Fir Ghar Jayenge, Ya Toh Mar Jayenge." This film serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the actions that a responsible politician in power should avoid. Would you agree that it's a thought-provoking watch?


5.  “Aadmi ke pas dimag ho to wo apna dard bhi bech sakta hai”


Pic Courtesy: Ultra Bollywood YouTube


It will be a nice idea to keep Amrish Puri dialogue downloads in one's phone because they're just so cool. Next one which is sure to bring a smile on your face is from the 2004 release, Aitraaz, starring Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, and Akshay Kumar. Despite relatively lesser screen space, he made his role memorable with a remarkable statement which goes like, "Aadmi Ke Paas Dimag Ho Toh Woh Apna Dard Bhi Bech Sakta Hai."



6.  “Upar wala wrong ho sakta hai lekin Dong kabhi wrong nahi hota”


Pic Courtesy: Goldmines YouTube


This Amrish Puri dialogue is from the movie, Tehalka. It is one of his characters that make him the celebrated icon he is. In the film, he was seen as General Dong, and his dialogue, "Upar Wala Wrong Ho Sakta Hai Lekin Dong Kabhi Wrong Nahi Hota," became widely popular.


7. “Tabaadlo se ilaake badalte hai … iraade nahi”


Pic Courtesy: Ultra Bollywood YouTube


This Amrish Puri dialogue movie featuring Salman Khan in the lead, Garv: Pride and Honour, featured him as Commissioner Samar Singh. Can there be any more encouraging dialogue than this which goes like, “Tabaadlo se ilaake badalte hai … iraade nahi.”


8. “Premi hai, pagal hai, deewana hai”


Pic courtesy: Goldmines YouTube

Amrish Puri dialogue Diljale movie starring Ajay Devgn and Sonali Bendre is another cult classic. His character of Dara in the film had a signature line that became widely popular as it goes like, “Premi hai, pagal hai, deewana hai...lekin ye mat bhool duniya ki nazron mein tu aatankvaadi hai aur aatankvadi ki prem kahaani nahin hoti.”


9. " Jab bhi mein kisi gori titli ko dekh leta hoon na mathur, mere dil mein sainkdon kaale kutte ek saath bhaunkne lagte hain, uss din main Black Dog peeta hoon”


This Amrish Puri Black Dog dialogue is sure to bring a bright smile to your face. The dialogue is from the film, Shehnshaah, where he essayed the role of a gangster, JK. It was during one of the meetings with his friends at the club that he orders a different whiskey, and his friend surprisingly asks him about the change in his choice. It is then he reveals in his trademark style, "Jab Bhi Mein Kisi Gori Titli Ko Dekh Leta Hoon Na Mathur, Mere Dil Mein Sainkdon Kaale Kutte Ek Saath Bhaunkne Lagte Hain, Uss Din Main Black Dog Peeta Hoon."


10.  “Itne tukde karunga ki pehchana nahi jaega”


Pic Courtesy: Zee Studios YouTube



Speaking of best dialogues of Amrish Puri, how can we forget to mention another iconic film from his career, Gadar. The film led by Sunny Deol (Tara Singh) and Ameesha Patel (Saqina) was released in 2001, a cross-border love story that has emerged as a cult-classic over the years. In the film, Puri was seen in the role of Saqina's father, Ashraf Ali. It was his love for his country that filled him with hatred for Tara Singh following their argument, he tells him, "Itne Tukde Karunga Ki Pehchana Nahi Jayega."


11.  “Yeh adaalat hai, koi mandir ya dargah nahi jahan mannatein aur muraadein poori hoti hai”


Pic Courtesy: Damini IMDb


It won't be wrong to say that Amrish Puri's dialogues in Damini have a separate fan base. His character in the film led by Sunny Deol was that of advocate Indrajit Chaddha, an advocate who we loved to hate while watching the film. During the courtroom drama scene, if you've seen the film, you ought to know his character sounds all the more negative as he says, "Yeh Adalat Hai, Koi Mandir Ya Dargah Nahi Jahan Mannatein Aur Muraadein Poori Hoti Hai... Yahan Dhoop Batti Aur Narayal Nahi... Balki Thos Saboot Aur Gawah Pesh Kiye Jaate Hai."


12.  “Main to samajhta tha ki duniya mein mujhse bada kameena aur koi nahin hai, lekin tumne ain mauke par aisa kameenapan dikhaya ki hum tumhare kameenepan ke ghulam ho gaye hain”


Pic Courtesy: Yash Raj Films YouTube


One of the most loved characters played by the iconic villain was that of Thakur Durjan Singh in the film Karan Arjun. Amrish Puri's famous dialogue from the film, "Main Toh Samajhta Tha Ki Duniya Mein Mujhse Bada Kameena Aur Koi Nahin Hai, Lekin Tumne Ain Mauke Par Aisa Kameenapan Dikhaya Ki Hum Tumhare Kameenepan Ke Ghulam Ho Gaye Hain," makes us realize the intensity of the negative shade in his character that contributed to making it evergreen.


13.  “Zarooraton ne par kaat diye hai … roti paon ki zanjeer ban gayi hai”


Pic Courtesy: Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge IMDb


Amrish Puri dialogues in Hindi language elevates the intensity to a whole new level. Moving on to the next one on the list, we have a dialogue from the movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. This particular dialogue is not just a mere conversation, but rather a situation that will deeply resonate with anyone who is living away from their home. In the film, Puri's character portrays his inner conflict by expressing, "Zarooraton Ne Par Kaat Diye Hai... Roti Paon Ki Zanjeer Ban Gayi Hai."



The list of Amrish Puri dialogues can go on and on. It was his influential personality, powerful dialogues, impeccable acting skills that made him the favorite of almost every movie goer. The choice can be difficult yet if you could pick one, don’t forget to share your favorite dialogue with us in the comments section.

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