New Malayalam Movies on OTT: From Mammootty’s Bramayugam, Aattam to Mohanlal’s courtroom drama Neru

Explore a wide range of content offered by the Malayalam industry while exploring every possible genre and producing some great masterpieces. Here are some New Malayalam movies on OTT platforms.

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New Malayalam Movies on OTT
Mammootty’s Bramayugam, Aattam to Mohanlal ( Mammootty, Mohanlal X )

Malayalam cinema has always created a benchmark with its nail-biting stories and groundbreaking performances in every different genre. This year is going to be an exceptional achievement for the Malayalam industry as they have created history with films like Bramayugam, Premalu, and Manjummel Boys which are about to hit the OTT platforms soon after their grand run in theaters. Here are some new Malayalam movies on OTT that you can watch with friends and family.

New Malayalam movies on OTT

1. Kaathal- The Core

  • Rating- 7.5
  • Where to watch- Prime Video
  • Cast- Mammootty, Jyotika, Sudhi Kozhikode
  • Genre- Crime/Drama

The plot revolves around Mathew Devassy, a middle-aged guy who reveals his homosexuality to the public. As Mathew prepares for local body elections, his wife, Omana, files for divorce, prompting public scrutiny and conjecture about Mathew's intentions. The film beautifully depicts the concept of love and the journey to acceptance. A highly recommended Malayalam OTT release that should not be missed.

2. Antony 

  • Rating- 6.7
  • Where to watch- Prime Video
  • Cast- Joju George, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Chemban Vinod Jose
  • Genre- Action/Drama

Antony is a high-octane drama that examines different topics between a girl named Ann Mary who has a mysterious relationship with Antony, who has become an unbeatable don in Avaran City. The film depicts loyalty, the need for revenge, and the fight to bring happiness into their miserable existence. One of the latest Malayalam movies on OTT that you can watch for a thrilling experience.


3. Neru

  • Rating- 7.5
  • Where to watch- Disney+ Hotstar
  • Cast- Mohanlal, Priyamani, Anaswara Rajan
  • Genre- Courtroom drama

Neru is the story of a blind girl who becomes the target of a horrific crime committed by a stranger. The film helmed by Jeethu Joseph completely delivers the on-point investigation that later takes turn after Mohanlal enters as a lawyer and tries every possible way to rope in the culprit and seek justice for the sake of humanity. 

4. Queen Elizabeth

  • Rating- 4.4
  • Where to watch- Zee5
  • Cast- Meera Jasmine, Saniya Babu, Ramesh Pisharody
  • Genre- Romance/Drama

The love drama revolves around Elizabeth, an empowered lady who is committed to her professional goals. However, her steady emphasis on her job has ended up resulting in an attitude of arrogance, making her hated by people around her. Despite a lackluster response from viewers, the film captures the attention of many due to its thematic representation of love and support. A Malayalam OTT release to watch with your companions.

5. Malaikottai Vaaliban

  • Rating- 6.3
  • Where to watch- Disney+ Hotstar
  • Cast- Mohanlal, Katha Nandi, Danish Sait
  • Genre- Action/ Adventure

Those who have watched Lijo Jose Pellissery's cinema earlier will find Mohanlal starrer completely different as the plot revolves around a character named Malaikottai Vaaliban, an unbeatable warrior, who travels across numerous terrains alongside Chinna and Ayyanar to fight various opponents.

6. Anweshippin Kandethum

  • Rating- 7.5
  • Where to watch- Netflix
  • Cast- Tovino Thomas, Aadhya Prasad, Arthana Binu
  • Genre- Action/ Adventure

The action-thriller film follows Anand, an honest sub-inspector, as he investigates two murder cases. Despite pressure to dismiss the lawsuit against a Christian priest, Anand continues to pursue justice for Lovely Mathan's disappearance. The premise and performances in Tovino Thomas' thriller make for a gripping encounter. A Malayalam OTT release that you should discover.


7. Aattam

  • Rating- 8.3
  • Where to watch- Prime Video
  • Cast- Vinay Forrt, Zarin Shihab, Sudheer Babu
  • Genre- Thriller/Suspense

The plot revolves around a sexual harassment accusation made by the sole actress in a theatrical group against a well-known movie star who has recently joined their team. When a meeting is held, the team members initially encourage the actress until an unknown actor informs her of a possible opportunity to play overseas. The thriller journey is one of the most exciting and engrossing, with mysterious hints around every turn, making it one of the best of the latest Malayalam OTT releases this month.

8. Bramayugam

  • Rating- 8.0
  • Where to watch- Sony LIV
  • Cast- Mammootty, Arjun Ashokan, Sidharth Bharathan
  • Genre- Horror/Thriller

Bramayugam is undoubtedly one of the most surprising films that came out from the Malayalam industry. The film revolves around a backdrop of the 18th century in which Thevan who is lost in the jungle meets Kudumon Potti who gives him a space in his house. Later, Thevan finds out about a mysterious entity in the house and prepares himself to face the horror that can endanger his life. Bramayugam is a supernatural flick that cannot be everyone’s cup of coffee but for horror fans, it is a visual treat with an astonishing cinematic experience.

9. Thundu

  • Rating- 5.1
  • Where to watch- Netflix
  • Cast- Biju Menon, Unnimaya Prasad, Shine Tom Chacko
  • Genre- Comedy/Drama

The comedy-drama flick follows the life of a policeman who seeks promotion and advancement to a higher level of authority. Though everything appears to be going well, he encounters someone from his past, which may jeopardize his advancement. This motivates him to take severe steps on his written exam with the assistance of his son, who is infamous in school for cheating on them. Due to the engaging and interesting plot, you can watch this recently released Malayalam movie on OTT with family.


10. Abraham Ozler

  • Rating- 6.7
  • Where to watch- Disney+ Hotstar
  • Cast- Jayaram, Mammootty, Arya Salim, Anju Kurian
  • Genre- Comedy/Drama

The premise of the action thriller film revolves around ACP Abraham Ozler, played by Jayaram, a cautiously prepared detective investigating a serial killing case that eventually reveals the relationship of two identities in his own life. The film eventually digs into the depths of the inquiry and the protagonist's issues, adding levels of suspense and interest to the plot. A highly recommended Malayalam OTT release for every cinephile to witness some remarkable performances along with a touch of a classic thriller entertainer.


These were the recently released Malayalam OTT movies that you can explore on various OTT platforms that are filled with every genre that a movie lover wants to explore. 

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Which is the best recently released Malayalam thriller movie on OTT?
Anand Ekarshi’s Aattam streaming on Prime Video is one of the best thrillers that you can watch.

What is the name of Tovino Thomas' recently released Malayalam crime flick?
Darwin Kuriakose's 2024 film Anweshippin Kandethum is the recently released film starring Tovino Thomas in the lead role.

What is the name of the recently released courtroom drama film helmed by Jeethu Joseph?
The 2023 Neru starring Mohanlal in the lead is a new film that was helmed by Drishyam franchise fame director Jeethu Joseph.

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