Bigg Boss 14 EXCLUSIVE: Aly Goni: IMPOSSIBLE to separate Jasmin & me; Reveals if Bhasin is Rubina’s ‘puppet’

Bigg Boss 14 EXCLUSIVE: In a candid chat before entering the house, Aly Goni opens up on how will he play his game while supporting Jasmin, them being treated as a couple and Rahul Vaidya's alleged violent behaviour against Jasmin Bhasin.
Bigg Boss 14 EXCLUSIVE: Aly Goni: IMPOSSIBLE to separate Jasmin & me; Reveals if Bhasin is Rubina’s ‘puppet’
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Bigg Boss 14 has been picking up pace in the last few days. The latest wild card entry inside the house will be Aly Goni who has previously worked in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and participated in Khatron Ke Khiladi among others. He shares a lovely bond with Jasmin Bhasin, to a point where people suspected them to be dating. In a candid chat before entering the house, Aly opens up on how will he play his game while supporting Jasmin, them being treated as a couple, and Rahul’s alleged violent behaviour against Jasmin. Over to him: 

Firstly, are you entering as a contestant or to support Jasmin? How are you going to draw a line for yourself in this? 

I am going as a contestant, as a wild card. I was supposed to enter earlier, but I had my prior commitments. I had been in talks with the makers and the channel for a long time and thought this was the right time to go inside. Jasmin had been a little low for the past few days inside, and hence, I thought I should go now. She also needs someone to support her inside, otherwise, she is playing amazing. 

We have seen friendships change inside the house. Do you think your equation will change with Jasmin once you enter the house? 

I don’t think the equation with Jasmin will change from my side and even for Jasmin. We are totally different people and we have worked in a show before where we were close to winning but we never let that affect our friendship. Even when we defeated each other in tasks, we never let it affect our bond. We supported each other. I don’t think anyone else has the power to influence or break our bond or separate us. It is impossible. We are no children to get influenced. Tomorrow if there is any misunderstanding, I know I will go and sort it with her on an individual level. 

Who do you think is playing well inside the house? 

Jasmin, Rubina I feel are playing strong. Pavitra is playing well too, she is playing so smartly that I don’t think she has any enemies inside. Jasmin is playing very well. Rest, I am unable to understand them as of now. I don’t think anyone is weak inside. 

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We recently saw Jasmin break down inside the house, in front of Salman Khan after she felt harassed and bullied. What went through your mind at that moment? 

At that moment, the only thought I had was that I wish I was with her and tell her that don’t worry, no one will harass you till the time I am there. I won’t let that happen. If I see anyone harass her, I will dig their grave then. She knows that when I come, no one will dare to bully her. 

Do you feel she overreacted during the task? Salman Khan mentioned it too. What do you think triggered it? 

I don’t know. I know Jasmin, she would have never behaved like that. I think it was a result of something. Something must have triggered her, I was also shocked. I think she will become stronger now. 

Salman mentioned that Jasmin is seeming like Rubina’s puppet. Do you also see it like that? 

I don’t think she is anyone’s puppet. Jasmin is friendly with people good to her. If someone sees it as being a puppet, then I don’t know. But I feel Rubina and Abhinav are the only ones supporting Jasmin since day 1 and hence I feel they are friends. I don’t think Jasmin is someone who can be a puppet. People can have their opinions but I know her, she is playing her own game. 

Rahul was seen commenting on Jasmin’s attire in one of the episodes. Your comments? 

I really liked Rahul as a player before that incident happened where he commented on Jasmin’s clothes. That’s the only thing where I got angry with him. He is nobody to comment on any girl’s attire. Jasmin ke maa baap ne, humne kabhi kuch nahi bola toh woh kaun hai? I was okay with the fights that happened before, but that was cheap and showed how cheap he is. He might be playing well but needs to control his tongue. 

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What made you say yes finally? 

I thought Jasmin is also inside and she controls me well. She knows when to stop me from going overboard and hence I thought it will be nice to enter when she is around. 

Do you feel your friendship might be portrayed as a possible love angle inside, especially with all the rumours of you guys dating? 

People can say whatever they want, can gang up against us but I don’t care. Whatever is the truth will be seen. Our friendship is very strong and pure than the couples inside. When friends are together, they are stronger than any couple, relationship, or anyone else. We are best friends and our families and friends know our truth, rest we don’t care.

Check out Aly's full interview here: 

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