EXCLUSIVE: Pooja Banerjee on juggling Kasautii Zindagii Kay & Nach Baliye 9, convincing husband Sandeep & more

Nach Baliye 9 saw wild card entrants Pooja Banejree and husband Sandeep Sejwal join the show this weekend. Now, the Kasautii Zindagii Kay actress gets talking about the show, and more.
EXCLUSIVE: Pooja Banerjee on juggling Kasautii Zindagii Kay & Nach Baliye 9, convincing husband Sandeep & more
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Nach Baliye 9 has caught everyone's attention for various reasons. From the very beginning, when the show was first announced, fans have been hearing a lot about it, and eventually, the show went on-air, bringing in some controversies, a lot of fun and dance, and of course, seeing couples at their competitive best. Now, we saw the entry of wild card entrants this weekend, and one of them also happen to be Pooja Banerjee with husband Sandeep Sejwal. We got into touch with the actress and got her talking about all things dance and love.

Ask her how excited has she been about the show, she says, :Oh I am damn excited, so much that we keep listening to the song every day, and since I shoot and he works in the morning and in the evening, we used to binge-watch shows earlier, right now we have stopped everything and listen to our songs on loop." Talking about the practice sessions, the actress reveals, "It has been full of injuries, and I got one on the very first day, and then Sandeep wasn't here, he had gone to Bhopal, and I practiced alone and I told him we'd learn on video call, we just had four days in our hand. For the final performance, we just had four days. Poor Sandeep is doing everything for the first time, and I put a lot of pressure on him."

Pooja also went on to reveal how she has to talk Sandeep into saying yes to the show and It took her one whole week to get him to say yes. She added, "Sandeep was so occupied, and he has Asian Games, Commonwealth, and so much, and he was so tired that he couldn't do it. This time, since he is coaching, I had the courage to ask him then the channel met us and I had decided one thing, that I'll say yes for the show only when Sandeep says yes from the heart. It very sweet of him to do this, he is making so many efforts. Thankfully, the judges were also impressed, and he is dancing with an actress, so he has to make double efforts to work with expressions, dance and everything."

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Ask her how have they both been managing dance with his coaching and her show, Kasautii Zindagii Kay, she says, "We didn't sleep for four nights, I still got time on sets and I have the luxury of a makeup room, but Sandeep didn't even have that, and being a coach is not easy, you have to stand there all the time. It is so much for him especially, and given he is so disciplined and he never thought he'll do so much, for me it's okay because I've been in the industry. But because we are sportspeople, we have that fire in us to do well."

Pooja highlighted how she almost knows everyone on the show and revealed, "The good part is Madhurima, Vishal, and Urvashi I know all of them from Chandrakanta, and Sandeep knows them too because he used to come on the sets and I told him you know all these people. In fact, I've always supported them back in the day, not knowing that I'll be a part of the show. Aly Goni, I have worked with him, Faisal Khan, I've worked with him in Indonesia, Anita Hassandani, I used to see her every day because Naagin and Kasautii Zindagii Kay sets were near, Shraddha Arya and I were in the same team during BCL. You should have seen the first day when we went and they were all rooting for us and everyone was optimistic and happy given Sandeep isn't a dancer and they saw how we were competing in a good way."

Talking about saying a yes to the show, and how did it happen, she says, "I was genuinely free till October because my web series will start in October end and I needed permission from Balaji for everything, so availability. We do our rehearsals in two parts, one in the morning and then in the night given his coaching and my show. Now, it feels like I can manage because back then I had two shows and it was fitting in my schedule. Second, I've said no to Khatron K and Bigg Boss this year, so I thought I might do one reality show this year since it has fallen into my lap.

Ask her what do they, as a couple aim to achieve by the end of this show, she says, "I think the world will know how different we are as a couple because no one knows a lot about him. As a husband, he has been supportive behind the camera, and now they'll see everything on the camera. He has never been there to parties or everything because of his field of work, and we have maintained that. After this show, people will understand how two people from different fileds be together, have a functional life. We'll sure set some couple goals."

She also got talking about one takeaway for the viewers about the two that they don't know just yet. She says, "We are constantly motivating each other and we both are very optimistic in everything, and that's what people will learn about us and from us through Nach Baliye. Despite being wild card entries, we have that zest, to work hard and do well."

On a closing note, she said how everybody has made a lot of efforts over the last two months and urged everyone to vote for them since they have made double the efforts in the time they were given and. 

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