EXCLUSIVE - Preeti to Kapil Sharma: You never remembered us during your success, FORGET us during your failure

Kapil Sharma recently made headlines yet again after he announced on Twitter that he has lodged a complaint against his ex-girlfriend and ex-manager Preeti Simoes and her sister Neeti Simoes alleging them of trying to malign his image and trying to extort a sum of Rs 25 lakh. Read what Preeti Simoes has to say on this.
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Kapil Sharma and controversies have become synonyms for each other. The comedian, once known for his wit and humour, is now sadly left to fend for himself as he continues to face the heat over his erratic and abusive behaviour. Kapil recently made headlines yet again after he announced on Twitter that he has lodged a complaint against his ex-girlfriend and ex-manager Preeti Simoes and her sister Neeti Simoes alleging them of trying to malign his image and trying to extort a sum of Rs 25 lakh. 
Not just that, Kapil also accused the Simoes sisters of conducting fraud during their tenure with him as managers. 
While Kapil will clearly have a tough time proving these serious allegations in the court, we got in touch with Preeti to know her reactions to the allegations. A perplexed Preeti replied, "There is nothing to react. I am not losing my sleep over this. I do understand that there is a mechanism that is working to probably divert the attention from the recent Twitter rant. I have put a lot of thought to whatever happened as it came as surprise to both Neeti and me especially when our names were dragged into it by a person who till about 15-20 days back was requesting us to join back and work with him."
She sighed, "Honestly, no one is taking this complaint seriously. Because we understand that what really gets traction is a celebrity lodging a 'case' against his alleged ex-girlfriend. Obviously, it was a smart move for them. I am just scared that if this gets into the legal zone, how 'poor' Kapil is ever going to prove all of this because, I, for one know that he is not in his right frame of mind."
Preeti also raised concern over Kapil's health and said, "I just hope that whoever is guiding him here, his assistant or anyone, know what they are putting him into because I don't think the man needs any more trouble. I think what he really needs is his peace of mind."
When asked if she ever tried to get in touch with him again after the controversy spearheaded recently, Preeti said, "I genuinely have no clue where he is and I think that is what his people wanted, a situation where neither of us can reach out to each other as we have constantly been in touch over the last year despite whatever happened. It had reached a point where the entire team was actually thinking of coming back together professionally."
Making her point, Preeti questioned, "Why would Neeti and I do anything of those sorts? When we were managing him, he did well professionally and then after we left, he did not do so well. If we were so bad at our work if we were ruining his life, why was he the biggest success story when I and Neeti were 'so-called' managing his life? So, obviously, the statistic speak here."
Adding further, "We understand that this does affect one mentally when your work is not going the way you want it, when your movie, your dream project tanks, you relaunch a show and are unable to sustain that either. We understand it is difficult to accept that situation and takes a lot of strength to change it too."
Not just that, Preeti also said that people who genuinely care for him are being termed liars by his team which is really saddening. "We were genuinely concerned but then I realised that it is pointless trying to help someone who is surrounded by such a vicious circle who doesn't want him to receive that help. Be it Sunil [Grover], Me, Neeti or Ali [Asgar] Bhai anyone who is showing some genuine concern for him, the next day there is a statement that they are liars and that they will file a case against us. So it is obvious, it is rooting for a very insecure place," she stressed.
Pointing out on the allegations of charging money for tickets, Preeti replied, "There is media evidence of me being the first one from my team who asked people to not buy tickets, Kapil Sharma fan club knows that, they used to come watch the show for free. Unfortunately, I hoped that the allegations were up to my standard than theirs. I am not going to sit and sell tickets for Rs 30,000. Also, I am wondering who will buy a 30,000 ticket to watch the show? I don't think this was a well-thought allegation."
About the extortion allegation, Preeti laughed, "Also about the allegation that I demanded the extortion amount when he came to my home, if I know everything about him as Kapil claims, then I know that he made about Rs 100 crore over the last year. Why will I only ask for Rs 25 lakh? I should be asking for Rs 25 crore, isn't it? which I probably should now as defamation suit because his team has come up with this ridiculous ideas but we are letting it go only because we genuinely feel it is not Kapil."
Preeti also added that this sad plot of a jealous ex-seeking revenge is too outdated and his team could have done better. "I don't think it is Kapil because he knows what he has spoken with all of us. I am sorry but this very flop Bollywood plot of an ex-girlfriend being jealous and trying to destroy her ex because he is with some other woman is very old and outdated. How does this even happen in real life especially when I am not even in your life for a year? How do you extend to destroy it unless I have superpowers to do it!"
On a parting note, she said, "The only problem is Kapil cannot accept the fact that we were really good for him and he made a bad choice and now because his career is not doing that well and he doesn't know whom to blame."
To Kapil, Preeti said, "Since you never remembered us during your success, please forget us during your failure."

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Kapil you need to wake up man. Don't ruin your life with your hands.

I smell manipulation

Kapil seek help and get better and stay away from the social media for a while!

Kapil and Preeti both seem genuine people. If there is someone to blame, it will be the one/s who is manipulating Kapil. It could be someone close to him or advisors managers or mentors who are not advising him correctly. Preeti seems much more smarter than a girl who plays ex gf revenge. Kapil seems way undaunted and forgiving, and might not go that low. He probably had faced jealousy all his professional life as he always seemed better than his contemporaries. So this jelousy tale is probably not a new thing to him. So whoover is creating the cloudy ring around him should Be exposed. Hey Preeti, if you read this here is my question to you: why portraying Kapil as sick, Instead of hitting at and breaking the circle just so Kapil could get clarity. Please come as a team. You both created magic in tvland, gave us so many happy memories. You win when you have aces in hand, playing with with low card in hand is so futile (in reference to your new show). :)
PV PLEASE POST THIS. You people generally trash nutral non provocative comments.

This woman could not get Kapil n now has sour grapes.

after reading her explanation ... I only smell clarity, confidence, and a sane brain. Until now i thought she was creating a problem. Kapil wake up now. I know you had not seen such success and stardom and its not easy to stay humble but ...dont loose it man. dont loose it.

Since she lost Kapil’s account and is obviously not getting commission out of 100 cr. I believe that’s s reason. Enough to malign anyone. I mean if she really did care about the guy or was mature enough to be independent, she would have said ‘duc you’ long time ago rather than giving statements. She is just gathering pr for the new flop show of hers.

This is getting irritating rather than informative.. why is this issue going on n on n plz media ignore these people

One of the most important things in life you have to watch is the people you surround yourself with. You encounter two types of people. The kind who support you and help you progress and the kind that pull you down, sometimes until you have completely fallen - and then sit back and watch the entertainment.

Kapil insulted the very people who had a hand in his success – the fact that the success of the show was due to a team effort could not be any clearer, seeing his downfall after the team left him. Instead of learning, he has surrounded himself by chamchas (like the one who was with him when he made that very offensive phone call to the journalist. A true friend would have told him to ignore the articles as having such things written about you is part and parcel of being a celebrity). Kapil was lucky to have the chance of a fresh start after all that fiasco and canceled shows, but he could not calm down his ego and it really does appear as if he has surrounded himself with people who are provoking him to be offensive.

In a way, this reminds me of Vivek Oberoi. When he called the press conference his father was out of the country. He had already developed an ego problem and says he had surrounded himself by people who egged him on to arrange the press conference. When it backfired, the same people broke contact with him. By then it was too late as he had already destroyed his career.

Katrina kife to abdul

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