EXCLUSIVE: Rubina Dilaik on 'Shakti...'s' journey so far, chemistry with Vivian Dsena, Nach Baliye and more

Rubina Dilaik gets talking about Shakti...Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii completing three years, her on-screen presence along with Vivian Dsena, Nach Baliye and more. Check out the full intervew right here.
EXCLUSIVE: Rubina Dilaik on 'Shakti...'s' journey so far, chemistry with Vivian Dsena, Nach Baliye and more EXCLUSIVE: Rubina Dilaik on 'Shakti...'s' journey so far, chemistry with Vivian Dsena, Nach Baliye and more
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Rubina Dilaik, currently seen has Soumya in Shaktii...Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii has been going places with the show and well, the show continues to achieve milestones just as much. Rubina has been around for more than a decade now and the actress has been doing extremely well. Her career graph has been the kind to look out for and from Choti Bahu to now Shakti, she has managed to wow the audiences with her performances, and continues to do so.

As Shaktii...Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki has completed three long years, we got talking to the actress about the show, how there have been quite a few changes as far as the numbers are concerned, her on-screen pairing with Vivian Dsena and a lot of other things. For a show that brought about such a different concept to our television screens, we've got to give it out to the show, the makers and the entire team for keeping intact with what they started. Check out Rubina EXCLUSIVE chat with Pinkvilla.




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Without diverting from the plot the journey for the show has been quite an impressive one. What do you have to say about it?

See it has been challenging from all aspects, right from writing to the commitment from each and every person who is there on the show because such a subject that is sensitive enough requires a lot of a thought after process because you cannot really go out and about talking, committing, or just experimenting with it. It has to be taken care of. I still remember during the initial days of our show how there were so many restrictions about interactions with the media, knowing the plot, so much so that I had only discussed it with Abhinav Shukla, and I had just told him the plot, not even my parents knew about it. Then the revelation happened, and because this subject requires so much of focus and attention that even we actors have put in a lot of efforts in moulding the characters so very beautifully. I think the amount of commitment that has gone and the hours of working that has gone into this show from each individual has lead to its success, just not a show that has been successful out of fluke. It has been a well though show in terms of concept, and of course the efforts.

TRPs and numbers and how people know about it.

I have a different perspective on this because recently, the channel underwent a revamp in terms of packaging and the channels do not come into a single category of how we had a cable thing, now we have to buy it and that thing has affected the ratings but eventually, I would say they will gear up or it would not take up some pace so I would say that it is an external factor that has lead to the sudden dwindling of the TRPs. If we look from inside out, as we say from the story perspective, that is not the case since the channel's GRP has been affected and it has a lot to do with the revamping that has happened. Despite that, on the channel, we are at the top so we can say that people do visit the show to see Shakti..Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, but the reach is yet to be regained. I strongly feel it has got nothing to do with people losing interest or the content not being gripping enough.

We saw leads come opposite to both your and Vivian Dsena's character but neither of the plots worked well. Does it get overwhelming to see so much love coming to the two of you as an on-screen pair?



We are GRATEFUL to our #haya #fans #shakti COMPLETES #3 successful years

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I wouldn't say it gets overwhelming. See, the thing is that the amount of commitment and the level of comfort that we give each other in terms of co-actors when it comes to portraying certain characters when it is reciprocated well when it is respected well, that translates the so called chemistry. It is not just between me and Vivian but with all my co-actors. This couple of Harman and Soumay being unique, that itself has created a lot of curiosity among the masses so the 'what next' is something that keeps everyone in the whirlpool of we want to explore more and that's one reason why people have not yet reached the point where people are like 'yeh ho gaya, ab aage bataiye.' There is a lot of potentialities that can be explored when it comes to these two characters, and of course, when the story is just about Harman and Soumya, it gets difficult to shoot as well and hence, parallel stories are needed.

Do you think had your show been on another channel, it would have had a similar fate as now?

No, no, I don't think any such thing since a show ultimately has the creatives, the programming team, the writers, and the success is the combination of a lot of people so you cannot really owe the success of a show to a certain channel. You cannot even go on to say that if Harman was played by someone else and not Vivian, it would have been better. It is the creative team that gets together the uniqueness of the show and that is not something you can take away from a show since it is a combination of many things. So I believe that the show on Colors produced by Rashmi Sharma along with all of us are the ingredients to the perfect recipe.

So, what's next for Rubina after Shakti? What's your plan of action going forward?

See, Shakti is my prime focus and I believe in one vision, meaning whatever I do right now is what I am going to do and as an actor, I try to dig potential where I am. I do not like to divert my attention by doing 10 things and not being able to achieve that optimum level of satisfaction. I would put my heart and soul to one thing, see as a creative person what new I can bring about and that purely depends upon the way I look at things at a personal level. It's simple, I see growth where I am so I will not jump into multiple things and be overambitious.

The reports about you and Abhinav doing Nach Baliye have been doing the rounds as well. Is it on the cards?

No, no, no. As I said, I do not believe in spreading out and not being able to achieve. I would love to do it if I am not doing any mainstream show because my first commitment is my show and it takes away good 15-16 hours out of my day, and I would not do anything half-heartedly to grab some instant fame because that wouldn't give me the satisfaction. If I do it, I will give my best and devote good 8 hours in rehearsal which is practically not possible with the show and I don't like to trade my commitments.




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